Genshin Impact: Crafting the Perfect Razor Build with the Best Weapons and Art

Want to craft the perfect Razor build in Genshin Impact? Check out this guide for the best weapons and Artifacts to use for a top-tier build.

Best Build for Razor in Genshin Impact

Razor is a well-known character in Genshin Impact. He is a loyal and fierce five-star F2P character. Razor, armed with a claymore with Electro vision, provides some of the most intriguing offensive skills to adventurers in Genshin Impact.

With the help of this guide, players may create the ideal Razor build with the strongest weapons and artifacts available. They should prioritize weapons that boost Razor’s damage output, such as The Lion’s Roar or The Flute. They should also use artifacts that increase Electro Damage, such as Gladiator’s Finale or Thundering Fury. Additionally, combining items that improve Elemental Mastery with ones that grant Energy Recharge might help Razor’s performance even more.

Finally, if players want to make sure Razor does the greatest damage possible, they should activate his Elemental Skill throughout engagements for enhanced damage output and additional utility from his Passive Talent Stormcharger“.


Artifacts are a form of equipment in Genshin Impact that provides players with additional attributes such as Attack and Defense. Artifacts are classified into five rarity levels: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary.

Every Artifact has two major and three secondary stats, as well as one or more special effects known as Talent/Passive Effects.

The player may also use Realm Currency to improve the performance of their character in combat by upgrading their Artifacts. Realm Currency is gained through completing Expeditions or buying products from Vending Machines situated around the world. Upgrading Artifacts costs more Realm Currency than purchasing them outright; yet it is worthwhile to spend resources in upgrading artifacts since doing so lets players to get extra attributes and perks not accessible with conventional artifacts.


Weapons are an important part of every Genshin Impact build. When deciding on the appropriate weapon for your build, there are many aspects to consider.

  • The element of the weapon is the most crucial consideration, since various weapons have distinct elemental synergies.
  • Furthermore, each weapon type has its own set of bonuses and attributes that may be used to maximize your build. Claymores, for example, offer an excellent combination of damage output and durability, while bows may cause tremendous quantities of single-target damage.
  • Finally, there are special weapons known as “Razors,” which give unique passive effects that may dramatically increase the power of your group if used correctly.

Consider all of these criteria while selecting the proper weapon for your Razor setup.

Genshin Impact Razor Build: Best Weapons And Artifacts

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