Genshin Impact Fate Points Guide: How To Get Them Quickly

Don’t know how to get Fate Points in Genshin Impact? Check out our guide and learn the quickest way to get your hands on this valuable currency!


Genshin Impact Fate Points are a rare resource that players may accumulate and use to buy unique things from the in-game shop. We’ll show you how to earn Genshin Impact Fate Points easily in this guide.

Fate Points may be earned via engaging in Spiral Abyss dungeons and combat passages, as well as by completing specific world events. They may also be acquired when you do daily commissions or check into Genshin Impact every day.

While many players may get Fate Points via these means, unlocking chests discovered throughout Teyvat or trading four Adventure Rank experience books for one Fate Point are two of the quickest methods to obtain them. Of course, all of these techniques involve some patience in order to collect enough points for all of the products you want. Fortunately, once you know how to earn them rapidly, you can easily accumulate several hundred points.

What are Fate Points?

Fate Points, commonly known as Fates, are a kind of in-game money in Genshin Impact. They may be spent to purchase new characters or to level up current characters for improved performance in combat. These points may also be converted for Primogems, the premium money of the game, which can then be used to buy stuff from the store or the in-game black market.

Fate Points may be obtained through performing daily chores and events, as well as by receiving daily login incentives and special offers. Players may now buy Fate Points from the store using real-world money. In addition, some tasks and challenges may provide Fate Points upon accomplishment.

While playing Genshin Impact, players may often come across goods known as destiny currencies; these are essentially objects that convert into a set amount of Fate Points when redeemed at specified places inside the game, mainly special NPCs or businesses such as the Adventurer’s Guild.

Obtaining Fate Points

Fate Points are a sort of cash that can be used to buy Wishes and Primogems from the shop in Genshin Impact. It is crucial to note that, although they may be received as a prize for participating in certain in-game activities, they cannot be purchased with real money.

Fate Points are generally earned via missions, events, and other game activities. Quests that provide Fate Points often have numerous phases or goals that must be achieved before the reward is awarded. Furthermore, fulfillment of specific milestones inside the game will result in a one-time Fate Point award. Certain events may also provide Fate Points as a reward for participation and achievement of goals. Finally, depending on how often they log in to play Genshin Impact, players may gain Fate Points in their weekly check-in bonuses.

Daily Login Bonus

The Daily Login Bonus is one of the most simple and quick methods to earn Fate Points in Genshin Impact. All you have to do is log in every day to earn a prize, which might be Primogems, Adventure Rank experience points, Mora in-game cash, or even Fate Points.

Many gamers save their daily login earnings for bigger purchases like character ascension or weapon upgrade materials. By stocking up on these things while they’re available, you can make the most of your daily logins. Furthermore, certain unique events in Genshin Impact provide limited-time benefits such as Fate Points. Keep an eye out for any exceptional occurrences that might earn you some Fate Points.

Completing Quests

In Genshin Impact, Fate Points are utilized to redeem goodies such as the Mysterious Memento Lens. Completing Quests is the quickest method to get destiny points. These Quests come in a variety of forms, such as Story Quests, Side Quests, and Archon Quests, and they provide varied benefits such as experience points and Fate Points.

It is suggested for players wishing to gain Fate Points fast to complete tasks under the Archon mission tab, since they tend to give a greater quantity than Story and Side quests. Furthermore, everyday chores like as login into the game, accomplishing bounties, and gathering materials will all provide destiny points that may be accrued over time.

The Mysterious Memento Lens costs 200 Fate Points to get but may be worth up to 500 Fate Points depending on how many times it is resupplied. Players should be able to earn this quantity of Fate Points very fast with little work and devotion, enabling them access to the coveted item.

Collecting Primogems

Primogems are the primary form of money in Genshin Impact. They may be used to buy Fate, travel equipment, and awards, as well as exchange for other game stuff. Primogems are most typically obtained via daily missions and login bonuses, but they may also be purchased with actual money. They may also be obtained through defeating opponents in-game and completing riddles, bounties, or domains.

Other actions that may reward a player with Primogems include opening chests, daily commissions, and gacha summons. In Genshin Impact, collecting Primogems is one of the finest methods to advance swiftly and unlock strong monsters.

Purchasing from the Shop

The simplest method to get Fate Points in Genshin Impact is to buy them from the store. Look for unique bundles that feature a combination of Primogems and Fate Points while browsing the store. In Genshin Impact, Primogems are a sort of cash, while Fate Points may be gathered and utilized to unlock bosses or monster drops. This sort of bundle is an ideal method to get both resources in a single transaction, since it enables you to bypass hours or days of grinding and move directly into unlocking strong enemies inside the game. Purchasing these bundles is often more costly than farming or grinding, but it is also considerably quicker.

Spending Fate Points

Fate Points, or FP, are an in-game money in Genshin Impact that may be used to buy Wishes. This implies that players must save up enough Fate Points to get a Wish of their choice. To purchase a Wish, you must have a sufficient number of Fate Points as well as the appropriate sort of Acquaint Fates or Intertwined Fates.

  • Acquaint Fates are used for normal Wishes that allow access to 4-star characters and weapons, whilst
  • Intertwined Fates are used for extended Wishes that grant access to 5-star characters and weapons.

Fate Points may be obtained by the use of Primogems or by accomplishing commission tasks such as defeating monsters, gathering resources, solving riddles, and more. In addition, users may earn free Fate Points by participating in Special Events, completing Achievements, and signing in on a regular basis.


In Genshin Impact, players who make a Wish earn a Mysterious Memento Lens. Through the Fate Point system, this Lens may be utilized to award players great goods and prizes. Players may utilize the Lens to convert Fate Points they have earned into gifts.

The number of points you get is determined on the number of Wishes you create and the quantity of Resin you use to create them.

Players must first gather enough Resin to make their Wish, which will result in the creation of a Mysterious Memento Lens. They must then go to the Wishes part of the game and choose Fate Points from the dropdown list on their screen’s right side. This will display a list of prizes that they may buy with their Fate Points. Primogems and rare artifacts are among the prizes available, as are five-star character flags and weaponry. Once players have decided on an item or prize, they only need to click Exchange in order for it to be instantly put to their inventory.

Character Ascension

One of the most significant aspects of Genshin Impact is Character Ascension, which needs Fate Points. Fate Points are used to improve characters in Genshin Impact, enabling them to achieve new levels and unleash strong powers.

Fate Points may be obtained rapidly by purchasing them from the Shop for 300 Primogems apiece. You may also conduct daily commissions or explore artifact realms for Fate Points as prizes, however both techniques take significantly longer. You may also trade in Abyssal Domains for a chance to obtain a handful of Fate Points as a prize after attaining Adventure Rank 40 or above.

Finally, after unlocking the Serenitea Pot feature at Adventure Rank 20 or above and inviting other players over to drink Tea with Paimon, you will be rewarded with a large number of Fate Points every seven days.

Weapon Ascension

Weapon Ascension is a crucial aspect of Genshin Impact. Ascending weapons increases the weapon’s attack and unlocks new powers. It entails utilizing different Talent Materials to raise a weapon up to 5 levels, with each level offering better skills. You will need both Fate Points and Talent Materials to Ascend your weapon.

Fate Points may be gained via different in-game events such as

  • Side Quests
  • World Boss Fights
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Daily Commissions;

as well as purchased in stores. Talent Materials may be obtained via completing various Abyss Domains or by buying them in-game for Acquaint Fate or Primogems.

Once you have accumulated enough Fate Points and Talent Materials, you may spend them to level up your weapon to level 5. Each Ascension level gives more powerful skills, thus it’s worthwhile to complete if you want your characters to be at their strongest.


Genshin Impact is a popular game with a lot of material and things to complete. Collecting Fate Points is one method to advance in the game. These points are important and may be used for unique perks and stuff.

Players may either purchase Fate Points with real money or earn them via the game’s main objectives, daily duties, and special events. Furthermore, certain exceptional objects, such as Prime Accessories, award Fate Points when gathered or produced.

As a result, no matter what your playstyle is, you may rapidly and consistently accumulate significant quantities of Fate Points in Genshin Impact, allowing you to constantly remain ahead of the curve.

Genshin Impact Fate Points Guide: How To Get

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