The Ultimate Xiangling Guide for Genshin Impact: Ascension Materials, Weapons,

Get the most out of Xiangling in Genshin Impact with this guide on her best weapons, ascension materials, and more.

Genshin Impact Xiangling Ascension And Talent Materials

The Genshin Effect – The popular Genshin Impact game’s Xiangling Ascension and Talent Materials guide. Players will learn about the ascension and talent resources required to ascend Xiangling in Genshin Impact in this tutorial.

Players will also learn about the several weapons accessible to her character, as well as how to utilize them successfully. They will also learn how to maximize their play style by using Xiangling’s unique skills and abilities.

This guide is intended for anyone looking for information on what resources are required for her ascension, as well as tips and methods for maximizing her skill set.

Ascension Materials

Ascension Materials Impact Yun Jin is used to help a character ascend in Genshin Impact. To reach the maximum level, a character must have the necessary ascension materials. These materials vary depending on the character and can be obtained by completing dungeons, missions or as rewards from events. Some characters may also benefit from these materials by increasing their health, attack damage, and other attributes.

For Qiqi, the most prevalent ascension materials are:

  • Prithvi Topaz Slime Condensate
  • Forsaken Rift Dust
  • Witch’s Enduring Elixir
  • Chaos Device Core
  • Scarlet Quartz Chunk

These goods may be gained by fulfilling specified tasks such as fighting monsters or collecting materials across Teyvat’s realm.

Talent Materials

In Genshin Impact, Talent Materials are utilized to advance characters. These elements are required for each character’s strong skills to be unlocked and their strength to be increased.

The Talent Materials necessary for Qiqi’s ascension are obtained from monsters located in Dragonspine and Liyue. Coral Sea’s Breeze and Whopperflower Nectar are two examples that may be obtained by slaying Monsters in the region. Other Talent Materials, such as Feathers, Scarlet Quartz, and Great Frozen Shark Tooth, may also be farmed throughout Teyvat, which is necessary if she wants to enhance her skills to the greatest degree.

Best Genshin Impact Xiangling Build

Xiangling Xiangling is a fantastic Pyro character in Genshin Impact and one of the greatest to employ in the game. Her kit centers on Pyro attacks and her Field Talent, which may be enhanced by equipping her with the appropriate gear. To maximize her potential, she needs to be equipped with the right weapons and artifacts, so let’s take a look at what those are for Genshin Impact Yun.

With a supporting artifact set consisting of Brave Heart, Viridescent Hunt, and Gladiator’s Finale, Xiangling’s attack power will be greatly improved, as will her AoE damage and elemental mastery. When it comes to weaponry, Iron Sting will provide her with a massive damage boost as well as elemental mastery benefits. Consider utilizing Dragonspine Spear or Skyward Spines for extra burst damage, since both have tremendous passive abilities that make Xiangling very lethal.

Best Weapons

In Genshin Impact, the greatest weapons for Xiangling, the Pyronado Adeptus archon, differ according on the player’s playstyle and preferences. The best weapons for her are those that boost her elemental mastery and crit rate stats.

  • The Flute boosts Crit Rate and Elemental Mastery
  • Favonius Warbow boosts Attack and Elemental Damage of all party members while switching characters in battle
  • Blackcliff Warbow boosts Physical Damage Bonus and Energy Recharge
  • Wolf’s Gravestone boosts Crit Damage

All of these weapons will offer Xiangling an advantage when it comes to doing massive amounts of damage. Additionally, to optimize their DPS output with Xiangling, players need employ particular artifacts and abilities.

Best Artifacts

Artifacts are necessary components of any Genshin Impact Xiangling build since they may give her with tremendous boosts and stat bonuses. Instructor, Tales of EBrestora, and Berserker are the greatest artifacts for Xiangling.

  • Instructor will boost Xiangling’s Normal Attack damage, which is an excellent method to boost her total damage output.
  • Tales of EBrestora will also boost Normal Attack damage and offer an attack speed benefit, both of which will assist Xiangling’s burst damage potential.
  • Berserker will boost Xiangling’s attack power by 15% for the next 8 seconds after she utilizes her Elemental Skill or Burst.

This is by far the finest genshin impact yun jin ascension artifact set for maximizing your DPS with Xiao, since the perks it grants are all quite effective and will considerably increase her total damage output.

Genshin Impact Xiangling Guide: Ascension Materials - Weapons - Artifacts

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