Genshin Impact: A Marionette Core Guide – How To Get Yours

Looking for a guide on how to get the Marionette Core in Genshin Impact? Check out this post for everything you need to know!

All about Marionette Core in Genshin Impact

The “Marionette Core” is a significant item in Genshin Impact since it has the ability to resurrect the remnants of ancient sculptures. It may be utilized to resurrect the long-dormant Anemo Statue, Geo Statue, and Cryo Statue. The Marionette Core may also be utilized to create the strong Elemental Skilldamage Blaster, or ESDB.

A specific adversary known as an A-rank Ruin Grader must be defeated in order to get the Marionette Core. These creatures appear at random in ruins surrounding Teyvat, and they are only visible if you are nearby. If you defeat this monster, it will drop numerous goodies, including Gacha items and a Marionette Core.

Aside from obtaining the Marionette Core from A-rank Ruin Graders, you may also get them through completing specific tasks in the game that give out goodies like as equipment or weapons with a possibility of handing out the Marionette Core instead. This makes obtaining one much simpler. You may use your Marionette Core on any statue after you’ve obtained it.

How to Acquire It

In Genshin Impact, Kokomi is a five-star Marionette Core character. It can only be gained via the game’s banners, thus you won’t be able to get it by just playing the game.

The best method to get Kokomi is to complete Wish events, also known as Gacha’s. During these events, you’ll be able to choose from a pool of characters equipped with unique weapons and other special equipment. You may also invest real money to purchase premium wish currency or materials known as sigils for further drawing tries, or you can discount your drawings to save money.

Another method to get Kokomi is via the In-Game Shop, where players can buy reduced special deals on select limited-time banners including Kokomi. To increase your chances of catching Kokomi, keep an eye out for deals and discounts.

Genshin Impact Marionette Core Guide: How To Get

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