Genshin Impact Dream Solvent Guide: How To Get and Use It

Have you been trying to figure out how to get the dream solvent in Genshin Impact? Well, look no further! In this guide, we’ll show you how to get and use this rare item.

Dream Solvent

Dream Solvent is a resource in Genshin Impact that is used to make goods in the game. It is used in the creation of Wishes, Ascensions, and Talent Level-Ups.

Dream Solvent may be obtained through completing global quests, tasks, and domains, or by swapping Mora for Paimon at the Adventurer’s Guild. You may also get it from chests that spawn at random in the Spiral Abyss Chamber or from Flame symbols around the map.

Dream Solvent is a necessary commodity in Genshin Impact because it enables players to manufacture stronger gear and improve their characters’ Talents to boost stats and battle effectiveness. You may find it tough to collect Dream Solvent at first owing to its low drop rate, but with enough commitment and patience, you’ll soon be able to obtain all of the Dream Solvent required for creating your desired gear.

How To Use Dream Solvent?

Dream Solvent is a unique item in Genshin Impact that can be utilized to make high-level weapons and artifacts from Dream Poem Prayers. It is a necessary component for the creation of these products, and it can only be gained by performing timed objectives in the game.

The Dream Solvent may be found everywhere across Genshin Impact, and it can also be received as a prize for completing the Blessing of Fortune and the Ballad of Enlightenment events. Once you’ve gathered enough Dream Solvent, you’ll need to visit a blacksmith, such as Wangshu Inn or Dadaupa Gorge, to build your preferred weapon or relic. After you’ve chosen your preferred item, you’ll need to pay the cost with your Dream Solvent.

Because Dream Solvent cannot be bought from merchants, you must plan your acquisition approach carefully if you want to efficiently construct high-level goods. Using Terravine or Celestiaelixirs on weapons or artifacts made with Dream Solvent will also dramatically boost their effectiveness.

Crafting With Dream Solvent Conversion Recipes

Players must combine two things to make a third, generally more powerful item while crafting using Dream Solvent Conversion Recipes. This sort of crafting recipe may be discovered in the adventure rank system of Genshin Impact and employs the Dream Solvent item as its major component. Weapons, artifact sets, and character ascension items may all be made using the Dream Solvent.

To make anything using the Dream Solvent, players must have two of the same item as well as the appropriate sort of Dream Solvent. Players will acquire their newly-crafted item after mixing all three ingredients at an Alchemy workbench. Crafting materials cannot be used in lieu of the Dream Solvent and will not produce results when mixed with other components.

Despite some users’ initial uncertainty, understanding how to employ dream solvents yields very strong effects and opens up new depths inside Genshin Impact’s crafting system.

How To Obtain Dream Solvent?

Dream Solvent is a very useful resource in Genshin Impact. The Dream Solvent, which is used to make weapons and artifacts, may be difficult to get. Fortunately, there are many ways to receive it.

Dream Solvent is most efficiently obtained by crashing Anemoculus or Geoculus – geomagnetic orbs found all over the planet. When interacted with, these artifacts often offer between 1-4 pieces of Dream Solvent. In addition to this approach, you may seek for riddles and climb towers in Liyue and Mondstadt – both cities drop one piece of dream solvent upon completion.

In addition to these techniques, players may swap Acquaint Fates or Intertwined Fates for Dream Solvents from Paimon’s Bargains. This is certainly the most costly alternative, since Acquaint Fates cost 40 Original Resins every piece of dream solvent acquired this way, while Intertwined Fates cost 80 Original Resins.

If you don’t want to harvest resources, you may buy them straight from stores like Wanmin Restaurant or Wangshu Inn in Liyue and Mondstadt, respectively – as long as you have enough Mora in-game money, you can buy precisely what you need.

Trounce Domains

Trounce Domains is one of the greatest builds for Genshin Impact Fischl. This build is centered on Fischl’s Elemental Skill, Mistveil Ternion Ambush, which creates an Electro field in which a lightning bird showers down bolts, destroying foes while accumulating energy for Fischl’s ougi.

To shine, this construct needs the Dream Solvent, which can be gained by utilizing aquamarines in dream trial events or by participating in certain events and fulfilling tasks. After collecting the Dream Solvent, players must manufacture a 4-star Bow using Fischl’s weapon blueprints—recurrence is encouraged in this build since it boosts the damage of Mistveil Ternion Ambush by 25%. The remainder of the setup includes characters that can grant Hydro Support buffs, as well as various character and weapon combinations that can boost Fischl’s energy recharge rate and damage output. Players should be able to quickly pass domaine challenges with this Trounce Domain Build.

Wolf Of The North Challenge

The Wolf of the North Challenge is a Genshin Impact special event that enables players to obtain Dream Solvent. This unique resource may be used to purchase items from the Wish Shop such as weapons and resources. The Wolf of the North Challenge asks players to complete a series of quests in Dragonspine, similar to the regular Weekly Boss Hunts. To achieve their Dream Solvent, players must accomplish all five tasks.

To accomplish the task, players must:

  • Combat adversaries
  • Cross perilous terrain
  • Face formidable monsters
  • And much more

After completing all five assignments, players will be awarded with a big amount of Dream Solvent. They may then use this resource to go to Liyue Harbor and trade it for great prizes at the Wish store.

No Mere Stone

No Mere Stone is a substance necessary to climb specific characters in Genshin Impact’s Dream Solvent system. This item may be obtained from a variety of sources. It may be found in various locations, including the Serenitea Pot, the Souvenir Shop for Ancient Coins, and the Primogem Shop. Various events and combat passes are also sources.

No Mere Stone has a few stats that matter when it comes to ascension expenses. It has a Rarity Level of 3 stars and takes 40 pieces to go from 1 character level to 5 stars. There is also a material cost of 9 No Mere Stones every level-up from 1 to 2 stars and 33 per level-up from 4 to 5 stars, provided all other materials have previously been gathered. In addition, 8 Mystic Enhancement Ore is required for each ascension up to 6 stars. Finally, No Mere Stone contributes significantly to a character’s ascent by offering useful stats and supplies along the road.


Dream Solvent is an extremely useful commodity in Genshin Impact, since it allows you to make a wide range of products and operations at the Alchemy bench. While it is not simple to gain, it may be earned via a number of techniques such as:

  • Defeating particular monsters
  • Purchasing from specific merchants
  • Unlocking chests

It’s also worth noting that the Dream Solvent gained from foes is only available after completing the Archon quest of the same name. Simply visit any Alchemy Bench with at least one Dream Solvent in your inventory and use it as a crafting component for other products such as Refined Iron Plates or Zinc Ore Shards.

Because Dream Solvent is in great demand among players owing to its use and scarcity, keeping some on hand is a good idea.

Genshin Impact Dream Solvent Guide: How To Get And Use

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