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Unlocking Genshin Impact’s Xiao – Ascension Materials, Best Weapons & Art

Xiao is one of the most unique characters in Genshin Impact and unlocking him requires Impact Xinyan Ascension. In this blog, we’ll show you what the best weapons and ascended materials are for him, and how to use him effectively in combat.

Xiao Genshin Impact Age

How old is Xiao Genshin Impact? Xiao may seem young, but he’s actually over 2000 years old.

How Tall Is Xiao Genshin Impact?

Xiao from Genshin Impact is 5’2″ tall, or around 157 cm.

Genshin Impact Xiao Ascension Stats And Talent Materials

The Genshin Impact Xiao is a playable character in the video game Genshin Impact. As an Anemo user carrying a cutlass, Xiao has a distinct set of talents and powers that may be employed to aid the player’s progress through the game. Players must acquire Ascension Materials, Talent Materials, and Best Weapons in order to unleash these strong powers. Read on to learn more about Xiao level up materials in Genshin Impact.

  • Ascension Materials are needed to advance Xiao’s level, whilst Talent Materials are necessary to access new Talents, and Best Weapons give benefits when worn.
  • Ascension materials may be obtained through performing quests, using chests/plants, or trading with other players.
  • Talent Materials may be gained via solving puzzles/mazes, challenges, and defeating adversaries.
  • Best Weapons may be obtained as boss rewards or bought from merchants using in-game cash.

Collecting all of the required elements will assist you in achieving your objective of unleashing the full might of Xiao.

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Xiao Build Genshin Impact Ascension Materials

Ascension Materials are required to raise Xiao’s level maximum in Genshin Impact, a playable character. These resources may be gained via beating monsters, participating in events, and finishing weapons and artifacts. Hero’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and Crystalline Bloom are the most frequent Ascension Materials.

  • Hero’s Wit is often obtained by killing elite monsters or bosses in the gaming environment.
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore is earned mostly via game events.
  • Crystalline Bloom is obtained through finishing weapons and artifacts.

When farming, prioritize these resources above other prizes to maximize Xiao’s level maximum. Furthermore, unique resources will be required to proceed farther in order to continue unlocking Xiao’s ultimate moveset at various ascension levels.

Xiao Talent Materials

Talent Materials are required to raise Mona’s ascension level, and her power develops exponentially with each ascension. Crystal Chunks, Stardust, Mist Veils, and Fragile Bone Shards are among the materials used. Some of them may be obtained by redeeming Gacha Vouchers or by paying a hefty price at the Souvenir Shop.

But it’s also useful to know the Xiao talent priority. If you want to quickly unlock Xiao or increase Mona’s power level, you’ll need to farm for these materials by:

  • Completing weekly domains and domains in Dragonspine
  • Defeating bosses such as Anemoculus/Geoculus
  • Completing city/country reputations
  • Buying from gamepass rewards
  • Participating in event dialogs

All of them will help you obtain enough Talent Materials to fast climb Mona.

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Best Genshin Impact Xiao Build

The Genshin Impact Xiao build is a popular option among players and is often regarded as one of the greatest characters. Xiao is a Cryo Polearm user with five stars who specializes in Claymore-style weapons. His elemental power is named “Lemniscatic Wind Cycling,” and it produces a gust of wind that causes damage to adjacent enemies while also slowly replenishing his health.

As a side note, if you want to level up Xiao even further, you will need to read the Xiao talent books for the best Genshin Xiao build.

Ascensions grant better abilities, Ability Strengths, and even new Elemental Skill benefits to Xiao. To progress Xiao’s character, you must acquire enough of the five resources required for advancement; Anemo Wisps, Whopperflower Nectar, Cryo Jade Dusts, Ancient Carving, and Slime Condensates.

Finally, putting together the greatest Genshin Impact Xiao build necessitates locating the appropriate weapons and artifacts. The Skyward Spine Claymore for normal attacks and the Dragonspine Spear for charged strikes are presently the finest weapons for this character. Depending on how you wish to play him, artifacts should concentrate on improving Physical Damage% or Attack bonuses.

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Xiao Build Genshin Best Weapons

In Genshin Impact, you may discover Xiao as one of the four-star characters. He is a strong Anemo archon who possesses wind power. Xiao may be employed as a damage dealer and is quite adaptable, enabling players to customize him in a variety of ways. The greatest weapons are vital when it comes to creating Xiao since they will assist make your character even more strong.

Skyward Spine is the most preferred weapon for Xiao. This five-star sword has exceptional basic stats and a fantastic passive ability that boosts attack by up to 24% depending on the character’s health level. It’s one of the most effective weapons for improving his total damage output, enabling him to easily deal large quantities of damage to adversaries.

Other weapons to consider are the Crescent Pike and the Favonius Sword for enhanced mobility and crowd control, respectively. Finally, while employing Elemental bursts, use artifacts like as Bloodstained Chivalry for additional damage against foes with low HP or Gladiator’s Finale for bonus attack.

Best Artifacts

Choosing the appropriate Artifacts for Genshin Impact Xinyan is critical if she is to realize her full potential. Xinyan is a 4-star Pyro character that may be obtained via Wishes. She has a built-in Pyro damage enhancement and may be upgraded to do even more damage.

Sets like the Crimson Witch of Flames or Gladiator’s Finale are ideal for this build since they give extra Pyro damage or attack bonuses depending on which set you select. It’s also critical to equip her with relics that boost her ATK and CRIT DMG numbers.

To improve Xinyan’s damage output, equip artifacts like as the Berserker, Occultist, or Wanderer sets, which provide ATK boosts and bonus CRIT DMG stats.

Genshin Impact Xiao Guide: Ascension Materials - Best Weapons - Artifacts

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