Genshin Impact Sucrose Build Guide: The Best Weapons and Artifacts

Looking to build Sucrose for Genshin Impact? Check out our guide for the best weapons and artifacts to use for her!

Who Is Sucrose In Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, Sucrose is a 5-Star Cryo character. She is an alchemist who likes investigating Teyvat’s ruins and digging into the secrets left behind by bygone civilizations. Sucrose’s curious nature leads her to extensively analyze objects and relics in order to learn their mysteries. Her research often takes her down perilous paths, but she feels that knowledge is worth the risk. She will discover more about herself as her investigation leads her closer to solving the riddle of the world’s history.

Sucrose excels in employing Cryo strikes to freeze opponents before unleashing devastating skill combinations. She may also heal teammates with her Elemental Burst and manage crowds with her charged assaults. Sucrose, with the correct weapons and artifacts, may become a formidable force on your squad.

Best Sucrose Builds In Genshin Impact

Sucrose is a famous and strong character in Genshin Impact, noted for her tremendous elemental burst and crowd management. Her optimal build would include four-star weapons and artifacts that increase her elemental damage, crowd control skills, and overall output.

Sucrose’s potential should be maximized by improving her Attack Stat and purchasing items that increase Elemental Damage. Her optimum weapon is a Sword or a Catalyst, with artifacts focusing on Elemental Mastery and Attack numbers.

Sucrose’s greatest artifact set for boosting her stats even more is Gladiator’s Finale, which grants a 10% attack increase plus an extra 25% attack increase after using an elemental skill or burst. Bloodstained Chivalry, Crimson Witch of Flames/Flowers/Frost/Storms, and Tenacity of the Millelith sets are also suggested.

By putting together an effective Sucrose build, you may fully use her flexibility and damaging potential in Genshin Impact.

Best Weapons On Sucrose Swirl Sub-DPS Build

In Genshin Impact, the optimal weapons for Sucrose’s Swirl Sub-DPS build should concentrate on enhancing her Elemental Burst and Elemental Skill Damage. This build prioritizes firing several Elemental Bursts fast, hence weapons with larger Blast Damage increases are desired. The greatest alternatives, for example, are Favonius Warbow, Skyward Harp, and Sacrificial Bow. Sucrose’s Elemental Burst DMG will be considerably increased by using these weapons, as will her total damage output.

It’s also a good idea to combo any of these weapons with powerful Artifacts that boost her total damage output, such as Blizzard Strayer or Gladiators Finale. If you prefer a more supporting DPS, the Crimson Witch of Flames set is a fantastic choice since it increases Energy Recharge and offers an Attack Bonus while switching characters in battle. Whatever path you choose, make sure you have at least two alternatives for each weapon role (Physical DPS/Elemental Burst).

Whats The Best Team For Sucrose?

Sucrose is a fantastic character in Genshin Impact, and she is most effective when used with the right squad. You must have the correct people in your team to make the most of Sucrose’s Catalyst and her Geo-focused assaults.

Sucrose’s ideal party composition makes use of her Geo damage and crowd-control skills. It should contain two Geo characters who can be activated with Sucrose’s Elemental Skill or Burst to do extra damage. Furthermore, a Cryo character would complement her by providing extra crowd-control skills while keeping adversaries clustered together, enabling for more potent synergies. Consider include a Hydro character to improve the potency of her Normal and Charged Attacks, as well as a Pyro character to maximize your burst damage output while utilizing Elemental Skill or Burst.

Finally, for increased DPS output, Sucrose should be paired with weapons and artifacts that increase the strength of her strikes as well as her burst. This implies that weapon sets like Gladiator’s Finale or Berserker, as well as artifacts like Retracing Bolide, will assist improve both Geo/Cryo damage output and elemental responses.


Fischi is a fishing-themed area in Genshin Impact. Fischi, located on Dragonspine Mountain, is one of the few areas where players can consistently acquire Pine Wood, a material needed to create weapons and artifacts such as the Sucrose Build in Genshin Impact.

Aside from making resources, Fischi may be used as a diversion for players while they are farming or exploring Dragonspine.

Fishing in Fischi will be possible with either bait or trinkets found while exploring the Floating Island archipelago or via merchant purchases. In addition, players may employ various lures offered at Fischi to boost their chances of discovering rarer things such as Pine Wood and Anemo Slimes. As a result, regular trips to this fishing area may provide players with one of the essential elements for creating some of Genshin Impact’s greatest weapons/artifacts.


Xiangling is one of Genshin Impact’s Zhongli Constellations and is based on the Chinese mythological character Pengjiang Prince. The Xiangling build provides an aggressive strategy focusing on Pyro elemental assaults, with a formidable combination of attack speed and damage output.

One of the biggest benefits of this constellation is that her main weapon is an Assassin’s Pride, which grants tremendous attack speed boosts as well as energy recharge rate and Physical damage increases. To make the most of her skills, artifacts for this build should concentrate on enhancing Pyro damage and attack speed. Furthermore, since her abilities are mostly focused on single target damage, Genshin Impact players may equip artifacts that increase critical rate or critical hit damage for more consistent high-damage output. Xiangling users may become powerful opponents in combat with the proper setup.


Mona is a five-star character in Genshin Impact and the only playable character with hydro power. Her preferred weapon is a catalyst, which she wields with her left hand. Mona, as an Anemo user, would commonly employ whirling wind to confuse adversaries and fling them into each other or herself for more damage. Her standard attacks are missiles that cause damage to any adversary in their path.

When putting up Mona’s constellation construct, players should prioritize Hydro DMG%, Elemental Mastery, Energy Recharge%, and ATK%. This build works well with two four-star weapons that have Hydro DMG% primary stats, such as the Lost Prayer To The Sacred Winds and Favonius Warbow. In terms of artifacts, a nice combo to utilize with Mona is Instructor with Brave Heart, both of which offer bonus Hydro DMG%.


Ganyu is a 5-star character in the game Genshin Impact. She’s an archer that specializes in bow and cryo ice assaults. She uses her elemental talent, Cold-Forge Bow, to summon a bow and cause foes to freeze. Lavawalker’s Elemental Burst attaches Cryo tags on foes, doing damage over time. When she scores critical strikes or attacks with her bow, her passive abilities boost her stats.

There are two major Ganyu weapon choices for players to pick from: Skyward Harp and Deathmatch. Skyward Harp is a 4-star longbow that boosts Ganyu’s attack damage according on how much of her HP she is lacking. Deathmatch is a 5-star claymore that causes an electro-charged response when switching characters in combat and increases ATK dependent on the level of the character.

When hunting for the greatest artifacts for Ganyu, seek for things that enhance either CRIT or ATK, since both influence Ganyu’s elemental skill Damage Output and also give tremendous bonuses to other characters in your party that use bows or claymores. Gladiator’s Finale boosts Crit Rate by 18%, while Martial Artist raises ATK by 25%.

Sucrose: Ability Rundown

Sucrose is a prominent video game character from Genshin Impact. Her distinct playing style and ability have earned her a fan favorite. In this tutorial, we’ll look at Sucrose’s skills and talk about which weapons and artifacts might help us design the finest Sucrose build imaginable.

Sucrose’s major power is her Anemo-Infused Irregularity, which enables her to influence the wind pressure around her. This ability uses enormous gusts of wind to sweep foes away, putting them vulnerable to harm. Her second ability is The Sealed Maze, which produces a strong labyrinth that temporarily confines enemies. Finally, Sucrose has access to the Source of Support Wind Domain, a strong wind domain with healing qualities that may keep friends alive throughout combat engagements.

Overall, Sucrose is one of the most adaptable characters in Genshin Impact due to her unique blend of offensive and support skills. Because to her flexibility, she can be constructed into practically any form of team composition based on the weapons and artifacts she uses.

Basic Attack: Wind Spirit Creation

Wind Spirit Creation is a basic attack in Genshin Impact with an Ascension Cost of 0 ₁. Sucrose’s Charged Move gauge may be filled by performing this attack with either a sword or a polearm. It does area-of-effect damage, knocking back all foes in its path. This is a necessary talent for Sucrose’s Charged Attack gauge, on which she depends for her ultimate ability.

Wind Spirit Creation costs 30 Stamina and 15 Energy each use, making it the first reasonable Ascension Cost accessible to Genshin Impact players. Sucrose may also use it to take out weaker adversaries faster since it has a large AoE radius that hits numerous targets at once.

Astable Anemohypostasis Creation 6308: Elemental Skill

Elemental Talent, also known as Astable Anemohypostasis Creation 6308, is a special skill that may be utilized in Genshin Impact. Sucrose may use this talent to generate an elemental energy barrier that pushes foes back and makes them easier to strike. Before it can be used again, the barrier must cool down. The cost of the Elemental Skill rises with each ascension level, requiring players to spend more resources into their characters in order to access greater degrees of the ability.

When upgrading Sucrose, players should keep an eye on their budget so they don’t encounter “ascension cost shock” after spending too much on her talent tree.

Forbidden Creation Isomer 75 / Type II: Elemental Burst

Forbidden Creation Isomer 75/Type II: Elemental Burst, often known as AC2 3, is a type of ascension material used in Genshin Impact to upgrade weapons and artifacts. This substance can only be utilized for the Pump Tawhiri and cannot be used for any other weapon. It may be earned via opening chests, beating bosses, solving riddles, and other means.

Three Forbidden Creation Isomer 75/Type II: Elemental Bursts are required to raise Pump Tawhiri to the maximum level. The amount of these ascension materials required will vary depending on the rarity level of your weapon. For example, if your Pump Tawhiri is Epic-level, your ascension materials will need eighteen Forbidden Creation Isomers in total, six for each of the three levels.

Sucrose Passive Talents

The passive abilities of Sucrose may be found on Genshin Impact weapons and relics. You must equip the weapon or artifact with a 4-star Aralia Wood character to access these passives. Aralia Wood is a wood resource earned via in-game events, expeditions, and gacha pulls. When Sucrose equips these items, she gains tremendous passive powers that improve her combat skills.

Sucrose’s most well-known abilities include:

  • ATK Boost on Noelec Damage Hit
  • Elemental Skill CD Reduction on Normal/Charged Attack Hit
  • enhanced Elemental Mastery on every hit during Elemental Skills and Bursts.

Special effects include an extra jump while utilizing her elemental talent and enhanced endurance from charging strikes. Sucrose, with the right equipment and upgrades, has the potential to become one of the game’s most powerful characters.

Sucrose Constellations

Sucrose Constellations, also known as “stars” in Genshin Impact, are part of the game’s star leveling system and may be utilized to enhance weapons and artifacts. Depending on the kind of weapon or artifact being improved, these stars boost stats such as attack, elemental damage, and other qualities. Completing events, chests, abyssal zones, and other activities yields Sucrose Constellations.

Each star in Genshin Impact has a distinct hue, signifying one of the six elements: Anemo Wind, Geo Earth, Pyro Fire, Electro Lightning, Hydro Water, or Cryo Ice. Players should acquire stars of the same element as the object they desire to enhance for the greatest results when upgrading weapons or artifacts. With enough Sucrose Constellations, players may level up their weapons and artifacts, unlocking even more potent powers.

Sucroses Ascension: Stats And Material Costs

Sucrose’s Ascent, one of the greatest Genshin Impact builds for her, has very crucial stats and material prices for mastering the character. In Sucrose’s Ascent, you must equip your character with the appropriate weapons and artifacts to optimize their damage output and survivability.

When constructing Sucrose, it is critical to consider both her overall stats as well as the cost of crafting each weapon and artifact. Her primary stat is Anemo DMG Multiplier, which may be raised even more by equipping catalysts. Her greatest weapon in the slot is the Prototype Aminus Catalyst, which provides a decent blend of basic attack power and Anemo DMG Multiplier. Players must additionally equip a two-piece Anemo set of artifacts, such as Noblesse Oblige or Archaic Petra, to complete this construct.

Finally, Sucroses Ascension necessitates the use of resources such as Crystal Chunks or White Iron Chunks, which are required for her ascension materials in Genshin Impact. Overall, this build enables players to take use of Sucrose’s unique skill set while also giving adequate damage output and resilience to win any battle.

Sucrose: Talent Upgrade Materials

In Genshin Impact, Sucrose is an important Talent Upgrade Material. This substance is utilized to improve and level up characters, weapons, and artifacts. Sucrose may be discovered on the field in many sorts of activities, as well as gained by unlocking chests scattered about the map or by completing events/domains.

Once acquired, Sucrose may be utilized to improve any character’s skill level inside their current constellation. Each character has three constellations accessible, and each one takes a certain quantity of Sucrose to upgrade all five levels. Similarly, this substance may be used to level up artifacts and weapons. Each component will need more Sucrose based on its level and the effects it produces; enabling players to tailor their loadout properly.

In conclusion, a vital ingredient like Sucrose, if correctly controlled, should be useful for crafting the right build for each player’s distinct playstyle in Genshin Impact.

Sucrose: Harmless Sweetie: Lore & Ability Showcase

Sucrose is one of the playable characters in Genshin Impact, a famous video game. She has a distinct combination of traits and capabilities, as well as an intriguing narrative that explains where she originated from and how she wound herself in Liyue. She is an Alchemy Book of the Church of Favonius, and she uses her alchemical expertise to help residents in need.

Sucrose’s skills are centered on crowd management, with her strikes capable of hitting numerous adversaries at once from a safe distance. Her Elemental Skill generates a field of wind blades that harm foes it comes into contact with while also applying Cryo or Hydro effects depending on whether it strikes wet or dry surfaces;, and her burst may heal allies or debuff enemies within range. When combined with her other abilities, her talents give extra crowd control effects.

When crafting Sucrose, players should equip her with weapons and artifacts that specialize on either Cryo or Hydro damage; as well as things that enhance energy recharging so she may utilize more elemental bursts during battle.

Genshin Impact Sucrose Build Guide: Best Weapons - Artifacts

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