Genshin Impact Yanfei DPS Build Guide: What Are the Best Weapons

Check out this Genshin Impact Yanfei DPS Build Guide to see what the best weapons are for her and how you can make her an even better character!

Who Is Yanfei In Genshin Impact?

Yanfei is a playable character in Genshin Impact, a popular open world action role-playing game. She is a Pyro user who performs the function of DPS (Damage Per Second). She crushes her opponents with two hammers. Her ultimate ability, Judgment of Azure Flame, summons a vast barrage of fire blasts that attack enemies in an area-of-effect explosion.

Yanfei’s passive abilities concentrate on extending the length and effectiveness of her fire powers while also boosting her elemental damage output, making her even more powerful at destroying opponent troops. Yanfei favors two-handed axes or polearms that specialize in critical rate or physical damage as weapons. Skyward Harp 4 Stars, Lion’s Roar 4 Stars, and Favonius Greatsword 5 Stars are the greatest weapons to employ with Yanfei. Yanfei can easily defeat any opponent she confronts with these weapons.

Builds For Yanfei In Genshin Impact

The Genshin Effect Yanfei is a pyro-focused bow player who can swiftly unleash devastating strikes and has good crowd control thanks to her Burning Bowstring passive. Her greatest advantage is her damage potential, which she may boost with Elemental Skill and Burst.

Having the correct Yanfei builds might help you make the most of her elemental strength. You should concentrate on equipping Yanfei with items that increase her elemental mastery and attack stats for a DPS build. Choose artifacts and weapons with elemental benefits as well as critical rate or damage bonuses. The Dragonspine Spear, Blackcliff Warbow, Skyward Harp, and Rust are all excellent weapons for Yanfei setups. With the proper clothing, artifacts, and constellations, your Genshin Impact character will be prepared for any difficult combat or task.

Best Weapons On Yanfei

The Wolf’s Gravestone, Crescent Pike, and Deathmatch are the ideal weapons to equip Yanfei with for any Genshin Impact players wishing to construct a powerful DPS Yanfei. All three of these weapons have excellent basic stats, enabling them to do substantial damage.

When a party of four or more people is present, the Wolf’s Gravestone increases attack power and health regeneration, whilst the Crescent Pike has long range damage capabilities that may be enhanced by having two of them worn at the same time. Finally, the Deathmatch possesses high Critical Rate and Elemental Mastery, making it a superb weapon for Yanfei. All of these weapons may be obtained as quest rewards or bought with birch wood.

Best Artifacts On Yanfei

When it comes to putting up a Yanfei DPS build in Genshin Impact, choosing the appropriate artifacts is nearly as crucial as choosing the perfect weapons. Yanfei gains stat enhancements, element resistance, life and energy points, and other benefits from artifacts.

The following are the ideal artifact setups for Yanfei to employ to improve her combat performance:

  • Finale of Gladiator No. 1 This four-piece set provides 15% attack boosts and an extra 18% attack bonus for 8 seconds after taking damage. This outfit is ideal for maintaining Yanfei’s damage output throughout more difficult engagements.
  • 2 Bloodthirsty Chivalry This set has a two-piece boost of 15% physical damage and 5% critical rate, making it a good option for any melee fighter seeking to deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time.
  • Wanderer’s Troupe 3 This set’s four pieces grant an additional 18% movement speed, which might be handy while attempting to avoid enemy assaults or make hasty escapes from difficult situations.

The selection of artifacts is determined by the player’s desired playstyle or combat aims, although the perfect mix may significantly improve a character’s powers in battle, giving them an advantage against foes or boss monsters.

Whats The Best DPS Team For Yanfei?

When it comes to putting up a top-tier DPS squad for Yanfei of Genshin Impact, you’ll want to concentrate on maximizing her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst damage. This may turn Yanfei into an absolute force to be reckoned with, dramatically increasing your DPS output. To do this, you should concentrate on weapon categories that encourage skill and burst damage.

The greatest weapon types for Yanfei to wield are:

  • Claymore Normal Attack
  • Bow Elemental Skill
  • Catalyst Elemental Burst
  • Sword Normal Attack
  • Polearm Elemental Skill
  • Bow Elemental Burst

Each of these weapons has its own set of benefits that work in tandem with Yanfei’s elemental skill and burst damage. Claymore, for example, boosts Normal Attack DMG by 25%, while Bow raises Elemental Skill DMG by 35%. Catalyst also boosts Elemental Burst DMG by 25%, while Sword boosts Normal Attack DMG by 20%. Finally, Polearm boosts Elemental Skill DMG by 25%, whereas Bow boosts Elemental Burst DMG by 35%.

You may assemble a potent DPS team for Genshin Impact’s Yanfei by equipping Weapons that specialize in improving the effectiveness of her abilities and bursts.


Xingqiu is a character in Genshin Impact who may enhance trust rating. His elemental abilities and burst may boost his teammates’ CRIT rate, and he can also provide them Hydro vision. The damage of Hydro attacks is increased for all characters in the group, allowing for a more powerful burst.

Xingqiu has a plethora of weapons that may be employed to maximize DPS output. For Xingqiu’s Yanfei DPS build, the Black Sword, Favonius Sword, Aquila Favonia, Solar Pearl, and Blackcliff Slasher are all excellent choices. Each of these weapons has its own set of stats that will either boost his attack power or make him more resilient in combat.

Xingqiu may also equip artifacts that boost his attack power, such as the Gladiators Finale set or Bloodstained Chivalry set. Both of these setups enable him to deliver escalating levels of damage according on how many adversaries surround him at the same time.


Bennett Yanfei is an excellent pick for anybody trying to increase their DPS in Genshin Impact. Bennett as the main character, four-star weapons like the White Tassel and Serpent Spine, and artifacts with powerful elemental damage bonuses like Gladiator’s Finale and Berserker for Electro Damage are the key components of the construct.

While Bennett may not have the greatest overall basic attack damage, he does have many significant passive abilities that, when coupled with a powerful weapon, increase his effective damage output. This build additionally makes use of items like Perfective Tonic and Elemental Mastery to boost Bennett’s and his companion’s already strong DPS. As a result, he is an excellent pick for those looking to maximize their damage dealing capabilities in Genshin Impact bouts.


Zhongli is one of the greatest spots in Genshin Impact to get cedar wood. Cedar wood may be found between a couple mountain ranges south of Liyue Harbor and east of Jueyun Karst.

When you get to the aforementioned location, you will see a rock spire surrounded on all sides by cedar trees. The trees are densely packed with cedar wood, which may be gathered and used to construct goods or improve weapons. Additionally, surrounding adversaries drop cedar wood, making them an even more valuable resource for gamers trying to get cedar wood fast and effectively.

Yanfei: DPS Ability Rundown

Yanfei is a strong Genshin Impact character that can generate lightning, fire, and lightning-infused fireballs. Her DPS build is based on combining these skills with her weapon, the Solar Pearl.

“Lightning Rose,” her initial ability, generates a furious thunderstorm that hurts opponents. It also has secondary effects like improved resilience to interruption and reduced attack speed of adjacent foes.

“Infernal Inferno,” her second ability, unleashes four successive fireballs at foes, doing enormous damage.

  • “Rising Meteor” and “Lightning Smite” are her passive abilities. Rising Meteor boosts Yanfei’s physical damage after using an elemental skill or burst, while Lightning Smite increases her lightning damage after striking a lightning or burn-afflicted target.
  • Finally, Hecatoncheir is Yanfei’s ultimate ability, which does tremendous AoE damage in a vast area surrounding her.

Overall, Yanfei has incredible DPS potential because to her strong elemental abilities mixed with her passive effects, making her an important part of any high-level team composition.

Basic Attack: Seal of Approval

The Seal of Approval is a 3-star claymore gained via crafting in Genshin Impact. This weapon may be made using recipes obtained at the Smithy. Faber’s Furs, a frequent crafting ingredient in Genshin Impact, are the primary components needed. This resource may be earned by defeating adversaries in large open locations such as Mondstadt, Liyue, and others. It may also be obtained as a drop when mining ore veins and fishing at certain locations on the global map.

The Seal of Approval has a basic attack stat of 42 Physical DMG and a bonus of 11% Physical DMG, making it ideal for Yanfei’s DPS build that relies on her regular attack damage output.

Signed Edict: Elemental Skill

When utilized appropriately, Signed Edict is one of Yanfei’s most powerful and flexible Elemental Skills, with tremendous DPS potential. This talent generates a rune with the ability to impart an elemental debuff and an Omen to a single target. When an adversary is afflicted with the debuff, elemental reactions such as Superconduct, Melting Point, Vaporize, and Swirl assaults, as well as Normal and Charged Attacks, do more damage to them. When the talent is on cooldown, Yanfei gains an ATK boost from Signed Edict.

Weapons with a high ATK stat, such as the Sacrificial Greatsword or Whiteblind, are ideal for this setup. These two weapons complement Yanfei’s Elemental Skill since their passive increases her total damage output when she uses it. Furthermore, Yanfei’s total damage output is increased by Sacrificial Greatsword’s ATK boost.

Done Deal: Elemental Burst

Yanfei has the Elemental Burst ability Done Deal in Genshin Impact. It enhances the DMG inflicted by her Normal and Charged Attacks by 15% and temporarily improves the CRIT Rate of all party members who are presently using Pyro Vision. Furthermore, it showers adjacent objects with fire sparks, igniting them and causing Pyro DMG over time.

Pine Wood is one of the ingredients required in Genshin Impact to produce Done Deal. To collect Pine Wood, players must go to Stormbearer Mountains, which can be found in the northwest portion of Dragonspine Island, or they may discover it near the source of Exuacts in Mondstadt and Liyue places such as Springvale or outside Dawn Winery. Players may also purchase Pine Wood from merchants such as Gareu the blacksmith, who wanders throughout each city, or Venti, who can be found near the Adventurer’s Guild building in Mondstadt.

Players will need five pieces of pine wood to manufacture Done Deal, which is a quite large number, so stock up on them whenever you can.

Yanfei Passive Talents

Yanfei is a five-star playable character in Genshin Impact. Her passive abilities are Zhongli Constellations, which provide her greater damage, critical strike chance, and a variety of additional benefits.

  • Dragon’s Damage increases the damage of all attacks by 10% for 10 seconds after using an Elemental Skill.
  • Tribute to Duty increases Yanfei’s attack by 10% for 10 seconds after using an Elemental Skill.
  • Phoenix’s Blessing increases Yanfei’s critical hit rate by 8% and the damage of Critical Hits by 25%.
  • Roaring Flames increases Yanfei’s Elemental Mastery by 125.

Yanfei’s passive abilities make her an excellent pick for a DPS build in Genshin Impact, enhancing her already formidable offensive skills.

Yanfei Constellations

Yanfei is a Pyro user and a playable character in the Genshin Impact game. The Sandbearer Sword and the Mappa Mare are her finest weapons for a DPS build. The Sandbearer Sword is part of her basic 5 star weapon arsenal and may be earned via in-game events or the Weapon Banner, while Mappa Mare can also be obtained through the Weapon Banner.

You must gather eight constellations – four for each weapon – to unlock both of Yanfei’s weapons. You must fulfill several objectives, such as fighting opponents with her elemental power or doing particular activities surrounding Liyue, to get these constellations. Each challenge will provide you one constellation toward your desired weapon%. After collecting all eight, you will be able to choose between the Sandbearer Sword and the Mappa Mare.

Obtaining these constellations makes it simpler to improve Yanfei’s DPS and become a more strong Pyro user in Genshin Impact.

Yanfeis Ascension: Stats And Material Costs

When creating your finest Yanfei DPS build in Genshin Impact, Yanfei’s Ascension is a key idea to consider. As your character levels up, the ascension process increases their stats and unlocks new skills. This might be a challenging undertaking for newbies since ascending your character needs particular resources, and it’s crucial to grasp what these materials are and how much they cost before committing to a build.

Character Ascensions Materials may be gained from characters or bought with Acquaint Fate, Mora, Hero’s Wit obtained from Boss Fights and completed Abyss Quests and Artifacts received through Domain Rewards. Each item has a different price and will demand more resources as you go up the tree. Understanding the cost of each item required for Yanfei’s Ascension is critical in selecting the optimal weapons, artifacts, and techniques to boost her DPS potential.

Ascension Cost (0 1)

The Ascension Cost 0 1 feature in the Genshin Impact Yanfei DPS Build Guide advises players on which weapons are most suited to their build. This cost refers to the resources necessary to raise a weapon to its highest level. To upgrade, the weapons displayed at Ascension Cost 0 need no special resources, however those at Cost 1 require a special substance called Mirite Ore.

There are two types of weaponry in Genshin Impact: those that cost nothing and those that cost anything. Weapons with a cost of 0 may be readily purchased and improved without the need for special resources such as Mirite Ore. However, these weapons may not have the best DPS output potential when compared to their counterparts that need resources such as Mirite Ore to attain their full potential. As a result, while selecting weapons for your build, you must consider both the Ascension Cost and the weapon’s stats in order to get the most out of your build.

Ascension Cost (1 2)

Ascension Cost is a mechanic in the Yanfei DPS Build Guide by Genshin Impact. Ascension comes at a cost, which includes improving your character with stronger weapons and artifacts.

The first and second Ascension Costs are the number of Character Experience Materials necessary to progress your character from LV.1 to LV.2 and then to LV.3. To ascend, players must have much more Character Experience Materials than the Ascension Cost 1 2. This indicates that the larger the character’s level, the more experience resources are required for ascension.

The last stage in climbing needs the expenditure of Mora as well as Character Experience Materials, depending on the level attained. The basic Mora cost stays constant at each level, however the experience material cost grows proportionately with the character’s level; this implies that stronger characters will need more materials and mora to climb than lesser characters, therefore prepare appropriately.

Ascension Cost (2 3)

In Genshin Impact, Ascension Cost 2•3 represents the amount of resources required to level up a character. Characters’ numbers, including basic attack and health, improve as they level up, and new abilities and passive effects become available. The cost of ascension 2•3 varies based on the character’s level and how many ascensions they have accomplished.

To achieve Ascension Levels 2 or 3, you normally need Character EXP, a Primogem money, and certain resources such as Treasure or Character ascension materials. After level 20, the challenge of gaining higher ascension levels increases significantly, making it tough for players who want to construct powerful DPS characters like Yanfei. Players should do study before spending money in leveling up their characters in Genshin Impact.

Ascension Cost (3 4)

Ascension Cost is a phrase used in Genshin Impact to refer to the cost of a character’s ascension, or leveling up. Yanfei’s Ascension Cost 3⭐️ 4⭐️ indicates that ascending Yanfei from her base level to her maximum ascension level will cost 3400 Primogems. The greater the ascension cost (3 star, 4 star), the more costly the character improvement. With each star grade, the investments required for each ascension level grow.

For a 3-star Yanfei construct, for example, her first ascension will cost 2700 Primogems and her second would cost 3400 Primogems. A 4-star Yanfei, on the other hand, will cost you 10500 Primogems for her first ascension and 12600 Primogems for her second. As a result, while assembling your squad, it is critical to carefully select which character you want to put your resources on.

Ascension Cost (4 5)

Ascension Cost 4 & 5 is a word used in the video game Genshin Impact. It refers to the quantity of Mora and other resources utilized to help your characters progress, such as character experience materials, relics, and books. Ascension Cost 4 will cost roughly 80000 Mora, while Ascension Cost 5 might cost up to 160000 Mora.

The resources needed are determined by the character being climbed and their level when ascended. Characters that achieve level 60 before ascending will need more ascension resources than those who level up later. Furthermore, depending on their rank, various artifacts have varied ascension prices. The more resources you need for ascension, the higher the level of the item needed. Before attempting an ascension, it is critical to organize ahead of time and ensure that you have sufficient resources.

Ascension Cost (5 6)

One of the most important aspects of developing a DPS build for Yanfei in Genshin Impact is Ascension Cost 5 ‶6. It refers to the increasing expense of rising a character’s weapons and artifacts at each level. When coupled with Yanfei’s elemental skill boosts, she can do a lot of damage.

Yanfei obtains enhanced damage and attack speed while utilizing her elemental talent at Ascension Level 5, as well as improved hit effectiveness and Crit Rate. She obtains extra Elemental Mastery and Attack bonuses, as well as greater burning duration from her fire-infused weapons, at Ascension Level 6.

Creating a DPS build around Yanfei may need a larger investment in Ascension Cost than most other characters do, but if done correctly, it may provide spectacular results in combat.

Yanfei: Talent Upgrade Materials

Yanfei is a five-star Pyro that can be found in Genshin Impact. Players may customize her to be a high DPS character by concentrating on the weapons and talent upgrade materials that best suit her playstyle. Talent Improve Materials are required to upgrade Yanfei’s abilities.

Examples of these include Weapon Ascension Materials, Character Ascension Materials, and Equipment Enhancement Ores. Weapon Ascension Materials are unique to each weapon type, but Character Ascension Materials are universal and may be used to raise any character’s level maximum. Equipment Enhancement Ores, also known as Statute of Grinding Stones, function similarly to the previous two categories of Materials but provide Yanfei with extra stats when improved.

Each Material has a rarity level that determines how much it increases her basic stats when used to boost her skills.

Yanfei: Blaze of Legal Brilliance: Lore & Ability Showcase

Yanfei is a character in Genshin Impact, a role-playing open-world adventure game. She is an Adeptus, one of the few humans who can wield the Archons’ power. As an adeptus, she has vastly superior legal knowledge and can wield power well beyond that of ordinary people. She has tremendous tactical thinking capacity and is an expert at attacking from a distance.

Her tremendous spells enable her to perform incredible feats such as directing lightning and summoning justice from above with her mighty polearm. Yanfei’s armament includes tremendous elemental bonus damage that can easily dispatch most mobs and monsters. She may be a valuable addition to any group or solo build with the appropriate team composition. She also forms an excellent DPS build when combined with some of Genshin Impact’s greatest weapons, such as the Skyward Spine Polearm or Unforged Crescent Pike, for even greater burst damage output.


The greatest weapons to utilize while playing Genshin Impact’s Yanfei with a high DPS build are the Favonius Sword, Weapon Prototype Rancour, Blackcliff Warbow, Mappa Mare, and Sacrificial Greatsword. With these weapons and abilities, this character may be a formidable DPS member of any group. Additionally, these weapons are readily obtained through completing Domain Challenges or purchased from in-game vendors.

It is also vital to remember that Yanfei is an excellent support as well as a DPS character. Make sure Yanfei has gear that will increase both her damage and healing output so she can fully shine in any battle.

Genshin Impact Yanfei DPS Build Guide: Best Weapons - Artifacts

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