Genshin Impact Xingqiu Guide: All You Need to Know About

Looking for a Genshin Impact Xingqiu guide? In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this five-star character, including their strengths, weaknesses, and how to use them effectively in combat.

Genshin Impact Xingqiu Ascension And Talent Materials

The Genshin Effect Xingqiu is a five-star Hydro support Archer in the game Genshin Impact. He is a great musician from the nation of Liyue who is committed to the progress of his country. The five-star bow “Falling Star” is his weapon. Xingqiu can quickly dispatch opponents with cold precision with his bow and a variety of hydro-focused strikes.

To ascend Xingqiu in Genshin Impact, you must first gather the resources needed for the ascension quest, which is one of two methods to level up characters. You will require:

  • 6 volumes of Recollections obtained in boxes around Liyue
  • 4 Damaged Mask Pieces dropped by Hilichurls in Liyue
  • 9 pieces of Radiant Whorl created from 20 Cryo Samachurl guts and 3 Whopperflowers to go beyond level 90
  • 18 Muse Songbooks were discovered as prizes in co-op tasks
  • 50 Fading Star’s Might were manufactured from 140 Northlander Claymore Prototypes
  • You must also unlock Xingqiu’s True Talent by gathering Windwheel Charms from daily commissions; these enable you to awaken true talent points for higher stats.

Only once you’ve gathered all of the required items will you be able to advance your character.

Ascension Materials

Ascension Materials are required to level up a character in Genshin Impact. Ascension necessitates the use of resources that are unique to the character being ascended. These items may be earned by accomplishing certain missions or by discovering them in chests scattered around Teyvat. Spoiled Meat, Qinguan Charcoal, Fish Flour, Bird Feathers, Pinecones, and Cor Lapis, for example, are items required to climb Xiangling and may be obtained in a variety of ways.

There are additionally Talent Materials for Xiangling that improve and upgrade her abilities as an individual character in addition to these Ascension Materials. Books such as Primogems, Dragon Fangs, and Recruit’s Insignia may be bought from special merchants or obtained by completing combat tasks in-game. All of these goods will help you have a better time in Genshin Impact as Xiangling.

Talent Materials

In Genshin Impact, Talent Materials are goods that are necessary to level up your character’s Talents. Each character has four active talents that may be leveled up by donating Talent Materials and EXP. Talent materials are determined by the aspects of the characters you want to level up, as well as their relative levels. A Level 1 skill, for example, needs one material from its corresponding element, but a Level 10 talent requires ten materials from its corresponding element.

Here are some of the most prevalent Talent Materials in Genshin Impact:

  • Treasure Hoarders and Silent Librae are utilized to enhance Hydro and Anemo characters, respectively.
  • Cor Lapis Aero, Geoculus Geo, Divining Scroll Pyro, and Luxurious Chest Cryo are some of the other materials available.

All of these items may be obtained via exploring Teyvat or performing daily commissions for Liyue’s Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.

Best Genshin Impact Xingqiu Build

Xingqiu is a 5-star Hydro character in Genshin Impact that, when properly created, has the potential to be an immensely strong playing character owing to his unique playstyle. His basic technique is the Rain Cut, which hurts all opponents in a wide area and applies Hydro on them, enabling Xingqiu to rapidly and efficiently deal with adversaries and barriers. When executing the Rain Cut, Xingqiu may get extra perks such as improved movement speed and attack damage with the correct setup.

Xingqiu’s elemental talent also provides him access to Lifeblood Aura, which offers him additional health regeneration when in range of it. This effect may be boosted even further by goods and artifacts that boost his health regeneration rate even higher. Players should build around Xingqiu’s strong passive effects on top of Lifeblood Aura for optimum efficiency so that they may optimize their damage output without having to worry from running out of life too often.

Best Weapons

A good Genshin Impact Xingqiu build requires the correct weapons. Xingqiu is a Hydro character that excels at inflicting Water damage, therefore weapons that increase this element are ideal for him. A Claymore or Polearm is the ideal option for Xingqiu’s primary weapon, since both have powerful AoE attacks and come with Hydro damage boosts.

He may employ a Sword or a Bow laced with Hydro damage as his backup weapon. In addition to possessing the correct weapons, it’s critical to locate ones with hydro damage benefits, such as extra elemental mastery, a faster energy recharge rate when attacking foes with elemental abilities, or an increase in the length of his hydro attacks.

With the perfect mix of these weapons, your Xingqiu build may become one of the most powerful in Genshin Impact.

Best Artifacts

The Wanderer’s Troupe 4-piece set, the Pale Flame 4-piece set, and the Gladiator’s Finale 4-piece set are the greatest artifacts to use while leveling up with Xingqiu in Genshin Impact. These relics have strong stats, which improve Xingqiu’s power.

The Wanderer’s Troupe may be gained by collecting prize boxes scattered across Guan Yue Valley, while the other sets can be bought from different stores in Liyue Harbor or Mondstadt. It is vital to remember that obtaining a complete set as quickly as possible would offer Xingqiu a bonus stat of 20% attack power boost for each individual artifact piece. Additionally, strive for better 5-star relics so that Xingqiu may profit more readily from their additional stats.

Genshin Impact Xingqiu Guide: Ascension Materials - Weapons - Artifacts

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