Genshin Impact: A Tubby Trust Rank Guide to Increasing Your Rank

If you’re looking to improve your Trust Rank in Genshin Impact, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll show you how to raise your Trust Rank quickly and easily.

How Does Trust Rank Work In Genshin Impact?

Trust Rank (TR) is a mechanism in Genshin Impact that enables you to boost the strength and stats of your character. It works by raising the rank of the character you utilize in combat, with each level delivering stat bonuses. The greater your Trust Rank, the stronger your character.

You must fulfill certain goals in Genshin Impact, such as completing certain tasks or achieving unique achievements, to increase your Trust Rank. Characters’ TR rises as they accomplish daily commission challenges or succeed in particular Teyvat domains. This will earn the player prizes as well as assist them continue through Teyvat and strengthen their character. As a result, by accomplishing these tasks and obtaining exceptional milestones, gamers may boost their trust rating in Genshin Impact and empower their characters.

Trust Rank Bonuses

Trust Rank Bonuses are unique gifts that may be obtained by boosting your Trust Rank in Genshin Impact. As your Trust Rank rises, you will be rewarded with valuable items like as Primogem, a 10-time experience card, and even a 4-star character. Birch wood, a costly commodity that can be used to make a variety of things, is one of the most sought-after gifts.

It should be noted that birch wood is only available as a prize for reaching certain Trust Rank milestones. To get it, gamers must raise their Trust Rank to 30 or higher. At this point, they will be awarded with five pieces of birch wood as well as other useful objects. Birch wood may also be gained via exploring elemental realms and fulfilling daily commissions in Genshin Impact’s Battle Pass system; but, Trust Rank Bonuses are the most dependable method to get birch wood.

Trust Rank Unlocks

The things, weapons, characters, and accessories that you may earn through boosting your Trust Rank are known as Trust Rank unlocks. Increasing your Trust Rank necessitates completing Paimon’s unique commissions.

Yoimiya, the Anemo Archon whose specific talent is to deliver the wind, may boost his Trust Rank by engaging in a number of activities. These activities include:

  • Missions that require you to battle enemies or gather certain things;
  • Reputation Quests that demand you to do certain activities or gain specific rewards; and
  • Adventurer’s Guild Reputation Quests that need you to assist other adventurers with their requests.

By performing these challenging activities, your Trust Rank will rise, as will the quantity of possible prizes.

Trust Rank A Holistic Overview

Trust Rank is a novel gaming element introduced in Genshin Impact that influences the quality of things created by your characters. In layman’s terms, the higher your trust level, the bigger the incentives. Understanding how to raise your Trust Rank may be highly beneficial and make development much simpler.

There are several methods for increasing your Trust Rank:

  • Completing Commission tasks and Invitation of Windblume events is the most efficient method.
  • Actions like as exploring a domain or completing difficult dungeons can help you boost your trust level.
  • Participating in Time Trial Quests, Promo Codes, and Event Quests are other excellent ways to fast increase trust rank.
  • Finally, daily login prizes and World Bosses might provide you extra points of trust rank experience every day.

Using all of these strategies, you may slowly and consistently boost your trust level, which will enhance item drops from activities and even unlock special prizes and buff sources for your character’s advancement in Genshin Impact.

How To Increase Trust Rank?

In Genshin Impact, the Trust Rank is a crucial indicator that influences how well your squad performs in combat. It is a measure of how much your team trusts you and is influenced by a variety of things such as the amount of damage done, the amount of help offered, and the bonds you create with your colleagues. Increasing your Trust Rank grants you access to greater prizes and makes it simpler to accomplish difficult tasks.

There are three primary methods for improving your Trust Rank:

  1. Increasing the amount of damage dealt;
  2. Enhancing assistance given; and
  3. Developing ties with colleagues.

Increasing your damage done by taking on challenging fights, defeating bosses, and completing daily will help you advance in combat. Supportive activities such as synthesizing or making products for other players, as well as giving or receiving presents from them, increase Trust Rank. Finally, developing connections with other players through Kamera-based talks will increase your score.

All Furniture Pieces In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has swept the gaming industry by storm, bringing with it a one-of-a-kind system known as the Tubby Trust Rank. This rating is determined by how often you engage with the citizens of Genshin Impact, and it is also used to decide the prizes and special events accessible to you in the game.

So, how can you boost your trust rank? One option is to buy furnishings from local stores in Genshin Impact. Every item of furniture purchased adds points to your Tubby Trust Rank, and some even provide perks such as additional stamina or cash.

Furniture comes in a variety of forms, sizes, and prices, so shop around to find the best match for your house and budget. Beds, sofas, and tables are must-have objects that serve a dual purpose: they’re fantastic ornamental elements but also required things for welcoming other players into your house during multiplayer games.

With so many possibilities, make sure to pick yourself a few things that complement your aesthetic while also contributing to your Tubby Trust Rank.


To conclude the Genshin Impact Trust Rank Guide, we examined a variety of strategies for swiftly and effectively increasing your rank. You may quickly increase your Trust Ranks by appreciating the necessity of completing time-limited domains, growing your relationship with other players, and purchasing high-quality gear.

It may seem difficult at first, but with a little time and effort, you can easily build your trust rating and gain the benefits. Best wishes.

Genshin Impact Tubby Trust Rank Guide: How To Increase

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