Genshin Impact: The Best Diona Support Build Guide – Weapons and Art

Looking to build the best Diona support possible in Genshin Impact? Here’s a look at the best weapons and artifacts to use to make her a powerhouse on the battlefield.

Who Is Diona In Genshin Impact?

Diona is a playable character in the popular game Genshin Impact. She is a Cryo ice user and one of the game’s most popular support characters.

Diona is a member of the elite Falcon of the West regiment and a native of the country of Inazuma. As an Anemo user, she can employ wind to trigger strong elemental reactions and devise novel techniques. Her preferred weapon is a bow, which enables her to hit adversaries from distance and do huge damage with her cold elemental abilities.

Diona can be a fantastic supporting healer for any team with the right team composition, but she can also swiftly switch into an aggressive DPS role if necessary. Diona has excellent resilience due to her large HP pool, making her your go-to character for difficult boss engagements. She also has access to various strong artifact sets, including as The Exile set, which enhances her HP regeneration rate, healing bonus, and shield strength bonus.

Builds For Diona In Genshin Impact

There are several characters to choose from in Genshin Impact. Diona, an archer with a fiery attitude, is one of these characters. She is the ideal character for gamers that want to keep their distance from adversaries while inflicting damage with their bow.

Building up Diona in Genshin Impact isn’t difficult, but it does need some prudence and forethought. When constructing for Diona, players should prioritize things that increase her Critical Damage and ATK%. When it comes to firearms, players should strive for the noble creed of the sharpshooter, which enhances Critical Damage by 25% when adversaries are below 50% HP. Set bonuses for artifacts, such as Gladiator’s Finale, boost Attack damage by 18%. Diona will make light work of her opponents when combined with a Crimson Witch of Flames build, which improves DEF%, HP%, and ATK%. With these builds in mind, gamers may simply develop a strong Diona variant that will send any adversary fleeing in terror.

Best Weapons On Diona

Diona is a vital support character in Genshin Impact, and she may easily be climbed to improve her effectiveness. The best weapons for Diona are determined on the player’s build and playstyle. Skyward Harp for a more targeted healing approach; Solar Pearl for a bigger increase in all parts of her stats; and Sacrificial Bow for crowd-control powers are the finest alternatives for maximizing her support skills.

Diona will need Divining Scroll, Whopperflower Petal, and Mithril Ore as Talent Materials for Ascension. These items may be obtained via a variety of means, including daily commissions, chests, world bosses, and events. Finally, Ascension Materials such as Fragile Bone Shard, Secret Treasures of the Anemo Archon, and Seraphite are needed. All of these resources may be obtained via grinding or by purchasing them with Primordial Jade or Genesis Crystal from the Good Hunter store or Jiangxuehuo’s shop.

Best Artifacts On Diona

Diona is widely regarded as the finest Support character in Genshin Impact, therefore it’s understandable that players would seek out the strongest Artifacts for her. The Fischl Ascension and Talent Materials are a popular option for her since they allow her to attain unparalleled levels of power and become a dominating force on the battlefield.

These Artifacts, in general, grant benefits to Attack and Crit Rate, as well as crippling effects on select foes. They also provide Diona more Energy Points every second, helping her to make better use of those valuable resources. The Fischl Ascension Material, for example, increases Diona’s Crit Damage against foes with Crystallized Effects, making her a useful tool for efficiently wiping out swarms of adversaries.

Other Artifacts include:

  • Fleeting Time-Steps, which boosts Movement Speed,
  • Frostbearer, which provides an additional burst of damage with its Rooted Shatter effect.

These are some of the greatest Artifacts for Diona builds that players should consider equipping.

Whats The Best Team For Diona?

Diona from Genshin Impact is one of the game’s top Support characters. Depending on the build you choose for your weapons and artifacts, she may give incredible Damage Mitigation with her Ultimate Ability.

Diona’s support build may be optimized by equipping her with a weapon that enhances her healing efficiency and an artifact set that increases her Critical Chance, Attack Speed, or Elemental Mastery. It is preferable to prioritize healing output while selecting a weapon. Her spear is capable of doing so since it has a passive that improves HP recovery for each hit she makes in a chain attack.

Focus on boosting her Critical Rate and Attack Speed to improve the amount of DPS she can put out while also healing quicker. These two selections will provide Diona with the tools she needs to be a successful Support character in Genshin Impact.

1. Freeze Team

A Freeze Team is one of the most popular choices for forming a team around Diona to provide her with the strongest weapons and artifacts. A Freeze Team is made up of heroes that have excellent crowd control abilities, such as freezing adversaries in place. This gives Diona the ability to deliver greater damage without fear of being interrupted or assaulted by foes.

It is critical to equip your squad with the right weapons and artifacts in order to maximize your team’s capabilities. Cryo-ready weapons such as the Skyward Harp, Dainsleif, and Aquila Favonia, as well as artifacts such as Frostrider’s set, which grants Elemental Mastery on its second level bonus stat, and Warrior’s Sacrificial Set, which grants a boost in attack on its fourth level bonus stat, are ideal for a Freeze Team.

2. Physical DPS

Diona’s physical DPS builds in Genshin Impact emphasize offense and optimizing her damage output. This build leverages her Cryo affinity to freeze foes, allowing her charged strikes to do massive damage.

The Amber’s Ascension sword, which offers an ATK% boost dependent on Diona’s Cryo RES, is the main weapon for this build. This implies that with a high enough Cryo RES, Diona may easily achieve over 50% ATK%, skyrocketing her already impressive physical damage. Amber’s Ascension’s sub-stat bonuses are also beneficial for this build, offering Physical DMG%, Physical DMG Bonus, and CRIT DMG%.

Diona should additionally equip any combination of Gladiator’s Finale, Thundering Fury, Wolf’s Gravestone, or Deathmatch to optimize her physical damage output. These weapons boost Diona’s ATK%, Physical DMG%, and CRIT Rate/CRIT DMG, making her an ultimate beast in combat. Finally, if you have enough materials, you may equip two Noblesse Oblige artifacts to benefit from the enhanced Elemental Skill Damage boost.

3. Dendro Team

In Genshin Impact, the Dendro Team Impact Aloy Ascension is a good build for the support character Diona. This team focuses on gaining access to her Dendro element, which boosts her attack range and delivers AoE damage output. Diona serves as the major DPS character, Amber as the hybrid support character, Traveler Anemo as the main DPS hybrid, Venti as a double support character, and Fischl as the Ranged DPS character.

Diona’s preferred weapon is the Bow. This unlocks a variety of bow-specific skills such as Spread Shot and Rain Of Arrows. These skills are designed to distribute elemental damage across a large area and may easily be employed to eliminate numerous adversaries at once.

Amber serves largely as a support DPS hybrid in this build; she has strong elemental attacks, crowd control skills, and defensive buffs, all while boosting damage output on critical strikes. Her preferred weapon is Catalyst;, which grants her access to strong elemental effects like Crystallize and Meteor Shower, which improve group dps by offering more coverage to numerous foes at once.

Finally, the Dendro Team is a fantastic construct for players who wish to take use of Diona’s Dendro element while still having a strong overall team composition with lots of utility and the potential for tremendous damage output when employed correctly and in a coordinated way.

Diona: DPS Ability Rundown

Diona is a character in the video game Genshin Impact. Diona’s primary job as a support character is to offer buffers and healing for teammates. However, Diona’s skills extend well beyond healing and boosting. She also has strong DPS abilities that can deliver a lot of damage.

Diona’s DPS abilities include her two Elemental Skill attacks, Icy Paws and Splitting Frost. Splitting Frost does massive Anemo damage in a straight line, while Icy Paws deals Cryo damage to all adjacent opponents. Heavenly Torrent, her Elemental Burst attack, also causes massive Cryo damage to all adversaries in her range.

Diona’s DPS potential should be maximized by equipping weapons like the Favonius Greatsword and the Skyward Blade, as well as Artifacts that specialize in enhancing attack power or strengthening Anemo damage, such as Noblesse Obligé or Viridescent Venerer set pieces. Finally, while constructing Diona as a DPS character, keep in mind that most of her talents have pretty lengthy cooldowns, therefore her ultimate should only be utilized in emergency circumstances since it will take a long time to recharge.

Basic Attack: Ktzlein Style

Kezlein Style is one of the greatest basic attack options in the Genshin Impact game for developing Barbara. It is a five-star claymore with a level 48 ATK stat. It also has the passive ability to enhance all DMG by 8% when regular and charged attacks strike foes for 6 seconds. This weapon increases Barbara’s total damage with each of her basic strikes, making it an excellent pick for any gamers wishing to develop a strong support character.

Furthermore, it has the ability to be enhanced with refined gems, allowing for even greater improvements in her total damage output. As a result, Kezlein Style is unquestionably one of the greatest tools for constructing a powerful Barbara Support Build in Genshin Impact.

Icy Paws: Elemental Skill

Diona’s elemental talent is Icy Paws, which enables her to fire an ice lance at foes in the area. This talent may be used several times to halt adversaries, giving Diona and her squad an advantage in fight.

Diona gains a shield that shields her from physical assault for a brief period of time, making her a useful asset on the battlefield. Icy Paws can also deal Cryo damage to adjacent adversaries and has the ability to produce ice fields of Cryo energy. The inclusion of these regions offers Diona’s allies more room to move around and strike from different angles.

Icy Paws may enhance a team’s success plan by combining her unique weapon and artifact set-up.

Signature Mix: Elemental Burst

A strong recipe featured in Genshin Impact is the Signature Mix: Elemental Burst. You’ll need to collect some ingredients, however, since it calls for two pieces of chicken, two pieces of tofu, and two pieces of any variety of mushroom. It’s simple: just go to a cooking pot and pick the Signature Mix: Elemental Burst option. This will result in tasty fried food that will provide you with extra stats when consumed.

This potent dish works best when combined with Diona Support Build’s weapons and artifacts. When combined with Diona’s support talent, the stats offered by the dish will deliver a tremendous boost. The Elemental Burst’s attack damage and energy recharge increase are very important for any Diona support setup for Genshin Impact. This dish’s attack speed increase may also stack beautifully on your preferred DPS characters when combined with other buffs from the game’s artifacts.

Diona Passive Talents

Diona’s Passive Talents will help you make the most of her gameplay. Her first passive boosts her Elemental Mastery by a percentage based on the constellation level, increasing the overall elemental damage she can deal. Her second passive boosts her Cryo DMG Bonus by 20%, implying that each attack she performs with a cryo element will be raised by 20% as a result of her ability.

The third passive increases Diona’s DMG against Frozen foes by 15%, while the fourth increases her Cryo resistance by 15%. This makes her particularly effective in engagements against adversaries who have used a Cryo ability to freeze your squad, or while battling against several ice-based enemies that demand specific attention.

Diona Constellations

Diona is a fantastic support in Genshin Impact and has a lot of potential in terms of team cohesion. She may be an important member of any squad due to her crowd control abilities and large quantities of healing. Players will need to invest in Diona’s Constellations in order to properly equip her with the greatest abilities and Talent Builds.

Constellations are unlocked by acquiring Stardust, which may be obtained by accomplishing various activities such as unlocking chests or purchasing them from other players in the open world. Once enough Stardust has been accumulated, users may use it to climb their characters and unlock new constellations for them. Each Constellation grants perks like as greater stats, increased damage, or access to strong skills that would otherwise be unavailable. Investing in Diona’s constellations will make her an even more effective healer, making her an indispensable component of any squad.

Dionas Ascension: Stats And Material Costs

The Genshin Impact: The Best Diona Support Build Guide Weapons and Art includes Diona’s Ascension Stats and Materials Costs. As players climb Diona, they must carefully decide what resources are required. This guide details the precise numbers for each Ascension level, as well as a list of all the materials needed for each stage of Ascension.

To advance through the levels, players must collect various sorts of ore and Mora in-game money, which they may get by accomplishing specified tasks throughout the game. There is also an unique stat boost at Level 4 that enhances Diona’s attack damage. After collecting all of the ingredients, players will be able to advance one level in their quest to create Diona an even greater support character.

Diona: Talent Upgrade Materials

Diona: Talent Upgrade Materials is a guide that will assist players in creating the ideal support build for their Genshin Impact character Diona. It discusses the finest weapons and artifacts to utilize for optimal effectiveness while assisting your squad in combat.

The book includes suggested four-star artifacts, five-star artifacts, and reference weapons in order to maximize Diona’s potential. It goes into further depth about her abilities and how they might be utilised to maximize her potential while creating a support role for her. It also goes over weapon stats and artifact constructions, as well as how they may be used based on the scenario or opponent in the game.

Finally, the book provides a summary of which aspects function well with Diona and her abilities, allowing players to make informed decisions when selecting their equipment and plans.

Diona: Wine Industry Slayer: Lore & Ability Showcase

Diona is a five-star playable character that specializes in support roles in Genshin Impact. Her introductory quest, “Wine Industry Slayer,” emphasizes her history and goals as a former Monstadt noble who now supports travelers with her imaginative and bold techniques.

She has the power to briefly freeze foes, enabling her friends to move in for further damage. Furthermore, her final talent generates an ice barrier that protects herself and friends from incoming strikes. While Diona does not have any weapons built expressly for her kit, she may equip two-handed claymores or bows as well as catalyst to improve her damage potential.

When Diona shifts between elemental forms, her unique passive ability offers her brief invincibility%. This compensates for her typical lack of defenses owing to the form-switching nature of Genshin Impact. Finally, Diona’s skill set prioritizes crowd management over burst damage, making her an excellent team player overall.

How To Obtain Diona?

In Genshin Impact, Diona is a Cryo character. She is the game’s second Cryo user and one of the four free characters. She may be obtained via Wishes or by swapping Primogems.

To gain Diona, players must first make a wish with Acquainted Fates or Intertwined Fates. Acquaint Fates, commonly known as Free Wishes, may be obtained for no primogem. Intertwined Fates, on the other hand, require 40 Primogems to unlock and come with higher possibilities for five-star characters like Diona.

Players may also swap 650 Primogems for a Character Ascension Material package including Diona’s ascension materials, such as Arts Commissions and Divining Scrolls. These bundles may be used to level up Diona whenever it is required.


The Sacrificial Bow and the Noblesse Oblige artifact combination are the finest weapon and artifact choices for a successful Diona support build The utilization of this build enables Diona’s expertise to be used to its full capacity, and her healing capability can be maximized with her elemental skill and burst. With this build, she may also give extra usefulness in battle due to her crowd control skills, making her a great addition to any Genshin Impact Aloy team.

Overall, a competent support setup for Diona is essential for a successful Genshin Impact playthrough, since she has a broad spectrum of usefulness when properly equipped. Having Diona on your side is always a solid choice, regardless of your team composition or the adversaries you’re up against, particularly when she’s armed with the correct weapons and artifacts.

Genshin Impact Best Diona Support Build Guide: Weapons - Artifacts

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