How to Earn Coins in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 is the sequel to EA Sports’ world-famous football game, where the player can experience himself as a football coach with full access and control over every player on the team. FIFA is based on special coins – coins for which everything is sold and bought in the game – the best players, stadium improvements, and much more related to football paraphernalia and belongings to a specific team.

But how to earn FIFA coins? After all, at the start, the game composition leaves much to be desired, and you need a lot of coins to buy the necessary players in the transfer window or win them randomly when opening sets. So let’s figure it out in this article.

Ways to farm FIFA 23 coins:

  1.  Buy FUT on a special platform.
  2.  Perform various game tasks
  3.  Participate in matches and tournaments.

Buy FUT on a Special Platform

When buying a FIFA 23 game, a player may be surprised to notice that when starting his football career and choosing his favorite team, he will receive a rather primitive and weak team line-up and the minimum number of coins necessary to develop and strengthen the line-up.

To improve your position and strengthen your start, you can buy FUT coins on a special platform – this is a fairly common way to improve your position at the start and not go through all the torment of beginners until you get the first more or less decent players who will influence the course of matches.

What should be done:

  1. Follow the link
  2. Select the amount of FIFA 23 coins, pay for the service, or leave a request to contact the manager.
  3. Agree on the time and method of delivery of the paid order.
  4. Get your FIFA 23 coins at the specified time.

All transactions are carried out taking into account the necessary methods of disguise, and the administration does not perceive the operation as an action violating the gaming community’s rules. The player is guaranteed a refund in case of disputes. For the received coins, you can buy your favorite players directly through the transfer system or try your luck and open packs with players.


When choosing a roulette game, we recommend choosing only gold and special sets – they can bring you the world’s best players, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Mbappe, Karim Benzema, and others. Keep in mind that bronze and Silver sets will bring players of intermediate and weak levels.

Complete Various Game Tasks

In FIFA 23, players are waiting for a lot of game tasks, upon completion of which experience will be awarded and, most importantly, coins.

Tasks are:

Daily – score goals, tackle, win matches.

Weekly – similar requirements, but with more action for success.

Monthly – football activities in large volumes

Seasonal tasks – designed for a period of time in one season.

The main tasks in tasks are to score goals for football players of a certain nationality, win by two goals or more, score goals from free kicks and corners, buy players and win tournament matches.


Community events are a chain of tasks from the category of football activity – for example, score goals, make a hat-trick for one player, and so on. Tasks are designed to be completed by all players, and either everyone or no one receives a reward.

Participate in matches and tournaments

The main essence of FIFA 23 comes down to buying players, but in order to get really worthwhile performers, you must first play a lot of matches with weak players in matches of all ranks – simple, tournament, and status like the Champions League. Matches will bring FUT coins in any case, but their number will directly depend on the status of the match and its outcome.

To earn maximum coins, you need to defeat the opponent with a margin of two balls or more. The reward will be less in case of a draw and incentive in case of defeat, regardless of the number of goals conceded. To get the maximum farm of coins, you need to combine regular matches and division matches – in which you will grow in rank and tournament competitions.

Tournaments are matches with many opponents, where you will play for elimination and earn coins depending on the stage of the competition that you manage to reach. In addition to FIFA coins, tournaments provide an excellent gaming experience and the opportunity to play with opponents of different levels, which should not be neglected.

Squad Battles are show matches where you play not as famous football players but as movie and pop stars, as well as former professional football players. You can play four of these matches per day, excluding weekends, and earn coins and experience.

Division Rivals – division competitions where you will play for a place in the standings and get coins depending on the place taken. You should not worry – even if you have little experience in the game, you can take a worthy place due to the number of matches – they need to be played from 30 to 50.

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