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Warframe is a free 3D multiplayer game available on PC. It has a strong emphasis on cooperative play, and all players are connected in a shared ecosystem where they can work together to achieve goals and earn rewards.

Lavos is the final boss of the game Warframe. We are going to show our readers how to defeat Lavos and get the best possible loot!

No matter how old you are, there’s always a chance you could find yourself in a warframe raid that requires a bunch of people to complete. If that’s the case, you’ll need to know your abilities, their strengths and weaknesses, and what abilities are best for each build. I’ve put together this guide to help you out with that.

Apart from the Prime builds, Lavos is the 45th Warframe to be added to the game.

Because he resembles a snake, and his damage-spreading ability is comparable to Saryn’s, he’s not too dissimilar.

Lavos’ play style has a sorcerer-meets-alchemist feel to it.

He may utilize the components individually or combine them to create a variety of effects. One example of this is radiation.

Let’s take a deeper look at how to acquire Lavos in Warframe and the finest Lavos builds.

How to Get Blueprints and Components for Lavos

Go to Deimos to get the parts and plans you’ll need to build Lavos.

If you have enough Phasic Cells, you may locate ‘Father,’ an NPC who sells them.

The Lavos build’s main blueprint costs 1500 Phasic cells, while each of the three components costs 1000 Phasic cells.

To purchase all of Lavos’ blueprints, you’ll need 4500 Phasic Cells.

Phasic Cells Warframe Warframe – Phasic Cells

Although you may get them from Deimos in this manner, the drop rate is just 2 to 4%, so you’ll most likely have to repeat the missions many times.

Before you grow bored of completing these tasks, you can at least acquire a portion of what you need for the Lavos build.

Another way is to grind down Void Relics if you don’t willing to complete the quest or spend the Phasic Cells.

The components may then be sold for Platinum. Lavos is available from the market with an Orokin Reactor already installed. It’ll set you back 325 Platinum.

Lavos’ Passive Abilities

Cooldown is a feature that Lavos possesses, and he is the first Warframe to have it.

Ability casting in Warframes used to be done using Energy, and there was no limit to how many skills you could utilize.

Because Lavos has Cooldowns, you must wait for the Energy to replenish before using it again.

This means you’ll have to wait, but you won’t have to worry about running out of energy.

Ability Efficiency modifications will impact Cooldowns, and each time Lavos receives a Universal or Energy Orb (max one every 5 seconds), he is immune to negative Status Effects for an additional 10 seconds.

There are four main Lavos abilities.

Remember that instead of fuel, they utilize cooldowns (time).

The four primary build abilities you receive with a Lavos build, as well as how modifications influence them, are listed below:

Ophidian Bite is Lavos’ first ability (8 Seconds Cooldown)

Get a 100-degree cone of snakes by releasing serpents from Lavos’ arms.

For a brief period, they render opponents susceptible to melee finishers and deal Toxin damage.

The cone’s radius is 8 meters, and you may extend it with Ability Range upgrades.

When a snake bites an opponent, Lavos’ health is replenished by a portion of the damage he took.

Ability Strength modifications impact both the amount of health recovered and the amount of damage delivered. Another option is to keep the Ability key pressed.

This will provide Toxic Damage to the next ability you cast, allowing you to cast Viral, Gas, or Corrosive damage with a strong secondary element.

Transmutation Probe is Lavos’ second ability (10 Seconds Cooldown)

Floating in a straight line, launch this floating drone towards your reticle to inflict Electric damage to opponents around.

Improve the length and radius of the drone’s route with Ability Range upgrades, and increase damage done with Ability Strength mods.

To stop and start the currents’ stun effect probe, press the ability key.

Every opponent stunned reduces the Cooldowns for all abilities by a second, and you may enhance this even more with Ability efficiency modifications.

Vial Rush is Lavos’ third ability (5 Seconds Cooldown)

In a straight path, your Lavos structure will slide for 30 meters (depending on Ability Range mods added).

He’ll use vials from his belt and create an ice trail behind him to inflict Cold damage to surrounding foes.

To make it live longer, use the additional Ability Duration. Lavos will then unleash an explosion to deal additional Cold damage.

You may opt to halt Lavos’ charge at any moment if you want to start the explosion before 30 meters.

The amount of damage you can inflict is determined on your ability strength. If you wish to add Cold Damage to Lavos’ vials, hold down the ability key.

That way, the next time you use his ability, it will be added.

Catalyze is Lavos’ fourth ability (30 Seconds Cooldown)

Lavos may summon a ring made up of nine Catalyst Probes.

They spread out in all directions, spewing flammable gel beneath and over nearby opponents, causing Heat damage.

Every elemental Status Effect applied by the opponent doubles the damage inflicted.

Use the Ability Range to make probes go farther and quicker, or the Ability Strength to boost the amount of damage done.

The Best Lavos Construction (Our Tips)

Exterminate, Survival, and Defense missions are where Lavos shines, so consider designing it for them.

However, unlike previous nuke-type Warframes like Saryn Prime, you must stay on the move.

So think about using Continuity for additional time, Corrosive Projection to remove armor (if required), then Augur Secrets and Intensify to increase the power of your abilities.

Consider Fleeting Expertise for increased efficiency, as well as Stretch and Augur Reach, which will improve Lavos’ ability range and boost all of his other skills.

When you’re surrounded by opponents, Blind Rage provides you greater Strength at the expense of some Efficiency, and Vitality gives you Improved Health.

To get the greatest results, keep Lavos moving and use as many distinct Status Effects as possible.

Lavos is a fascinating character to play with since he can cast any Status Effect and manipulate the elements.

Your Lavos build may carry you far in the game if you can reduce Cooldown periods with the third ability and nuke with the fourth.

The Lavos warframe is arguably the most fearsome melee warframe in existence, and one of the most feared melee enemies in the entire game! It is also considered to be one of the most difficult warframes to build, due to its high damage output and lack of any offensive abilities.. Read more about warframe lavos how to get and let us know what you think.

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