OnePlus Nord CE 5G Review: The Fall Of OnePlus

The Chinese tech company OnePlus announced the launch of the OnePlus 7 Pro a few months ago, but the phone has been in short supply since then. Since its launch, OnePlus 7 Pro has been the most popular smartphone of the year, and it’s the best-selling Android device of 2019. Even though the OnePlus 7 Pro is basically the same phone as the OnePlus 7, it has many advantages compared to other high-end smartphones. For example, the OnePlus 7 Pro has a 5G antenna, which allows for fast data speeds.

The OnePlus 6 was a great device for its price, but it had its flaws. The biggest being the lack of cellular connectivity. If you were to look at its specs, you would expect a device with a gigabit LTE modem, but unfortunately that was not the case.

The most recent OnePlus flagship is the OnePlus 6, as you might have guessed. The OnePlus 6 is very much a device that retains the core elements of the OnePlus line up—convenient size, powerful processor, and above-average camera—but it also brings a few new changes. The most noticeable of these changes is the move to a “Bezel Free” design, which, as the name suggests, is a near-complete lack of bezel on the front of the device.

OnePlus is clearly failing to impress its fans and potential buyers these days. After receiving a lot of hate and negative feedback for its flagship 9 and 9 Pro, the company had a lot of time to work out the bugs, but apparently it didn’t. Despite the slogan Never Agree, OnePlus makes its customers settle for less. We’ve seen the company do this with the OnePlus 9 series, and the North CE 5G is no exception!

On paper, the OnePlus Nord CE 5G looks like a great device, and I thought so too! But after using and reviewing it for over a week, my opinion changed.

OnePlus North-CE 5G Price

Before we get to the review, let’s take a look at the price of the OnePlus Nord CE 5G. The device starts at Rs 22,999 for the base variant with 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. The mid-range variant comes with 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage and costs Rs. 24,999. Finally, there is a high-end variant with a price of 27,999 rupees, 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage. Now you may be wondering why I hate this unit despite the lower price for more power. Well, there are a lot of trade-offs here, and we’ll discuss them in the next few parts of this OnePlus North CE review.

What’s in the box?

  • OnePlus North-CE 5G
  • Warp 30T Charger
  • OnePlus cable
  • Documents (including quick start guide, warranty information, SAR charges, etc.)
  • OnePlus North Sticker

Design and construction

The OnePlus North CE 5G is a good looking device, I’m not complaining! But my opinion changed quickly when I got my hands on the device. The first thing I noticed was the absence of the iconic notification slider on the OnePlus device. Moreover, the back of our device is a magnet for fingerprints. This is normal, as we have chosen the ink color Charcoal. To avoid this, we recommend you purchase the Blue Void or Silver Ray models.

At the same time, the device is very light and the weight is evenly distributed. The exact weight of the phone is 170 grams. OnePlus uses a plastic back panel instead of the glass back panel that the original North had. À l’arrière, le North original est apparu avec le Corning Gorilla Glass 5 à l’arrière, et CE s’est complètement arrêté sur le plastique. The compromise doesn’t end there, as the frame is made of plastic. The company has also managed to keep the device thin at 7.9mm, making it one of the thinnest phones on the market.

As for the button layout, the volume buttons and SIM card slot are located on the left side of the device, while the power button is on the right side. As mentioned earlier, there is no notification slider here. On the bottom is a USB Type-C port for charging and data transfer, and a 3.5mm headphone jack (welcome back, jack!). As always, the branding on the back is minimal and the camera module is located in the top right corner.


The OnePlus Nord CE 5G features a 6.43-inch Full HD+ Fluid AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels. The screen aspect ratio is 20:9 and the pixel density is 410 PPI. The 90Hz refresh rate of the screen and the fingerprint sensor in the screen have not gone unnoticed. As for the screen protection, the company has used Asahi Dragontrail Glass instead of the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 that the OnePlus North comes with.

Still, the screen is excellent, with vivid colors and excellent viewing angles. The display is bright enough to be easily seen even outdoors. While you might think OnePlus hasn’t fooled you, the lack of HDR support weakens that impression considerably. At this price, we would definitely expect the device to have HDR support, as content on YouTube and OTT platforms are increasingly moving towards HDR. But it is what it is, and we think it’s a good compromise.


If OnePlus hasn’t made any concessions to the 5G CE in the North, it’s in the performance and the software that follows. The device is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G SoC processor. Yes, this is the same chipset as in the Xiaomi Mi 10i and the Samsung Galaxy M42 5G. The Nord CE 5G chipset combines eight cores in two clusters. The fast performance cluster contains two ARM Cortex A77 cores each clocked at 2.2 GHz, while the energy efficiency cluster contains six small ARM Cortex A55 cores each clocked at 1.8 GHz. Graphics functions are handled by the Adreno 619.

The games on this device are excellent, as you would expect, and the device can play any game at full frame rate with average graphics. In some games, for example. B. Call of Duty and Genshin Impact, you can achieve high graphics, but this will affect the frame rate and eventually cause stuttering and lag. Still, you shouldn’t expect more from the chipset here. In terms of everyday use, including app opening speed and everything else, the Snapdragon 750G combined with the Oxygen OS is undeniable.

Software and network

On the software front, a lot has changed in Oxygen OS 11, and it’s clear that it no longer offers a purely stock experience. But then Oxygen OS is much better than FunTouch OS, MIUI and Color OS. OnePlus has been working on improving its Oxygen OS, and it has definitely become an asset to any OnePlus phone. The user interface is fluid and, combined with the 90Hz screen, it’s the best for the price. The device literally boots up without any additional software. There is a pre-installed app, Netflix, but at this point Netflix is used by just about everyone.

Now let’s talk about the network. At this point, you may have already figured out that the OnePlus North CE comes with 5G right out of the box. It is worth noting that the Northern CE in India has only one 5G band – N78. While the Global variant comes with different 5G bands, including N1, N3, N5, N8, N20, N40, etc., the Global variant is also available with a number of other bands. Note that this isn’t the first time OnePlus has done this, and it’s the same reason Western media has no problem with 5G. And it is clear that this comparison is a serious compromise.

If you are one of those looking forward to 5G, look for another device. OnePlus is not for you!


The OnePlus North CE 5G comes with a triple camera setup on the back. While most of you may think this is a downgrade from the OnePlus North, technically it’s not. The fourth sensor of the original North is a 2 MP macro camera. I mean, who in 2021 is going to use a 2MP sensor that produces an image you can’t even post on social media? As for the Nord CE cameras, the main sensor is 64 MP with F/1.9 aperture and EIS. The secondary camera is an 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera with a 119-degree viewing angle. The tertiary sensor is a 2 MP depth sensor.

First, the cameras here are degraded compared to the North original. As you may recall, the original Nord was launched with optical image stabilization (OIS) for the main camera, while the Nord CE only comes with electronic image stabilization (EIS). This means that low-light performance and video recording are already better on the OnePlus North, making it another trade-off for buyers.

Photos taken with the Nord CE 5G in daylight are great, but photos taken indoors and in low light are not. The 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera can get the job done, but there is some blur in the corners of the photos. No need to talk about the depth camera, so let’s save time and move on. You can record 4K videos at 30FPS, but the lack of OIS makes videos shaky. Videos shot in 1080P are better in my opinion, because that’s where the EIS comes in.

The 16MP sensor on the front is great, and only God knows how long OnePlus will use the same sensor for selfies. We’ve already seen the same feature on half a dozen OnePlus phones. However, the cameras on the OnePlus North CE 5G are not that good. In terms of cameras, I would prefer last year’s OnePlus Nord over the CE Nord.


The OnePlus North CE 5G has a 4,500 mAh battery. As expected, the battery life is excellent and with average use, the device will definitely last a day or two (depending on how you use it). Even during competitions, you can pull out so there’s juice left at the end of the day. With the Warp charger, the device can be charged to 70% in less than 30 minutes. Again, this is not the fastest charging phone in this budget, as the iQoo Z3 we recently tested was able to charge up to 50 percent in less than 20 minutes and took 45 minutes to fully charge.


While the unit sounds great, there is a lot of compromise here. As a brand that has as its slogan Never agree, OnePlus makes its audience settle for much less at high prices. Honestly, if OnePlus had priced the device between Rs 15,000 and Rs 20,000, our opinion would have been different. From our perspective, the Redmi Note 10 Pro and other models are significantly cheaper than the OnePlus Nord CE 5G.

In my opinion, OnePlus’ downfall started with the announcement of Oxygen OS 11. OnePlus is known for its Oxygen OS and people buy it for that reason. But OnePlus has decided to take a different path. Next we’ll talk about the over-the-top advertising for the original North, then the OnePlus x Hasselblad, and all the drama surrounding the hype for the OnePlus 9. Now the North CE 5G. As mentioned at the beginning of the review, OnePlus fails to impress its fans and potential buyers.

Pros and cons

For :

  • Discreet design
  • Oxygen OS
  • AMOLED screen
  • Screen refresh rate 90 Hz


  • A single 5G band
  • No optical image stabilization
  • Bad cameras
  • Plastic version
  • No notification slider
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