Mastering End-to-End Transportation Management with SAP TM

Transportation logistics is one of the integral parts of the product management cycle. It establishes a connection between businesses and their customers by delivering the expected produce on time, or better, ahead of time.

A transportation unit looks like a miscellaneous of goods, people, transport, documents, and locations, yet, it is a highly organized place where every participant has its place and function. However, such smoothness and perfection of the process are often disrupted, causing the whole chain to suffer delays, and thus, affecting the end user.

One of the best ways to organize the uninterrupted and errorless work of the transportation department is to introduce state-of-the-art software solutions, like SAP Transportation Management. According to LeverX, SAP Integrator, SAP TM reboots the whole transportation system and improves the end-to-end order movement. Let’s discover what benefits SAP Transportation Management offers, and how it can improve the overall performance of the company.

What is SAP Transportation Management?

SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) is an SAP module that upgrades the work of the transport department and helps to organize, monitor, and coordinate the physical transportation of goods between the locations. SAP TM Module can be integrated as a part of SAP ERP modules within the company structure, or function as a standalone application.

SAP TM gives insights into transportation demand, shipment tracking, and order consolidation and helps to optimize them.

What Can SAP TM (Transportation Management) Do?

SAP TM is specifically designed to streamline the transportation cyclic movements, reduce transportation costs, and improve logistics on the whole.

Interactive Data Processing

SAP TM implementation helps to manage freight planning and visualize the details of the order and maps of the routes. It enables massive order processing, mastering numerous data records simultaneously.

Document Management

Paperwork and documentation take a lot of time and attention for preparation. Yet, with SAP TM this part of work can easily be organized and executed.


SAP TM helps to create documents, manage and update statuses, print bills of lading, labels, and forwarding instructions, sales order-based and delivery-based transportation requirements, etc.

Order Management

SAP TM helps to manage inbound and outbound orders, and all the information is automatically delivered to the SAP ERP application. The non-stop synchronization of all the processes ensures the timely delivery of the product and minimizes the risks of delays.

Transportation Planning and Execution

SAP TM is responsible for planning and monitoring the whole transportation cycle giving the choice of manual or automated planning functions (sometimes map-based), optimizing the routes, choosing the carrier, generating delivery and shipping documents, getting on-time reports and analytics, etc.

With the help of SAP TM, every business can improve the visibility of the goods movement within the route through the charts and dashboards, ensuring efficient transportation planning and monitoring of the entire cycle with battery intelligence software.


This application can also be easily integrated with other modules, like SAP for Warehouse Management, and SAP Yard Logistics (YL) to make the whole route covered, minimizing the inventory misplacement or loss. Integration of SAP TM ERP with SAP ERP billing and invoicing increases the speed of business process cycles, etc.

How can SAP TM Improve Your Business?

SAP TM is the best solution to use when trying to improve the productivity of the company’s performance. It provides end-to-end visibility of the supply chain, and thus, helps to prevent or quickly resolve the issues within the process.


As long as the majority of processes are automated, it reduces the possibility of errors, and therefore, saves costs and enhances the efficiency of the transportation unit.

How to Introduce SAP TM to Your Business?

SAP TM implementation is done through third-party companies, which can offer an extensive level of expertise regarding SAP products. It is important to analyze the websites of the vendors, study their certifications and portfolios, and read the testimonials.

One of the leading company-integrators of SAP solutions is LeverX, which offers more than 20 years of knowledge and experience to its clients. LeverX builds its global influence by offering top-notch service to all companies regardless of their location. The list of their clients includes DHL, Philips, BMW Group, Miele, etc., which indicates the level of proficiency and reliability. If you are searching for a reliable SAP vendor, LeverX is always ready to help.

The Bottom Line

A network of satisfied clients creates the foundation for the company’s long-term existence. The success of the end-to-end product cycle relies greatly on the efficiency of transportation management. Aiming to optimize and automate this process, it is important to implement software like SAP TM, specifically designed for this purpose. Contact the LeverX professionals to get more insights into the benefits of SAP implementation, and enjoy the smoothness of your business performance.

Jeremy Edwards
Jeremy Edwards
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