How to Capture a Perfect Portrait Shot?

A good portrait is one that has all its focus on the main subject. However, sometimes there are elements in the background that take the attention away from the muse, which can be distracting for the viewer.

However, this problem can now be easily fixed in post-production, where you can blur the background online using different apps like Vista Create.

Every photographer wants to take a picture that not only shows the subject’s physical features perfectly but also shows who they really are. Still, photography is an art form, and like any other art form, it may take a certain set of skills and techniques to master it.

So, to help you out, we have made a list of all the things you may need to capture the portrait shot of your dreams.

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Capturing a Portrait

Shutter Speed

How to Capture a Perfect Portrait Shot?

Shutter speed is the amount of time that your camera’s shutter stays open, letting a certain amount of light hit the imaging sensor.

When photographing a moving subject, a fast shutter speed is recommended in order to avoid capturing blurred pictures. However, a shutter speed that is too high prevents enough light from entering the camera, resulting in darker-looking photos.

So, if you are shooting in a setting that is not well-lit, choose a slower shutter speed to illuminate the picture by allowing more light to reach the sensor. In a nutshell, to capture a perfect portrait, you simply need to adjust the shutter speed to suit the situation.

Depth of Field

The “depth of field” is the region in a photograph that the camera concentrates its focus on to make it appear sharp.

In order to produce a perfect portrait shot, the background action should be blurred out, and just your subject should remain in focus. Therefore, it is best to choose a shallower depth of field for your photograph.

You can use a wide-aperture lens to achieve a narrow depth of field, or you can just simply drag your camera closer to the subject.


Lighting plays the most important role in photography. If you want to capture a good portrait shot, it is very important that you make sure your subject is well-illuminated.

You can always use studio lights to provide good lighting, especially if you are shooting indoors or at a time when the natural light is insufficient. Hence, when there are no restrictions on timing and location, it is always better to shoot during the day when there is enough natural light for a good shot.

However, to prevent shadows from appearing on your subject’s face, you should stay out of direct sunlight when taking photos. But if you are adamant about making use of the situation, simply put a reflector or long white cardboard opposite the direction of light to avoid this issue.

That said, there are different ways you can play with lighting. For example, dark shadows can add a touch of drama to your picture, while soft light can give it a gentler look.


How to Capture a Perfect Portrait Shot?

It is one of those factors that greatly affect the overall look of the shot. When clicking portrait shots, it is always better to blur the background in the image so that your subject is the only thing that stands out.

However, just because the background has to be blurred out does not mean you can shoot just anywhere. It is very important that you choose a background that also reflects the mood of the subject.

Also, since the focus of the portrait is on the subject, make sure you avoid using a background that is too distracting or overbearing for the viewer to concentrate on your muse.


This point may seem a bit vague, but you should understand that there is no one way to attempt portrait photography. And since it is something that you can experiment with a lot, you should try not to bind yourself to rules.

Therefore, experiment with your subject, different angles, lighting setups, camera equipment, settings, etc. If you follow the convention, you will never be able to stand out. Plus, it is only through trial and error that you can discover your distinct style and make yourself into a brand.

Final Words

Portrait photography is a huge phenomenon all over the world, so as a photographer, it is important for you to hone your craft.

That said, you can only learn what works and does not work for you as you gain experience in the field. However, you can always follow the tips mentioned in this article if you need a head start on your journey to becoming one of the best portrait photographers.

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