A Genshin Impact Guide: How To Break Electro Barriers

If you’re looking for a guide on how to break electro barriers in Genshin Impact, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know to get past these pesky obstacles.


MiHoYo created and released Genshin Impact, an action role-playing game. It takes set in Teyvat, a large region inhabited by seven countries and six elements: Anemo, Geo, Electro, Pyro, Hydro, and Cryo. Players take on the role of The Traveler, a strong entity from another planet. It is the player’s responsibility to explore this beautiful realm and bring peace to the tumultuous region.

The Electro Barrier is one of several hurdles that players will face on their journey in Genshin Impact. These impediments must be removed in order for players to proceed in Genshin Impact. We’ll show you how to breach Electro Barriers so you may continue your journey in Teyvat:

Overview of Electro Barriers

Electro Barriers are a prevalent elemental barrier in Genshin Impact, and they may be found obstructing roads everywhere around Teyvat. These barriers are usually in the shape of a static electricity wall that shocks any character that comes into touch with it. Fortunately, there are a select characters in Genshin Impact, particularly Venti, who have a natural edge over these Electro Barriers.

Venti is an Anemo element figure who is also known as an air arrow “because of his capacity to discharge arrows that fly following gusts of wind“. Venti may therefore utilize his Wind-based attacks to bypass Electro barriers without incurring damage. His Bow also causes Anemo Elemental damage, which boosts Venti’s resistance to Electro Barriers. Finally, Bane Of Storms is Venti’s Elemental Skill – “It causes huge Anemo damage, making it an excellent option for swiftly removing electrical barriers. So, if you want to easily break past electrical boundaries, bring Venti with you.

How to Break Electro Barriers

Electoons are obstacles in Genshin Impact that must be broken by a character with the Electro element. These obstacles frequently stand in the path of riches, valuable loot, and sidequests. To break through an Electoon barrier, you must utilize a character with the Electro element. Look at your character’s weapon symbol and look for the lightning bolt next to it to see whether they have this element.

When breaking an Electoon barrier, there are several ways to activate Electro-based attacks:

  • Using Elemental Reactions such as Overloaded, Overcharged, Superconduct, or Swirl will all generate Electro damage that breaks the barrier.
  • Using Elemental Skills such as Xiangling’s Pyro/Electro switchable skill will allow her to generate Electro damage.
  • Accessing an Anemo/Electro Elemental Resonance between Diluc and Venti will also offer up additional damage-inflicting paths.
  • Finally, because to his Passive, heroes like Razor have an innate edge against electrical foes.

You can quickly break down electrical hurdles and clear your route ahead if you keep these ideas in mind.

Use Electro Characters

An Electro character is your best chance for breaking through Electro Barriers in Genshin Impact. These individuals are very helpful in breaking down the barriers that might prevent various quests, puzzles, and other enjoyable activities from being completed. In general, adversaries will have an elemental barrier that you must break through in order to do damage. Electro characters are experts at doing precisely that.

If you come across an electro barrier, the easiest method to breach it is with a character like Diluc or Beidou who have electric skills like lightning strikes or shockwaves to assist them in breaking the shield. If you don’t have one of these characters, you may employ another character with electro powers, such as Razor or Jean, to overload electric shields and do more damage than conventional assaults.

You may position Anemo characters near the barrier to charge up their elemental burst attack or combine your elemental assaults with their talent for greater damage all at once, in addition to employing a special attack from these characters.

Use Elemental Reactions

Using the Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact is a must for every Kaeya build. Kaeya’s passive, Cyro Aegis, offers him a 21-25% CRIT Rate boost when he successfully performs an elemental response in battle. This implies that you should employ these responses as frequently as possible if you want to get the most out of your Kaeya setup.

The most often used elemental reactions are Electro-Charged and Superconduct. When Electro-Charged is active, striking an adversary with an Electro element causes them to receive extra damage and become paralyzed for a brief amount of time. With Superconduct, every adversary struck by a Hydro or Cryo attack takes more damage and has their defensive stats momentarily reduced.

Furthermore, activating an elemental reaction may lead to alternative builds such as Pyro Clones or Hydro Swirls, allowing you to do even more damage while using Kaeya’s passive ability.

Use Other Characters

If you depend on Ayato’s Electro assaults to breach the Electro Barrier in Genshin Impact, you may find yourself at a stalemate. Fortunately, there are other characters who can assist you in rapidly and efficiently breaking through these boundaries. Klee, Fischl, and Bennett are a few characters that have Electro attacks and may be acquired as part of the Genshin Impact character pass. These characters will also provide you another option for inflicting elemental damage to enemies all across the realm.

Other characters that may assist in bringing down the Electro Barriers include Kaeya, Sucrose, and Xingqiu, who can all be received via Wish drawings. If you’re just aiming to tear down Electrical barriers, we suggest concentrating on Kaeya’s “Gushing Essential” regular attack since it delivers more damage than any other character’s electro strike when it comes to breaking them down.

Whatever character you pick to break through electricity barriers, keep in mind that you’ll need some Talent Materials, weaponry materials, and Ascension Materials to completely ascend your chosen character.

Tips and Tricks

There are several hurdles and riddles to overcome in order to proceed through Genshin Impact. Electro Barriers is one of these barriers, which can be located within Stormterror’s Lair. These obstacles will prohibit you from accessing the region unless you shatter them, which will need characters with various powers such as Cryo, Electro, and Hydro.

To ensure that these Electro Barriers do not impede your progress, here are some suggestions and tactics to assist you break them quickly:

  1. Freeze the barrier with Cryo attacks before electrocuting it. If a character with a Cryo attack is nearby, they may freeze the barrier before an electro character assaults it. This will save time over directly attacking with an electrified character.
  2. For powerful elemental reactions, mix Pyro and Hydro characters. When both of these components are utilized against the barrier, they may generate a powerful reaction that can quickly destroy the barrier much faster than assaulting it separately with electricity or water, which may take longer for weaker characters.
  3. When trying to break down an Electro Barrier, ensure that all of your characters have full HP, since this might be the difference between your team’s success or failure. Maintaining HP is critical if one want to swiftly break through an Electro Barrier without spending time experimenting with various combinations of materials in order to diminish its HP bars.

These hints and recommendations should assist any gamers who get stranded on these annoying Electro Barriers while playing Genshin Impact.

Use Elemental Resonance

Maguu Kenki in Genshin Impact relies heavily on Elemental Resonance. Elemental Resonance happens when an element’s assaults, such as Cryo, Pyro, Hydro, or Anemo, combine. When these elements combine their powers, an elemental reaction occurs, resulting in a tremendous strike capable of breaching the electrical barrier.

For example, combining Pyro and Hydro elements will result in a reaction that will produce a downpour of molten lava and steam capable of breaking through the barrier.

The most effective approach to employ Elemental Resonance is to have numerous characters with various elements and have them timing their strikes to optimize their effects. This takes some work, but once you’ve mastered it, breaching those pesky electrical barriers will be a breeze.

Use Elemental Burst

Elemental Burst on Marionette Cores is an excellent approach to break through Electro Barriers in Genshin Impact. When the core is struck with the right elemental Burst, an electric field is released, causing the barrier to crumble.

If you’re playing a Pyro character, for example, utilize their Elemental Burst to weaken the Marionette Core for damage. For even greater results, use this skill with your characters’ other elemental manipulation talents. When dealing with Electro Barriers, using Hydro characters to take advantage of their ability to freeze may also be effective.

Make sure to time your assaults properly, since the core will only be susceptible for a brief period of time before recoiling and returning to protective mode.

Use Team Combos

In Genshin Impact, Team Combos are an excellent strategy to break through Electro barriers. A Team Combo occurs when two or more characters utilize their elemental skills to generate an Elemental Reaction that causes more damage and often has additional consequences.

To employ Team Combos successfully, a suitable pairing of characters with diverse elements, such as Cryo and Electro, Pyro and Hydro, or Anemo and Geo, is required. The subsequent consequence of triggering an Elemental Reaction with the Team Combo may break through even the strongest Electro barrier.

Kujou Sara Builds with Team Combos are very useful for breaking through electrical barriers since Sara’s strikes may boost her own stats as well as inflict various status ailments on adversaries in addition to inflicting more damage. This strategy allows players to rapidly and simply break past obstacles while also reaping extra benefits such as making foes simpler to overcome.


This article has given a thorough explanation of how to break Electro Barriers in Genshin Impact. Players may swiftly and efficiently tear through these formidable barriers by using the appropriate mix of elemental damage and characters with the right skills and abilities.

Breaking down Electro Barriers might be difficult at first, but with experience and the correct knowledge, they can be managed relatively easily. Players should now have all the knowledge they need to effectively clear any Electro Barrier they come across thanks to this tutorial. Best wishes.

Genshin Impact Electro Barriers Guide: How To Break

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