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Genshin Impact: A Guide to Getting Jean and Barbara’s Summer Skins

Genshin Impact has released two new summer-themed skins for the characters Jean and Barbara. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get these skins.

Genshin Impact is a popular open-world game that features a diverse cast of characters, each with unique abilities and playstyles. Two of the most beloved characters in the game are Barbara and Jean. Both of these characters are healers, which makes them essential members of any party.

Barbara Build Genshin Impact: Introduction

Barbara is a playable character in the popular open-world game Genshin Impact. She is a member of the Church of Favonius in the city of Mondstadt and serves as a nun and a talented idol. Barbara is a Hydro user, which means she has abilities that revolve around water. She is also a healer, making her an essential member of any party. Barbara’s sweet and cheerful personality has made her a fan favorite among players, and she is often considered one of the cutest characters in the game.

How to Get Barbara (Genshin Impact)

To get Barbara in Genshin Impact, you just need to play the game. Barbara is a free character that can be obtained by progressing through the main storyline.

How To Unlock Barbara Genshin Impact

To unlock Barbara, you need to reach Adventure Rank 20 and complete the main quest “A Long Shot” in the story chapter “Act I: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind.”

After completing this quest, you will receive Barbara as a reward. Alternatively, you can obtain her through the permanent banner or certain limited-time banners by using wishes.

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Barbara Genshin Impact Age

So how old is Barbara (Genshin Impact)? Barbara age Genshin Impact in the game is 16, and despite her youthful appearance, she is a skilled healer. We hope this answers your question about Genshin Impact Barbara age.

Barbara Birthday Genshin

Barbara’s birthday in Genshin Impact is on July 5th. On her birthday, players may receive special rewards and greetings in the game. It’s a great opportunity for fans of Barbara to celebrate her birthday and show their appreciation for the character.

Barbara Build Genshin

Players can build Barbara by equipping her with artifacts that increase her healing abilities, such as the Maiden Beloved set.

Barbara Support Build

For a Barbara support build in Genshin Impact, equip her with the 4-piece Maiden Beloved set to increase her healing effectiveness and the healing received by her allies. Use the Prototype Amber weapon for increased base attack and a chance to trigger a healing effect. Prioritize substats like HP%, Energy Recharge%, and Healing Bonus% for maximum healing output. Level up her Normal Attack and Elemental Skill for increased damage and healing, and prioritize her Elemental Burst for maximum healing.

Barbara’s C2 constellation, “Let the Show Begin,” allows her to buff her team with a 15% damage increase for 10 seconds after using her Elemental Skill, making it a game-changer for her support capabilities. Her C4 constellation, “Encore,” extends the duration of her Melody Loop for increased healing. Use Barbara’s skills at the right times to maximize her effectiveness in providing healing support and damage buff to her team.

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Genshin Barbara Hangout Event

To start the Barbara Hangout Event in Genshin Impact, complete the Archon Quest “Chapter 1: Act III – A New Star Approaches” and reach Adventure Rank 26 or above. Choose one of the four different stories to play through with Barbara. Make choices that are considerate of her feelings to reach the good ending and receive rewards like primogems, character EXP materials, and a special character story that unlocks more of Barbara’s backstory. The event is a great way to learn more about the character and build a deeper connection with her.

Barbara Summer Outfit Genshin

Additionally, players can get Barbara Genshin Impact summer outfit in Genshin Impact, which gives her a new look.

Barbara Voice Actor Genshin

Barbara is voiced by the Japanese voice actress Akari Kitō in Genshin Impact. In the English version of the game, the Barbara Genshin Impact voice actor is actress Laura Stahl. Both voice actresses have received praise for their performances, bringing Barbara’s cheerful and kind personality to life and making her one of the most beloved characters in the game.

Is Barbara Good (Genshin Impact)

Yes, Barbara is considered a good character in Genshin Impact. As a Hydro user and a healer, she has unique abilities that can support and enhance her party’s capabilities. Barbara can provide consistent healing to her teammates and cleanse them of negative effects, making her a valuable addition to any party. Additionally, her Elemental Burst, which is called “Shining Miracle,” can heal all teammates on the field and provide them with a Hydro aura that increases their damage output. However, it’s worth noting that Barbara’s attacks are not very powerful, and she is mainly used as a support character. Overall, Barbara is a great option for players looking for a reliable and effective healer in Genshin Impact.

Jean Build Genshin Impact: Introduction

Jean, on the other hand, is a versatile character that can act as both a healer and a DPS. She is the Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius in the city of Mondstadt, and her duty is to protect the city and its people. Jean is a skilled swordswoman and a powerful Anemo user, which means she has abilities that revolve around wind. She is also a powerful healer, making her a key member of any party. Jean’s calm and collected personality has made her widely adored among players, and she is often considered one of the most elegant characters in the game.

How to Get Jean (Genshin Impact)

To get Jean in Genshin Impact, players need to use the game’s gacha system. By leveling up and using your skills wisely, you can create the perfect Genshin Jean build.

How Old Is Jean Genshin Impact

But what is Genshin Impact Jean age? Jean’s age in the game is 27, and she has a range of abilities that make her a valuable addition to any team. So if you’re looking for Jean Genshin Impact age the answer is 27.

Players can build Jean by equipping her with artifacts that increase her attack power, such as the Gladiator’s Finale set.

Genshin Impact Jean Skin

Additionally, players can get Jean’s skin in Genshin Impact, which changes her appearance and gives her a new outfit. This Jean summer outfit (Genshin) is a particular favorite among players. Looking good isn’t necessary, but equipping your favorite Jean skin Genshin does make for a more badass Jean build (Genshin).

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Genshin Jean Build

When it comes to building Barbara or Jean in Genshin Impact, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The best way to get the perfect Genshin jean build or the ideal Genshin Barbara build ultimately depends on your playstyle and the role you want them to play in your party.

Jean Genshin Impact Wallpaper

Additionally, it’s worth noting that both Barbara and Jean have their unique wallpapers in the game that players can use to customize their game experience.

Jean Genshin Rule 34

Of course, fans have created lots of Jean Genshin fanart that follows the infamous Rule 34. All you need is google “genshin impact jean rule 34.” However Rule 34 is far from the only Jean fanart Genshin that you’re able to find online, there are tons of SFW creations as well.

Is Jean Good (Genshin Impact)

Yes, Jean is considered one of the best characters in Genshin Impact. She is a versatile character that can act as both a healer and a DPS, making her a valuable addition to any party. Jean’s unique abilities, including her Anemo skills, allow her to control the battlefield and deal massive damage to her enemies. Her Elemental Burst, called “Dandelion Breeze,” can deal damage to enemies and heal all teammates on the field, making it a powerful ability in both offensive and defensive situations. Additionally, Jean’s attacks have a wide range and can hit multiple enemies at once. Overall, Jean is a top-tier character in Genshin Impact and an excellent choice for players looking for a powerful and versatile character.

Genshin Impact Summer Skins

Genshin Impact has many summer-themed skins for some of its characters. These skins are available for purchase with Primogems or Genesis Crystals through the in-game store for a limited time. Genshin Impact is known for regularly releasing new skins and cosmetic items for its characters, so it’s possible that additional summer-themed skins or events may be released in the future.

How to Get Sea Breeze Dandelion Jean and Summertime Sparkle Barbara Skins in Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact Sea Breeze Dandelion Jean and Summertime Sparkle Barbara skins are part of the current Windblume Festival. The Windblume Festival is a limited-time event that runs through April 5th and allows players to earn rare goodies such as these exclusive Genshin summer skins.

You must accomplish specific tasks throughout the event to get the Sea Breeze Dandelion Jean and Summertime Sparkle Barbara skins. You should specifically seek for personal assignments in the Events page that require you to beat monsters or utilize certain equipment.

When you’ve done enough personal activities, you may trade them in for prizes with Evan at the Wangshu Inn in Liyue Harbor. There are distinct prizes for Jean and Barbara, so do both sets of personal activities if you want both skins. With your gained points, you will also be able to buy various items like as Primogems, weapons, and relics.

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Genshin Jean Skin

Genshin Impact users may earn Jean’s Summer Skin by finishing an event assignment that rewards 500 Primogems. This is probably the best Jean Genshin Impact skin in the game.

This Jean outfit (Genshin) is truly special. Jean is dressed in a dark blue polo shirt and shorts with a light striped color theme in this skin. By equipping this Jean skin (Genshin Impact) players will also get a ‘Bubbly Joy’ namecard, which they may use to modify the in-game name of their character. Jean’s ensemble also includes white sneakers and yellow sunglasses as accessories.

Other benefits of the skin include an extra skill level, enhanced healing from her Elemental Burst, and increased Energy Recharge. The Skin adds 270 stat points to your party’s Physical DMG and HP values. All of this contributes to it being one of the best-looking clothes available for Jean in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Jean Skin Price

You can purchase any Jean Genshin Skin in the in-game store for 1,680 genesis crystals.

How to Get Barbara Skin Genshin Impact

To get the best Barbara Genshin Impact Skin from the Genshin Impact Summer Event, you must first complete a sequence of tasks.

  1. Locate and rescue all 20 inmates in the “Hideaway” events dungeon.
  2. NPC Luis will bring you to Anna’s Shop, where you may buy unique things using tokens obtained from freeing the inmates.
  3. Return to Hideaway and then to the mission’s starting place, where Barbara will be waiting for you.
  4. When you talk to her, she will give you an extra skin as a reward.

After finishing this quest chain, you will not only have unlocked the best summer Genshin Barbara skin, but you will also have won significant gifts like as Primogems and Mora. So go ahead, enjoy your new and special Barbara Genshin skin!

How Many Skins Are There In Genshin Impact?

To date, there are 16 skins in total in Genshin Impact. The most famous Genshin 16 skins require a dedicated article however. In the meantime feel free to look at all the Genshin Impact 16 skins in the game and decide which ones you like the most.

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Genshin Impact Jean And Barbara Summer Skins Guide: How To Get

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