Genshin Impact: Heron’s Invitation Guide – Unlock Free Primog

Looking to get Heron’s Invitation in Genshin Impact? Here’s a guide on how to unlock the free primogem from playing the game.


Genshin Impact: Heron’s Invitation is a thrilling new installment in the well-known Genshin Impact series. Players may go on an exciting new journey by following Heron, a mystery character, to obtain great prizes. The quest’s primary goal is to acquire four ancient relics spread around Teyvat – Genshin Impact’s planet.

Players will be able to acquire a powerful Primogem after collecting all of the artifacts, which not only increases their character attributes but also allows them access to special goods and resources. This article will teach you how to get free Primogems in Genshin Impact: Heron’s Invitation and how to maximize your benefits.

What is Heron’s Invitation?

In Genshin Impact, Heron’s Invitation is a mission that players may complete to obtain prizes such as Primogems. Heron, an NPC in the game, issues the quest, inviting players to explore a strange region in search of a hidden mystery.

To accomplish the mission, players must:

  • Find four separate markers scattered over the area.
  • Utilize them to reveal the secret.

They will be awarded with 80 Primogems after discovering the secret.

Heron’s Offer is an optional quest that is replayed every seven days, providing players with another opportunity to acquire more prizes if they accept Heron’s invitation.

How to Get Heron’s Invitation

Heron’s Invitation is a collectible item in the popular Genshin Impact game that may be used to get free Primogems, the premium in-game money. It is discovered through completing daily objectives and events that are issued on a regular basis.

To get the invitation, you must complete a sequence of Adventure Rank (AR) tasks and earn enough prizes from events or Complete Challenges accessible on the Adventurer’s Official Website.

Daily Missions are the most popular means to acquire Heron’s Invitation. Adventures may accomplish a certain amount of daily missions for prizes such as Primogems, among other things. Furthermore, players should keep an eye out for unique Event Quests that give Heron’s Invitation as a prize for fulfilling specific targets along the way. Bonus awards may also be gained by completing all Event Quests during their respective Events, such as the Lucky Dog and Unreconciled Stars Events.

Create a Genshin Impact Account

For full access to the game, you must first create a Genshin Impact account. To establish an account, players must be at least 16 years old and have a valid email address.

Players may use the in-game money, Primogems, to buy wonderful prizes and products from the shop after making an account. As part of Heron’s Invitation Welcome Pack, new players will get free Primogems, which can be used to obtain Hu Tao Ascendance or Talent Materials.

Those who want to play Genshin Impact with their friends may use the “Friends” button on the main menu to connect and share characters with others via their linked accounts. With this new feature, gamers will have more choices when it comes to assembling their ideal adventure squad of real-life pals.

Participate in Events

One of the greatest methods to get Hu Tao Ascension and Talent materials is to attend events. Events are timed activities that provide prizes for accomplishing certain tasks or participating in a game mode. For example, Genshin Impact’s Lantern Rite event awards wood, ore, fabric, and other commodities in exchange for playing mini-games like Roll the Dice and Catch the Rose.

These occurrences’ rewards might vary from artifacts to Primogems. You may also earn extra prizes by completing daily and weekly objectives. Furthermore, unique seasonal events are often held, offering uncommon things that you may not typically be able to purchase readily or cheaply. Participating in these events may be a novel approach to get Hu Tao Ascension and Talent Materials fast and cheaply.

Use Social Media

Using social networking is one of the stages to getting the free Primog in Genshin Impact. To take advantage of this, players must tweet a screenshot of the Heron’s Invitation, which can be seen in-game. This tweet must contain the Ventis Constellations event hashtag, which is currently #GenshinImpactVenti. The tweet must then be sent and await permission from the game creators at miHoYo.

Once accepted, gamers will be given a unique code to utilize on their Genshin Impact account. This code will get users a free Primog, which they may use as an extra character/avatar in their gaming session.

Participate in Giveaways

Participating in giveaways is a terrific way to play to Ventis’ strengths while also obtaining free Primogems. Every week, Genshin Impact holds freebies that are available to all players. These offers are often in the form of promotional codes that may be redeemed for prizes like Primogems or Wishes. To claim the benefits, the code must be input inside the game.

You may also take part in community-based prizes offered by different social media players and content providers. These codes may also be used to gain free Primogems, so look for them while you’re on social media.

In addition, Genshin Impact provides daily login incentives that allow users to get their hands on some delectable gifts like as Primogems. So be sure to check in often and take advantage of these perks:

  • Promotional codes that may be redeemed for prizes like Primogems or Wishes.
  • Community-based prizes offered by different social media players and content providers.
  • Daily login incentives that allow users to get their hands on some delectable gifts like as Primogems.

How to Redeem Heron’s Invitation

Heron’s Invitation by Genshin Impact enables gamers to receive unique goodies in return for Heron’s Invitation codes. These tickets are distributed via Genshin Impact’s social media pages and, when redeemed, may award players goodies such as free Primogems.

The procedure for redeeming these invites is simple. To begin, launch the Genshin Impact game client and go to the Mailbox “option from the game’s menu. You may input your invitation code here and then click Redeem “to get your prize. Once redeemed, you will get your Primogems through an in-game mail message. The invitation codes are neither reusable or transferable to other participants.

Redeeming Heron’s Invitations is a wonderful method for players to earn extra incentives for playing Genshin Impact, and it’s a popular way for players to remain connected with the game.

Log in to Genshin Impact

To overcome the electrical barrier in Genshin Impact and get the free Primog, users must first log into the game. This may be accomplished simply starting the game on a PC or mobile device.

After logging in, users will be shown a map of Genshin Impact’s universe and must find a Heron near an electrical barrier. When players discover the Heron, they should talk with it to begin the “Heron’s Invitation” questline.

During this questline, players will be expected to gather four pieces of evidence that will assist them in unlocking the electrical barrier and gaining entrance to a hidden region with great goodies, including a free Primog.

Completing this questline is critical for breaking past the electrical barriers located throughout Genshin Impact, so log in, locate the Heron, and follow its instructions.

Go to the Rewards page

To get the secret Heron’s Invitation Primogem award in Genshin Impact, go to the game’s Rewards website. You may select a range of gifts to redeem with your Primogems here. Look for the reward “Heron’s Invitation Unlock Free Primogems” and click it. When you redeem this gift, you will earn free Primogems that can be used to unlock new characters, purchase strong armor or weapons from merchants, and purchase new seasonal goods from special events.

You may also utilize these Primogems on their current event-exclusive Jean Builds, which are only available for a short period. So take advantage of these free prizes immediately and start building an unrivaled Jean collection in Genshin Impact.

Enter the code

You must input a secret code from Heron’s Invitation to climb Genshin Impact’s Ayato and acquire his free Primogem talent materials. The official Genshin Impact newsletter contains this code. Once you have the code, follow the steps below to put it to use:

  1. Launch Genshin Impact on your PC, mobile device, or PlayStation 4.
  2. Select “Promo Code” on the right side of the screen from the main menu.
  3. Enter your coupon code here and click “Confirm” to get your perks.

Your prizes will differ depending on the platform you play on. PC users will get Free Primogems, PS4 players will receive redeemable tickets for a special weapon skin, and mobile players will receive an exclusive item bundle. Make sure to use this code before it expires, or it will no longer be valid.

Claim your rewards

Players in Genshin Impact: Heron’s Invitation Guide – Unlock Free Primog may Claim prizes after raising their character Ayato to the maximum Rank level of 90. The growth of Talents and Talent Materials is one of the rewards. Talent Materials are very significant since they play a crucial role in improving your Talents, which improves your character’s overall performance and strength.

Collect Your Awards is a quest that players may complete to claim their rewards “. This task may be found in the Quests section “menu. Completing this assignment will give the player access to their prized reward materials, which will let them increase their characters’ abilities and powers. After claiming their awards, players may begin gathering the required Talent Materials from quests, chests, or events to begin improving their skills.


The Heron’s Invitation quest in Genshin Impact is a wonderful method to earn free Primogems. To begin the quest, players must accept Heron’s offer to Mondstadt’s Starglow Cavern. Following that, they must complete a number of tasks such as:

  • Discovering three heron statues
  • Getting unique materials from enemies
  • Triggering an old mechanism

Finally, they will get 30 Primogems and 5 Anemoculus Resonance Stones as a prize.

Overall, completing the Heron’s Invitation quest is quite simple, although it might take some time. The benefits, however, are definitely worth it, as players will get free Primogems that can be used to buy Wishes or rare resources from Paimon’s Bargains. So, if you haven’t finished this quest yet, make the most of this fantastic chance.

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