Bungie Day 2021 is being marked with a charity drive, a free emblem, and a Destiny 2 preview event on August 24

On August 24, Bungie will celebrate Bungie Day 2021—a day that will be marked by a charity drive, a free emblem, and a Destiny 2 preview event.

Bungie Day is a charity drive held on Bungie’s birthday, August 24. This year, as part of Bungie Day 2021, Bungie is building a free emblem, announced this morning through Bungie’s social media channels and on the Bungie blog. We’ll have more information on Bungie Day 2021, and how to participate, in the weeks ahead.

Yesterday, the 7th. July saw the start of Bungie Day, a celebration for fans that stems from the publisher/developer’s affection for the number seven. This year’s Bungie Day promises plenty of festivities, especially when it comes to the Destiny 2 shooter.

At the top of the list is the information that on Tuesday 24. August, will preview the next views of the game, where Bungie will share exciting news about the future of Destiny. In the meantime, fans are encouraged to donate to the Bungie Foundation’s fundraising campaign, which will award a unique emote, ghost shell and emblems for donations of a certain amount. Goal: within 20 years. reach July $777,000 (that number seven again).

The studio is also inviting fans to share their best Bungie-related memories, both Destiny-related and non-Destiny-related, in a video format for something special in the future, as well as artwork for the Community Art Show, and the Bungie Store is offering a sale on various items. But if you’d rather get something for free, you can also use a code to get a free Spicy Ramen emblem – you know, the emblem people were discussing on dataminer.

Bungie has set a date this week.

https://t.co/BuDdlHLd4I pic.twitter.com/5CXOooqbHWC

– Bungie (@Bungie) July 8, 2021


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