Genshin Impact: A Guide to Getting Jean and Barbara’s Summer Skins

Genshin Impact has released two new summer-themed skins for the characters Jean and Barbara. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get these skins.

How to get Sea Breeze Dandelion Jean and Summertime Sparkle Barbara skins in Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact Sea Breeze Dandelion Jean and Summertime Sparkle Barbara skins are part of the current Windblume Festival. The Windblume Festival is a limited-time event that runs through April 5th and allows players to earn rare goodies.

You must accomplish specific tasks throughout the event to get the Sea Breeze Dandelion Jean and Summertime Sparkle Barbara skins. You should specifically seek for personal assignments in the Events page that require you to beat monsters or utilize certain equipment.

When you’ve done enough personal activities, you may trade them in for prizes with Evan at the Wangshu Inn in Liyue Harbor. There are distinct prizes for Jean and Barbara, so do both sets of personal activities if you want both skins. With your gained points, you will also be able to buy various items like as Primogems, weapons, and relics.

Jeans Skin

Genshin Impact users may earn Jean’s Summer Skin by finishing an event assignment that rewards 500 Primogems.

Jean is dressed in a dark blue polo shirt and shorts with a light striped color theme in this skin. Players will also get a ‘Bubbly Joy’ namecard, which they may use to modify the in-game name of their character. Jean’s ensemble also includes white sneakers and yellow sunglasses as accessories.

Other benefits of the skin include an extra skill level, enhanced healing from her Elemental Burst, and increased Energy Recharge. The Skin adds 270 stat points to your party’s Physical DMG and HP values. All of this contributes to it being one of the best-looking clothes available for Jean in Genshin Impact.

Barbaras Skin

To get Barbara’s bonus skin from the Genshin Impact Summer Event, you must first complete a sequence of tasks.

  1. Locate and rescue all 20 inmates in the “Hideaway” events dungeon.
  2. NPC Luis will bring you to Anna’s Shop, where you may buy unique things using tokens obtained from freeing the inmates.
  3. Return to Hideaway and then to the mission’s starting place, where Barbara will be waiting for you.
  4. When you talk to her, she will give you an extra skin as a reward.

After finishing this quest chain, you will not only have unlocked Barbara’s new bonus skin, but you will also have won significant gifts like as Primogems and Mora.

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