How to Take Proper Care of Cycling Clothes

The same with all your activewear, cycling clothes are an investment. It is different from your regular clothes. These clothes are made from high-performing fabrics that are sensitive to the regular laundry practices we may know of.

We recommend reading over the article to know how to take proper care of your cycling clothes. Keep your apparel looking at its best.

The first question that comes into mind when talking about proper care of cycling clothes is:

Do you handwash or machine wash cycling clothes?

Read the wash care label of your cycling clothes. Some manufacturers recommend handwashing their products. Meanwhile, others highly recommend machine washing for their apparel. Washers can remove the sweat and trail grime on your cycling clothes.

However, cycling clothes are not recommended to throw in the dryer. The heat may cause the synthetic fiber or delicate materials of your cycling clothes to shrink or lose their elasticity. It is best to air-dry your cycling clothes.

Now, let’s know the dos and don’ts of properly caring for your cycling clothes.

Dos in Taking Proper Care of Cycling Clothes

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  1. Hang dry cycling clothes before you take them to the laundry Manhattan Tribeca or wash them at home. Do not throw them in the hamper with your regular clothes. Your cycling clothes will stay damp with sweat and most likely grow odor-causing bacteria. If it is piled with your regular clothes, they will have an icky smell.
  2. Before you throw your cycling clothes in the washer, do not forget to zip the zippers up and close any fasteners. This prevents snags on the mesh and other materials of your cycling clothes.
  3. Always read the wash label before doing anything on your cycling clothes. Do not disregard any instructions stated on the wash label.
  4. Check the pockets of your cycling clothes. Do not forget to remove items or snacks from your pocket. It will make a big mess and may cause damage not only to your cycling clothes but to the washer as well.

Don’ts in Taking Proper Care of Cycling Clothes

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  1. Do not re-wear your cycling clothes. Just like any clothes that have accumulated grime and sweat, do not attempt to use them again. If you reuse worn cycling clothes, your sweat turns rancid. It may even cause rashes or chafing.
  2. Velcro on your cycling clothes shreds the mesh and picks up the fabric. Do not wash cycling clothes with velcro in a washer. It is best to wash them separately. You can hand wash it if you plan to send your cycling clothes for laundry pickup.
  3. Do not use regular laundry detergents and cleaners on your cycling clothes. Residue from these laundry cleaners stays on the cycling clothes and may badly ruin their material and technology. Look for recommended cleaners for cycling clothes.

Always put in mind these tips on how to properly care for your cycling clothes. If you missed out on some of these tips before, this is the time to start fresh with your washing habits.

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