Guild Wars 2’s Out of the Shadows is this week’s season 3 freebie

Guild Wars 2’s Out of the Shadows is the third free content pack for the Guild Wars 2 MMO. Set in the Fireheart Rise, it tells a story about a new threat that has emerged from the shadows and will test the heroes new skills against the new challenge. The pack also includes two new maps and a new dungeon.

On August 28, ArenaNet will release a new update for its popular MMO Guild Wars 2. The Out of the Shadows update is a large patch that introduces a number of new additions to the game. The update will also be free to all players, and it will be available to download starting at 10AM PDT on the 28th. Before the patch goes live, we will be previewing it on YouTube/Twitch at

We’ve already been treated to a look inside the max-level content of Guild Wars 2’s third installment, but now we can enjoy a first hand at the rest of the game as well. The screenshot above comes from a new dev-blog entry by ArenaNet about the upcoming change in seasons, which will include new races, new items, new zones, and, of course, a new episode.

After a one week break due to the launch of Dragon Bash last week, Guild Wars 2 is offering the previous episodes again for free. There’s only one free episode this week, Out of the Shadows, the first episode of the third season – the weakest episode of , a very strong season of if you ask me, which means it’s still worth watching. Players can log in and get the episode for free, even if they didn’t buy the expansion.

Enjoy the Dragon Cycle storyline and get ready for Guild Wars 2: The end of the dragons. Log in to Guild Wars 2 between June 29 and July 6 to unlock this week’s episode for free! Check your inbox for an email with a story unlockable token. You can find the unlocked episode in Living World Season 3 under the Story Log tab in the Heroes panel. If you’ve already unlocked episodes, you don’t need tokens – you’re good to go!

As usual, ArenaNet has added new achievements alongside old ones that contribute to the success and rewards of the Dragon Seasons meta.

We have fixed an issue #GuildWars2 that was blocking progress in the story mission The End in the episode War Eternal:

– Guild Wars 2 (@GuildWars2) 29. June 2021

ViewThe hit game Guild Wars 2 is celebrating its third birthday this week, and it’s looking forward to a whole new year of innovation, fun, and massive scale. ArenaNet is back with its monthly event, and this month’s release is “Out of the Shadows”. The expansion features a new character, new weapons, and new bosses, and it’s free to anyone who plays Guild Wars 2.. Read more about gw2 icebrood saga and let us know what you think.

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