Genshin Impact Mona Guide: Unlocking the Best Ascension Materials, Weapons

Mona is a five-star bow character in Genshin Impact. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock Mona’s best ascension materials, weapons, and more.

Genshin Impact Mona Ascension And Talent Materials

You will need a variety of items to climb Genshin Impact’s Mona. Mona, like all other characters and weapons, will need a combination of Talent Materials in addition to her Ascension Material to reach her full potential.

Crystal Chunks, Whopperflowers, White Iron Chunks, and Shimmer Stones are Mona’s Ascension Materials. Magic Crystal Chunks, Moonlight Flowers, Fragile Bone Shards, Divining Scrolls, and Recruit’s Insignia are her Talent Materials. Each element is required to unleash Mona’s complete range of abilities.

Crystal Chunks may be discovered in conventional chests during missions, or they can be gained by fighting monsters or fulfilling daily commission jobs like transporting products around the area. Whopperflowers are most typically found along cliffs, whilst White Iron Chunks are generally found under the surface in caverns. Shimmer Stones have the lowest drop rate of the four Ascension Materials and can only be acquired from Katheryne, an NPC merchant in Liyue who offers both ShimmerStone Shards and Amber chunks as well as smaller pieces that must be combined to produce bigger chunks for Mona’s ascension.

Ascension Materials

In Genshin Impact, Ascension Materials are required to advance your characters. To optimize your character’s development, you must learn how and where to get these elements.

The resources needed to climb each character will differ, with some needing rarer artifacts like Grids, Adepti Seals, Abstruse Components, and Shimmering Sands. Each of these objects may be discovered across the Genshin Impact environment.

Gathering the resources required to Ascend a character in Genshin Impact Xinyan The Impact Xinyan Ascension is critical to their development since it raises their stats and enables them to access strong weapons and unique abilities. Fortunately, the majority of these resources may be earned through the Impact Xinyan Ascension.

  • Adventure advancement
  • Loot from vanquished opponents

Talent Materials

One of the most significant resources for unlocking characters’ skills is talent materials. These elements are required for any character’s ultimate ascension and may be obtained from a number of sources. Talents may be unlocked in a number of methods, including boss drops, furnishing material boxes, and events.

Qiqi has two methods for increasing talent levels: regular talents and constellations. The materials required for these two processes vary, but some are similar to both; these materials are known as Talent Materials. Wasted Sword Pieces, Divining Scroll Pieces, Philosophies Fragments, and Mage’s Notes Pieces are some examples of Talent Materials necessary to access QQi’s skills. There is also a different set of materials needed to unlock constellation levels; these are Constellation Scrolls and Shimmering Star Conches.

Unlocking the greatest ascension material is critical to maximizing Qiqi’s potential in Genshin Impact.

Best Genshin Impact Mona Build

Mona is a strong five-star character in Genshin Impact, with excellent elemental damage, crowd management, and support skills. Mona’s preferred weapon is the catalyst She may raise her weapon to Max Level Baal via numerous ascension phases, unlocking greater power and stats. Unlocking the correct materials to enhance her weaponry, on the other hand, is critical to constructing the ultimate Mona build at Max Level Baal.

After achieving level 60 in Genshin Impact After genshin impact xinyan ascension and completely ascending Mona’s catalytic weapon, it’s time to maximize her stat bonuses and employ equipment that will enable her to reach her full potential. It is recommended that, as a Hydro user, you focus on increasing Mona’s ATK stat. as much as possible using artifact sets such as Hale Vapor Rumination or Gladiator Sets for improved crit rate and crit damage for better DPS output.

Consider utilizing Spiral Abyss Floor 6/7 prizes like as Viridescent Venerer or Noble Presage rings for increased ATK/Elemental Mastery stats, which may help enhance your DPS statistics while using Mona as your primary damage dealer in combat.

Best Weapons

When it comes to Xiangling, the Skyward Spine and Favonius Sword are the ideal weapons to use. Both of these weapons improve Xiangling’s elemental damage, enabling her to do devastating Pyro and Hydro damage. Furthermore, both of these weapons provide Elemental Mastery benefits, which boost the efficiency of her Elemental Skills and Bursts.

Other excellent weapons for Xiangling are the Sacrificial Greatsword and Aquila Favonia, both of which provide attack bonuses that allow her to hit harder with each stroke. Finally, the Prototype Grudge is an excellent choice because to its ATK boost, which increases the strength of her standard strikes. It’s simple to unlock the finest Genshin Impact Xiangling build with the correct weapon equipped.

Best Artifacts

In Genshin Impact, artifacts are one of the most significant aspects of your build since they supply the bulk of your character’s stats. These items provide a variety of benefits, ranging from increased elemental damage to flat attack bonuses. Because each character has access to various artifacts, determining which ones are appropriate for your Mona build may be challenging.

When creating an optimized Xiao build for Genshin Impact, you should choose artifacts that boost physical damage and attack bonus. The Gladiator’s Finale and Berserker components will give the most substantial increases for Mona in order to raise Xiao’s basic attack stat. When combined with their respective 4%* stats, these items will additionally offer improvements to element damage, which is very handy if you perform elemental combos, as well as buff duration benefits. This build’s best weapon is a 4%* Skyrider Sword or a 5%* Favonius Sword with physical damage boost substats.

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