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Some Strange Causes Of Truck Accidents

Everyone can agree that truck wrecks are some of the most devastating road accidents. Every year, truck accidents kill thousands of people and injure millions. Some people even end up with permanent injuries and can never return to their life before the accident.

You may be aware of the common causes of truck accidents, such as drunk driving, distracted driving, etc. However, you may not know some of the strange ones. Truck accidents happen for many strange and unusual reasons, and knowing about them helps to reduce the risk. A personal injury attorney los angeles can help you win a settlement no matter how strange the cause may be.

Strange Causes of Truck Accidents

Sleep Apnea

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When there is a shortage of truckers in Los Angeles, the companies force their existing drivers to drive for long hours without breaks or holidays. This forces the drivers to operate the heavy and huge vehicles without being adequately rested.

A lot of drivers suffer from sleep apnea, as much as 1 in 3. Many drivers with sleep apnea have problems sleeping, which causes excessive daytime sickness. This becomes a huge problem when you are operating an 80,000-pound vehicle.


Cases like this are rare but not impossible. 1 in 25 car accidents is caused directly as a result of a fire. Most trucks are heavy and huge, and it takes a lot of friction between the wheels and the road to slow them down. This creates a lot of heat, which increases the probability of a fire.

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If the truck is not lubricated enough, the friction can cause smoke, eventually leading to a fire. This can cause a tire blowout and throw the truck off the road.


You may be thinking about how something like wind can affect a heavy truck. This is why it is on the list of strange causes. Some strong winds can knock your truck over on its side. They can also force a truck to get in the way of another vehicle and cause a deadly accident. Strong winds can make the driver lose control over their vehicle, the results of which are never good.

In situations like this, truck drivers should stop their vehicles in front of a tall building to avoid facing the wind.

Employer-required technology

Many truckers are required to use technology for various reasons. These include communicating with dispatchers, finding out where they need to go next, or reporting that they have made a drop-off and are headed off to the next location. Many drivers also use smartphone apps for the same.

While technology is good and makes things easier, it also takes your eyes off the road. The moment the drivers look at the apps, they increase the probability of an accident.

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