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Swords of Legends Online drops first raid, Xuanjiu Jade Palace, tomorrowday

This weekend, the first raid and dungeon mode of SWL, the Xuanjiu Jade Palace, will be open to all players. It consists of three stages (including the first stage) and the first stage itself is split into two parts. The first part is the story mode, where you play as the character of a famous general who is looking for a chance to prove his own worth. In the second part of the story mode, your character will fight through the stages of the Xuanjiu Jade Palace and will eventually take on the boss, the Jade Emperor.

Swords of Legends Online , an MMORPG with over 1 million registered users, today officially announced the launch of its first raid, the Xuanjiu Jade Palace . The raid is the first step in the first expansion pack, which is scheduled for release in early December.

The newest raid in the September update of Swords of Legends Online, Xuanjiu Jade Palace is already out in the wild and can be visited in the game’s open beta. For those who have not yet been there, it is a fresh, new idea that combines elements of the classic raids from the game’s past with the new features of the game’s gameplay, which has now become more complex and competitive.


With its first major raid, Xuanjiu Jade Palace, Swords of Legends Online hopes to spark your curiosity. It’s a dungeon for 10 to 20 players. “The flowers blossom and the brook’s waters run crystal pure in the inner courtyard of the Vixen Yuzao’s lair, as though spring would never end,” Gameforge adds. “A gang of immortals was recently seen in the region, drawing the interest of the locals. Because the Xuanjiu Jade Palace is a difficult task, only players who have proved their mettle in hard dungeons and upgraded all of their equipment to item level 60 should attempt to take on the raid’s challenging monsters. Players will be able to win high-quality treasure (gear level 75+) for each boss every week, as well as additional delights like collectibles, parchments, jewels, and more!”

Shi Dao and Vixen Yuzao, Undead Daoist, Awakener Silver Scorpion Envoy, Fei Chi, and Changli the Demon Master are among the bosses that the studio plans to unlock tomorrow after server-up, with bosses such as Shi Dao and Vixen Yuzao, Undead Daoist, Awakener Silver Scorpion Envoy, Fei Chi, and Changli the Demon Master.

Meanwhile, the summer event runs through September 2nd, and a pirate event is set to begin next week: ” From August 5 to 19, unleash your inner pirate and participate in the “Buried Treasure” event. Watermelons are an iconic summer delicacy, and summer isn’t complete without them! From July 22 to September 2, look for them all around the world.” Notably, the PR claims that the game has “hundreds of thousands” of players.

Below is a teeny-tiny trailer for the new raid, as well as roughly 5,000 screenshots from which we’ve selected the finest and strangest.

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The online game Swords of Legends Online has announced the release of its first raid dungeon, the Xuanjiu Jade Palace, on July 20th, 2017. The Xuanjiu Jade Palace is a small mini-raid that will last approximately 16 hours. The raid dungeon is set within the realm of the Jade Palace, within the kingdom of Yunnan, where players will have to find and retrieve the Jade Palace’s flag. When the raid dungeon begins, players will have the opportunity to choose from either a land or naval battle map.. Read more about smt3 raidou and dante and let us know what you think.

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