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Unlock Ningguang’s DPS Potential with Genshin Impact’s Best Build Guide

Looking to unlock Ningguang’s full DPS potential in Genshin Impact? Check out our best build guide to get her started!

Best Ningguang Build in Genshin Impact

Ningguang is a playable character in Genshin Impact who is recognized for her ability to build protective barriers, utilize claymores effectively, and deliver Geo damage. When it comes to enhancing her DPS potential, the optimal Ningguang build is the way to go. This setup allows players to optimize her damage output by selecting and equipping the proper weapons and artifacts.

A decent Ningguang build will contain a strong weapon like the Prototype Animus, which raises DMG dealt by 15%25, a noble persistence artifact set that improves ATK SPD by 8–16%, utilizing four artifacts, and the Gladiator’s Finale artifact set, which increases ATK by 18%. All of these items work together to increase Ningguang’s damage output while also enhancing her survivability thanks to the substantial shields. When employing this build, the help of other characters gives an added layer of strength.


Artifacts are curious gadgets discovered throughout Genshin Impact’s universe. They are often enigmatic and unknown things with unique features. They may grant varied benefits when triggered, depending on the sort of artifact. They are available in a range of forms and sizes, such as stars, shrines, cubes, and stones.

Investigating an artifact requires first identifying it in the environment and then activating it with the appropriate combination of actions or materials. Climbing atop certain constructions or destroying specific blocks or foes to activate them are examples of these activities. Unlocking an artifact might result in a rare item drop or bonus experience points for your party members. Some artifacts even grant unique permanent enhancements to your character’s attributes, allowing you to reach your DPS targets quicker.


Baal, a 5-star claymore, is one of the finest weapons in Genshin Impact. This weapon may be discovered in the game’s loot boxes, although it is an uncommon weapon that is difficult to get. Baal is one of the greatest claymores for DPS builds and is utilized as a main weapon by many players.

It has excellent basic stats as well as an exceptional passive talent that temporarily improves elemental damage after using Elemental Burst. It also has the additional benefit of being able to be further modified with custom manufactured weapons and artifacts to improve damage output even more. All of these factors combine to make Baal one of the most popular weapons used by gamers today.

Genshin Impact Best Ningguang DPS Build Guide: Weapons - Artifacts

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