3 Reasons To Start Using Online Phone Numbers For SMS Verification

Online phone numbers, also often known as virtual phone numbers, are something that many internet users have heard of in various situations.

They are frequently used to sign up for numerous accounts on the same online service, handle mobile verification without using a personal number or maintain greater online confidentiality. However, there are still some people who have absolutely no idea what advantages virtual numbers for SMS verification provide and, as a result, choose not to use this tool. These are the main justifications for why employing this feature is worthwhile.

Easy to Obtain

The best thing about virtual phone numbers is that they are widely available. You don’t need to be employed by a well-known technical corporation, own a sizable company, or have special permission to have the opportunity to get and use them. This is not necessary in any case. Everybody has access to virtual numbers regardless of their social standing, financial situation, place of residence, and other parameters.

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It is sufficient to go to one of the many web providers which exist in the forms of both websites and mobile apps to take advantage of such a facility. No matter the time of day or night, accessing them is always possible because they are on the internet and operate automatically. Furthermore, these platforms are made to be user-friendly. Even beginners can use them to obtain a virtual phone number because using them is so simple.

Higher Level of Confidentiality

Nowadays online services are more prone to data breaches and hackers than they were before. Even such prestigious and well-known networks like Facebook and LinkedIn fall under this. Virtual numbers are a wonderful way to safeguard your privacy on the web which is surely vital in modern times. It is all due to the fact these numbers:

  • Do not demand the submission of personal information. You are not required to reveal your real identity in order to take advantage of a virtual phone number. It remains entirely concealed.
  • Cannot be tracked. Any existing technologies are unable to determine the location of the individual utilizing a virtual number. In addition, using numbers from one country while residing in another is perfectly acceptable and increases privacy even more.
  • Lack any ties to their users. It is not possible to exactly identify who is operating a virtual phone number. This feature utterly misrepresents the user.

After reviewing the information above, it is clear that virtual numbers are an excellent tool for enhancing privacy on the internet when signing up for different services. But there is yet another important factor that should be taken into consideration before starting to use them.

Registration of Unlimited Accounts

Many websites and apps ask users to confirm their mobile numbers when registering for an account. Because of this, most often it appears to be impossible to create more than one profile on them as every person uses a single SIM card. More SIM cards could be purchased in an effort to address the issue which, however, will not be as successful as using virtual phone numbers.

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Virtual numbers are, to start, far less expensive. They rarely do cost more than one dollar. But the fact that there are no usage restrictions on this feature is what matters most in this context. You can obtain as many virtual phone numbers as necessary. Thereby, there is an option that effectively allows users to sign up for an infinite number of accounts on any website or app.


Using a virtual number is a perfect solution when for some reason it is not possible to use a personal phone number instead as well as necessary to create many profiles on the same online service or just become more private online. They are the cheapest compared to other options, simple to obtain, and, most importantly, private. So using them could be advantageous in many circumstances and definitely worthwhile.

Jeremy Edwards
Jeremy Edwards
On Chain Analysis Data Engineer. Lives in sunny Perth, Australia. Investing and writing about Crypto since 2014.

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