Online Slots: The Importance of a Random Number Generator

Did you know that most of a casino’s floor, whether that be within a land-based casino or a virtual one, is comprised mostly of slot machines and slot games?

With this in mind, we wanted to take a closer look at the behind-the-scenes technology that helps keep online Slots available to players, fair, unbiased, and random – The Random Number Generator (RNG).

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What is a Random Number Generator?

The RNG is a computational algorithm or device that generates a sequence of numbers or symbols in an unpredictable and statistically random manner. In the context of Slots and other casino games, an RNG is a crucial component that ensures fairness and randomness in outcomes for every player.

How This Technology Works Within the World of Slots

In the world of Slots, an RNG is used to determine the symbols that appear on the reels after a player hits spin. It ensures that the results are completely random and not influenced by any external factors or previous outcomes. This randomness is vital for maintaining the integrity of the game and providing a fair chance to players all over the world.

The importance of an RNG in Slots can be attributed to several factors:

  • Fairness: An RNG ensures that every spin is independent of the previous one, making the game fair for all players, no matter what slot game they play. It eliminates any possibility of manipulation or predictability in the outcomes.
  • Randomness: The element of chance is a fundamental aspect of Slots. The RNG ensures that the symbols appearing on the reels are generated randomly, simulating the unpredictability of physical slot machines. This allows players logged in online to have the chance to experience what it’s like to play a physical slot machine virtually.
  • Trust and transparency: By utilizing an RNG, slot games can be audited and verified for their randomness. This promotes trust among players and the gaming community, as they can have confidence in the fairness of the results, no matter how many times the spin button is hit.
  • Game variety: RNGs allow for a wide range of possible outcomes, creating diverse combinations of symbols and gameplay experiences. This variety adds a sense of familiarity to those who have played physical slot machines before yet allows those who have only played virtually the opportunity to get a sense of what came before.

Keeping Up with Industry Standards


Regulated and reputable online casinos and slot machine manufacturers use certified RNGs that undergo rigorous testing and auditing to ensure compliance with industry standards. These RNGs are designed to be statistically random, unbiased, and resistant to any attempts at manipulation.

An RNG Summary

To summarize, RNGs are vital in the world of Slots as they guarantee fairness, randomness, and trustworthiness in all game outcomes. It ensures that each spin is an independent event, providing an authentic and fair gambling experience for all players who choose to spin the reels and rows found within the Slots section.

Now you know the technology behind your favorite slot games, will you be spinning the reels any time soon?

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