How You Can Get More Gold in WoW: Dragonflight

In any video game, the in-game currency is the one component that you cannot do without. The more in-game currency you have, the more opportunities you open up. You can access more resources, high-quality weapons, gear, equipment, and more. If there is not enough in-game currency, then you need to put in a huge amount of effort to get what you want.

This will also be relevant for the new expansion of the world-famous WoW. A new expansion called Dragonflight will offer players new content, an exciting storyline, and many other interesting things. However, in this expansion, the in-game currency will become much more important than before. The thing is that there will be significant changes related to the professions of the characters.

Since gold is a resource that will come in handy anytime and anywhere in this game, every player who is looking forward to the release of a new expansion needs to know what methods they can resort to in order to get more in-game currency. We will offer you various options on how you can get more gold so that you can get the best for your character.

The Value of Gold at the Beginning of the Expansion

If you are an experienced player who continues to play one of the most popular video games of our time, then it will not be news to you that, at the very beginning, the amount of in-game currency is of great importance for each player. While all other users get acquainted with all the innovations, you can spend time properly preparing for the raids.

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Since guilds will massively prepare for raids in an accelerated mode, you should not waste time and purchase weapons, equipment, and other high-quality items for your character. However, you can’t waste time farming as you won’t have time to prepare well for the race. The best way out of this situation is to buy gold at You can quickly access the in-game currency and equip your character to the highest standard.

The Most Suitable Classes for Resource Extraction

The game offers users the option to choose a character class. Some may choose a class randomly, while this issue should be approached strategically. Each class has both its advantages and disadvantages. If you are not sure which class you should choose to quickly accumulate a huge amount of gold, then you should pay attention to the following classes:

● Druid. For these purposes, this class is the most successful choice since your character will be able to change his form depending on the situation. This ability helps to increase the speed of extraction of various resources, including in-game currency. You will be able to choose the most suitable form, which will be advantageous in many different cases. In addition, some forms will allow you to remain undetected by your enemies;

● Rogue. This class is similar to the previous one in that it also has a high movement speed. The only difference is that you won’t be able to take another form. However, where other users will not be able to move on their mounts, you can get ahead of them;

● Mage. This class also can move quickly. However, its most important quality is the ability to travel to different locations in the game world using portals. While others take the time to get to their destination, you can be there in no time.

Ways to Get In-Game Currency

Create Alternate Characters

Many players resort to this solution because they need to be able to try playing for characters of various classes and find advantageous sides in this. However, in the case of gold mining, alternate characters will also be indispensable since you can use them to transfer the booty. This will allow your character to have a free bag to search for valuable items and things that you can later sell.

Take All You Can

Every item that comes your way can be valuable. However, while traveling through locations, you may not pay attention to some items that can be expensive. That is why you should take everything that you see. Let not all items be expensive, but this way, you can constantly replenish the stocks of in-game currency.

Follow the Demand

The demand for items, resources, or weapons is always changing. What was popular yesterday may not be popular today. That is why you should constantly keep track of what other users want to buy the most. If you find rare things, then you can get much more gold for them.

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However, other less expensive items can also help you accumulate gold quickly.  Over time, you will be able to understand the patterns of increase and decrease in demand for goods. For example, you will notice how, on certain days, some goods will cost more, while on other days, the demand for them will decrease significantly.

Resell Goods

When you have a good understanding of the patterns of the market, you can learn to buy goods at a low price so that when demand for them increases, you can sell them at a higher price. The idea is quite risky because you may not know at what point the market situation may change. However, if you’re willing to give it a try, you’ll first need to have enough gold to buy goods.


To have a large amount of gold, you should first understand how the resource market works in the game. If you are an experienced WoW player, then it will not be difficult for you to understand what’s what. However, it’s not that hard to learn. You just need to regularly monitor the demand for various items and resources. Then, you can, traveling through locations, take everything you see. It will also help increase your savings.

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