Guild Wars 2 reveals third End of Dragons voice actor as cheeky Inventory Manager gets an update

Guild Wars 2 has revealed that the mysterious voice actor End of Dragons has been cast as the third voice actor for the character, as well as a new livestream on the state of the game.

Guild Wars 2 has a new End of Dragons voice actor and the Patch 2.3: In Rain and Lightning update has a cheeky Inventory Manager update.


My greatest April Fools’ Day prank this year wasn’t a prank at all: it was Inventory Manager, a game created by Guild Wars 2 superfan @that shaman. It wasn’t just a joke, however; it was a genuine Bejeweled-style game that functioned and poked fun at Guild Wars 2’s infamous inventory problem.

He’s done it before, and now he’s done it again. That shaman released an End of Disarray expansion for Inventory Manager this morning, a spin on the forthcoming GW2 expansion End of Dragons. The update to the parody game includes “10 new inspirational lootbox rewards,” 15 new tile sets, new music, more bugs, sound sliders, and what he calls the Time Attack mode, according to the patch notes.

“This brand new EoD-only game mode puts your abilities to the test! To prevent the timer from running out, keep cleaning your inventory at a rapid rate. The rule set is the same as previously, but the undo button is removed to keep you focused on your task.”

Can’t wait for the upcoming #GuildWars2 expansion? Right now, you can play Inventory Manager’s first expansion #EoD! For no cost!

July 19, 2021 — that shaman (@that shaman)

In other Guild Wars 2 news, ArenaNet has revealed Ry Chase, a third voice actor for End of Dragons who is perhaps best recognized for her work in Fallout 76. Chase joins Sarah Sokolovic and Noshir Dalal in the cast of the next expansion.

The livestream for #GuildWars2: End of Dragons is just nine days away! Meanwhile, meet @VoiceOfRYeason, another new member of our End of Dragons voice acting team! On the July 27 livestream, you’ll discover more about Ry’s character!

July 18, 2021 — Guild Wars 2 (@GuildWars2)


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