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Genshin Impact Maguu Kenki Boss Guide: Learn the Attacks, Strategy

Looking for a Genshin Impact Maguu Kenki Boss Guide? In this post, we’ll go over the boss’ attacks and strategy, and give you some tips on how to take him down.

All you need to need to know about Maguu Kenki in Genshin Impact

Maguu Kenki is a prominent boss in Genshin Impact, with a formidable and diverse arsenal of attacks and techniques. This monster is found in the city of Mondstadt and is a formidable Wyrm that can do significant damage to players. Maguu Kenki may be difficult to fight, thus it’s critical to study and prepare for this monster before confronting it.

Maguu Kenki possesses a variety of attacks, including an area-of-effect assault that covers a broad area around them and an eye laser beam that delivers significant physical damage. Maguu Kenki possesses a charge attack in which they crash into players, causing massive physical damage. Other skills include a whirling assault in which the beast rotates its body around for several strikes and fireballs that launch from the beast’s mouth in many directions.

It is critical for players to avoid Maguu Kenki’s close-range assaults while also using ranged weapons to remain a safe distance from it while doing damage. It may also be beneficial to form teams of characters that specialize in crowd control abilities such as freezing or stunning foes to make battling this battle easier.


Maguu Kenki Boss battles in Genshin Impact may be very lucrative, with players having the opportunity to get Marionette Cores. These Cores will assist you in unlocking higher levels for your five-star weapons, granting them additional stat boosts.

Each Maguu Kenki battle may yield up to two Marionette Core drops. The first is assured, whereas the second is purely random. It is possible to obtain duplicate cores, which means that if you receive the same core twice, you will only be able to unlock its level once.

The Marionette Core drop rate is determined on the kind of Maguu Kenki and their element. Every element is connected with two distinct cores, which always drop from those exact foes regardless of difficulty level or tier. So, when you’re facing a Maguu Kenki monster that meets your requirements, make sure you know what core you’re shooting for:

  • Element 1 – Core A
  • Element 2 – Core B

Attack Patterns and Strategies

Understanding Kujou Sara’s assault patterns and methods is critical while confronting her. When facing off against the Maguu Kenki boss in Genshin Impact, players should pay close attention to her attack patterns and techniques. She possesses a variety of strikes, including mid-air energy balls and a devastating spin move. She also has two artifacts that may call more opponents, giving gamers even more to worry about in addition to the Maguu Kenki final battle.

Kujou Sara, in addition to a broad range of strikes, possesses strong defensive techniques such as an elemental shield that can deflect attacks and defend against harm. To combat this strong opponent efficiently, you must be aware of Kujou Sara’s attack patterns and adjust your own assaults appropriately. It is recommended that you use both short- and long-range weaponry, as well as stay as far away from Kujou Sara as feasible. When battling the Maguu Kenki boss in Genshin Impact, knowing when to avoid or remain near might be useful.

Genshin Impact Maguu Kenki Boss Guide: Attacks - Strategy - Rewards

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