Genshin Impact: A Yoimiya Guide to Ascension Materials, Weapons,

Genshin Impact has taken the world by storm since its release. The game is rich with storyline, detail, and offers hours of gameplay. If you’re looking to get the most out of your experience, check out this guide to help you make the most of your genshin impact yun jin ascension materials and weapons.

Ascension And Talent Materials You Need To Max Level Yoimiya In Genshin Impact

To max out your character in Genshin Impact, Yoimiya, you’ll need Ascension Materials, Weapons, and Talent Level-Up materials. Ascension Materials are the goods required to raise Yoimiya’s level beyond the current cap, which is Level 70 at the time of writing. Stardust, Meteorites, Cometites, and Character XP are among the resources available. To climb Yoimiya, all of the following resources must be obtained: Stardust 125, Meteorite 5, and Cometite 5.

You’ll need 200 Mora of each kind (Anemo Mora, Geo Mora, and Cryo Mora) and 500 Weapon Enhancement Ore to level up her skill. There are four possible pathways for each character’s weapon: Physical Injury Weapons of the Swordsman; Elemental Harm Weapons of the Bow; Magical harm Catalyst-type weapons and Supportive Staff-type weapons are available. Each weapon type needs different material quantities as well as different catalysts to attain its maximum enhanced form.

Yoimiya’s ascension and talent levels may be upgraded after all of these resources are obtained.

Ascension Materials

In Genshin Impact, Ascension Materials Materials such as Max Level Baal are used to level up Weapons, Characters, and Pets in Genshin Impact. These resources can be obtained through Dungeons, Saints, and other activities. Additionally, Genshin Impact has developed a technique called “Yanfei” to further aid in the process of levelling up with Max Level Baal.” to assist players in locating the ideal Ascension materials for their character.

Yanfei is an in-game AI system that displays all Ascension materials necessary for each character, weapon, and pet and takes the player to the precise spots where they may be discovered.

Players will also have access to powerful ascension artifacts such as:

  • Statues of the Seven
  • Gnostic Hymnal
  • Treasure Books
  • and much more.

All of these resources and equipment may be gained in Genshin Impact via daily dungeons, treasure boxes, or events. Players should also be aware of restricted locations where some things are not accessible due to holy seals or creatures defending them.

Talent Materials

The Shrine of Depths requires Talent Materials to unlock Talents. They are classified into four types: Anemoculus, Geoculus, Treasure Hoarders, and Cor Lapis.

Birch Wood Genshin Impact Yun is a kind of Talent Material that can be discovered throughout the game and is necessary to advance certain weapons. Birch Wood can be obtained by felling trees with an Axe or Claymore, as well as by completing specific objectives and fighting foes.Mitachurls and Geovishaps. Furthermore, certain daily commissions or collectable sets may need Birch Wood as a completion reward.

Gathering enough Birch Wood is required for unlocking Talents and upgrading weapons, so keep an eye out for it.

Best Build For Yoimiya

Yōimiya is a strong five-star claymore user in the famous Genshin Impact game. If you want to optimize your Yōimiya experience and make him an unstoppable force on the battlefield, you’ll need the correct weapons, artifacts, and resources for his build.

To begin, he has access to some fantastic five-star claymores. Slingshot and Blackcliff Warbow are two of the greatest 3⃣ names for him. However, if you want to give him even more strength than those guns can provide, you need also invest in some four-star weaponry.

You may also improve his stats by equipping artifacts like Gladiator’s Finale or Noble Frost To give the greatest overall build for Yōimiya, consider investing in various genshin impact xinyan ascension materials, which boost attack or Elemental Mastery and provide extra advantages when coupled with his specialized weapon type.

Yōimiya will be ready to face whatever obstacles lie ahead with all of these components incorporated in his construction.

Best Weapons

There is no definite answer for the best weapons for Thoma in Genshin Impact since it primarily relies on your playstyle and the kind of content you want to participate in.

A bow is one of the greatest weapons for Thoma for those searching for something more flexible than a sword or claymore, given to its ability to provide both AoE and single-target damage. Water element bows are especially appealing due to their arsenal of elemental responses that may be employed in practically any occasion.

A catalyst is another strong choice for individuals who wish to deal out additional elemental damage with charged strikes, or a polearm for larger wide field engagements where you have room to use its sweeping assaults.

Entirely, the weapon you choose will be determined by the kind of content you want to participate in; nevertheless, when it comes to selecting the finest weapon for Thoma in Genshin Impact, the option is ultimately yours.

Best Artifacts

When it comes to rising weapons, Cuihua Wood is one of the greatest artifacts to discover in Genshin Impact. This is due to the fact that it is a rare resource that can only be discovered in certain areas of the game. It is frequently dropped by particular creatures or acquired from NPC merchants scattered around the landscape.

Cuihua Wood is a significant material for Yoimiya Genshin Impact Xinyan is a great choice for weaponry since it reduces the cost of Ascension. It may also be utilized to craft a variety of artifacts that, when equipped on your character, offer stat boosts and beneficial effects.

If you want to climb or build weapons with the Yoimiya effect, you’ll need Cuihua Wood, so stock up on it whenever you can.

Genshin Impact Yoimiya Guide: Ascension Materials - Weapons - Artifacts

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