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How Do I Find and Choose Startup Developers to Outsource?

In order to be able to find a studio that can solve your problem, it is important that you understand what you need. How do you hire developers for startup? There are several ways to do this.

Different professionals may have different technology stacks and speak different programming languages. From this, it turns out that not everyone will be able to solve your particular problem. To begin with, clearly define the tasks that the development studio should perform, and then you can begin your search.

Outsourcing is the most stable option but also the most expensive. However, in this case, you will get developers for startups who will not run away at the first difficulties or at the first salary.

You need to put a lot of effort into the search. There are many development studios, and they are all different. Technical skills are good, but it’s also important that the team resonates with your startup; then, you’ll get the most out of it. Developers for startups are the people you’ll be in contact with a lot. This means that you should find common ground with them easily. In this case, you won’t have any problems finding solutions for your startup in the future.

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When You Need Development Outsourcing

In the first case, you do not have your own team, or you simply do not have enough resources. In such cases, you have to ask for additional help. Or you are launching a new project, and you are looking for new team members. But finding a good candidate also takes a lot of time. Often startups spend several months finding developers for a startup.

The second case is that there are not enough specialists. In such situations, it makes sense to take advantage of outsourcing. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary experiments and avoid mistakes. After all, many startup projects fail to attract professionals working on large-scale projects. So it makes sense to hire outsourced developers for startups.

The third situation is that your project as a whole is not engaged in the development of software products. This is often the case with small businesses. A simple example is if you are involved in design or marketing. In this case, it is better to find developers for a startup to outsource rather than spend time and effort on building a new team.

Formats of Work in The Outsourcing Market


You have a specific cost for each task. You outsource a specific task to developers for a startup. After they have received the ToR from you, they will voice the exact price. If the studio did not take something into account and calculated the cost incorrectly, this is not the customer’s problem. Before you start, you sign a contract.

T&M (Time and Material)

You pay for the time the studio spends on your project. It’s also straightforward here. The only disadvantage of this format of work is that the outsourcer voices an approximate price. In reality, the project could take more or less time. That is, in the end, you can either save or overpay. A significant advantage – if you compare this format of cooperation with the previous one, it is much more profitable from the economic point of view.


Developers for startups start working only on your project. If someone has personal circumstances or health problems, the studio must find a replacement programmer on their own. Downtime, in this case is excluded. But here, we recommend additionally involving testers or managers to control the whole process.

Tips for Choosing Developers for an Outsourced Startup

Clear Positioning

Ideally, it’s important that the outsourcing company that provides you with developers for your startup works in the direction you want. Most startups today are related to mobile development. Look for companies that work in the niche you want.

Availability of Estimates and Their Description

The outsourcer should have clear descriptions of the grades. This will give you an understanding of what kind of specialists work for the company, what they can do, and what technologies they use.

Consent to be Interviewed

Be sure to ask the outsourcing company for an interview. Studios that value their reputation will not turn you down. This way, you can make sure you make the right choice.

Impersonal Resume + Competency Map

An impersonal resume is an ordinary resume that describes the experience and level of competence of the specialists but does not contain their contacts. So you can choose a studio with specialists who have a sufficient level of expertise. Choose a company that will be ready to provide such resumes and describe the competence of its employees upon your request.


Often cases are impersonal. That is, you can not look in the portfolio of a company, what projects it has managed to implement. But at the same time, the portfolio must have clear descriptions of the work products that the specialists in the studio you choose have managed to implement.

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Why is a Team of Developers for a Startup More Preferable to an Outsourcer?

A remote dedicated team for your project works more efficiently, smoothly, and quickly than an office team.

Often, a remote team is cheaper than an office one, both financially and in terms of human resources, because: there are not as high wages, there are no costs for depreciation of jobs, it makes no sense to keep large areas, there are no “irritants” during the working process, which means more time spent on development.

You do not need to keep your outsourcer on the staff for months or years; you can change specialists during the project, as well as immediately after its completion; the main thing is to follow the rules of the game and know how the development is done.

An experienced and mature outsourcer is aware of such definitions as responsibility, punctuality, and efficiency – more often than an office worker who is already tired of spending several hours a day commuting to the office.

It does not matter what size your business is, or if you are a startup entrepreneur organizing a startup project, it is advisable to turn to an outsourced IT team at the time of launching a new project.

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