Genshin Impact Barbara Build Guide: The Best Weapon and Artifacts

Looking to make Barbara even more powerful in Genshin Impact? Check out our build guide to see what the best weapon and artifact choices are for her!

Who Is Barbara In Genshin Impact?

Barbara is a playable character in Genshin Impact, an action role-playing video game. She is an Adeptus, a person with a specific affinity to the wind element Anemo. Barbara is a Mondstadt native who lives a wandering existence, following the wind.

Barbara, as an Adeptus, has access to extraordinary Anemo talents, which she utilizes to keep Mondstadt and its residents safe. She wields the Favonius Lance, a rusted polearm that allows her to harness her elemental abilities across larger distances.

Barbara, like all the other playable characters in Genshin Impact, comes with her own weapon and artifacts that aid in her combat performance. When playing as Barbara, players may equip her with various weapons and artifacts to maximize their damage output. Players will be able to fully use her vast variety of offensive and defensive talents with her customized builds and equipment.

Best Barbara Builds In Genshin Impact

Barbara is a five-star Hydro Claymore user who specializes in healing and team support. Barbara has become one of the most popular and adored characters in Genshin Impact as a consequence of her innate healing powers.

Barbara’s favorite weapon is unquestionably the Aquila Favonia claymore. This Claymore boosts her attack damage, healing output, and Crit rate. In terms of artifacts, the Maiden Beloved set is great for Barbara since it has the added benefit of improving HP recovery speed. The four pieces of this set provide her an extra 18% healing boost effect and a 10% increase in CRIT rate. Furthermore, if you have an additional artifact slot, Noblesse Oblige has a bonus effect that boosts Elemental Burst damage by 15-25% depending on your character’s level. Finally, to optimize Barbara’s Hydro damage output, ensure that all sets contain two pieces with Hydro benefits.

Best Weapons On Barbara Dendro Build

The Sacrificial Bow is the finest weapon for the Barbara Dendro construct. This bow is made of Wolfhook, which can be found in Genshin Impact. The Sacrificial Bow enhances Barbara’s damage and is regarded as one of her greatest weapons. It boosts her Normal Attack, Elemental Skill, and Elemental Burst DMG by up to 24%25. Other weapons that may be utilized with this build include Rust and The Flute of Recollection, both of which provide enhanced attack damage.

Aside from the weapon, artifacts play a crucial role in Barbara’s construction. We propose Noblesse Oblige, a four-piece set that offers players a 20%25 increase to Elemental Burst Damage and an 8%25 boost to all other stats when completely equipped, for this setup. This set is ideal for a Barbara Dendro Build since it provides excellent burst damage as well as other useful bonuses. In addition to this set, Gladiators Finale works very well with this build since it provides up to a 15%25 physical damage benefit as well as a 10%25 increase in crit rate when completely equipped.

Best Weapons On Barbara Healing Build

The greatest weapons to use on a Barbara Healing Build in the popular video game Genshin Impact are ones that concentrate on enhancing healing and Elemental Mastery. Royal Spear, Sacrificial Fragments, Favonius Lance, and aquila Favonius Sword are among them. All of these weapons give a lot of Healing Bonus, which helps Barbara recover faster. Furthermore, they all grant a reasonable degree of Elemental Mastery, allowing Barbara to use her different elemental responses more often.

To boost Barbara’s healing strength even further, equip her with artifacts that boost her healing skills, such as Emperor’s Will and Crimson Witch Of Flames. Having numerous healing bonus artifacts is beneficial since stacking them results in increased base healing output for any build. Finally, equipping Barbara with 4-Star Weapons rather than 5-Star Weapons will provide her an additional +30 Elemental Mastery Bonus, which might help compensate for any shortfalls in the build’s elemental attributes.

Best Artifacts On Barbara

Gladiator’s Finale 2-piece Set, Viridescent Hunt 4-piece Set, Resolution of Sojourner 4-piece Set, and The Exile 2-piece Set are the greatest Artifacts to equip on Barbara in Genshin Impact.

Barbara’s most popular options are The Gladiator’s Finale and The Exile since they both give a significant ATK increase, making her strikes stronger. Viridescent Hunt and Resolution of Sojourner provide extra attack bonuses as well as increased HP, DEF, and Elemental Mastery numbers, which improve Barbara’s combat skills.

Finally, it is up to you to decide which Artifact sets to equip on her according on your unique playstyle.

Whats The Best Team For Barbara?

When assembling a squad for Barbara in Genshin Impact, emphasize players that can give a lot of support and crowd control. Barbara is a fantastic pick for any team composition because to her healing powers and crowd control. To enhance her usefulness as a healer, Barbara should be paired with characters that have high defensive skills, such as Bennett or Diona, who can both give shields when required.

Combining Barbara with characters such as Lisa, Venti, or Razor will further improve the team’s total damage output due to their elemental powers. You should be able to assemble a well-rounded and successful squad by enhancing the team’s damage output while also providing healing and crowd control with Barbara. Finally, it is critical to choose the appropriate weapons and artifacts for Barbara and her comrades; For the greatest outcomes, aim for ones that improve her maximum HP or healing efficacy.

1. Fridge Team

Barbara’s Fridge Team build is one of the most popular DPS choices in Genshin Impact. It focuses on high elemental damage while also increasing her basic attack. Barbara has a stunning 24% boost in elemental damage from the combination of Diona’s Ascension and weapon components, which persists even when moving between characters or changing out Artifacts.

Her weapon, the Aquila Favonia, increases Hydro damage by 28% while also increasing ATK scaling by 30% when foes have a status condition attached to them. The Artifacts are particularly crucial in this build, since they provide 88% Elemental Mastery and boosts to her team’s elemental responses. You’ll need about 3200 Companion EXP Level 60 to make it all work.

2. Support Team

When it comes to creating a Barbara-focused squad in Genshin Impact, the Support Team is crucial. Barbara will be able to optimize her output and become even more strong than before by carefully choosing characters from the Support Team. Characters that can offer some type of crowd control as well as some additional damage or healing when required are ideal for the Support Team.

A character like Xiangling, for example, may fulfil both roles nicely since she has an AoE pyro talent with tremendous burst potential as well as a healing ability. Tartaglia, Diluc, and Xinyan are other excellent choices for this part. When putting up your own Barbara-focused squad in Genshin Impact, be sure to include at least one character from the support team who can offer crowd control or healing skills.

Barbara: Ability Rundown

Barbara is one of the Genshin Impact’s five-star characters. Barbara’s powers as a hydro water element character center upon healing, delivering damage, and offering support. Her healing powers make her an excellent addition to any party, and her damage-dealing abilities are especially potent when paired with those of other characters. Her support powers aid to boost team members while also protecting them from harm.

Barbara’s five active abilities are:

  • Relic Prayer, which boosts Barbara’s own shields.
  • Sacred Spiral, which boosts nearby allies’ shields and increases attack speed.
  • Seven Divine Shields, which summons seven bubbles that protect against physical and elemental damage.
  • Holy Rite of Purification, which heals all nearby allies.
  • Apostle Summon, which summons an angel of healing who can heal or revive fallen allies.

Finally, she gets two passive abilities: Special Prayer and Enlightenment. Enlightenment improves the benefits of all active and passive abilities, while special prayer boosts the charging speed for Hydro DMG strikes.

Basic Attack: Whisper of Water

Barbara’s basic strike has the lowest casting time, Whisper of Water. This attack does Hydro damage in a short AoE and may stack up to 5 times when utilized. It works best as an opener, in conjunction with other crowd control abilities like Mist Veil or Deluge, or as a finisher during lengthier combinations. It also works well with her elemental talent, showering Bombs, and her elemental burst, Tsunami Sweep.

It becomes much more powerful for crowd control and generating massive quantities of Hydro damage when boosted with artifacts like as Bloodstained Chivalry or Gladiator’s Finale.

Let The Show Begin: Elemental Skill

Allow the show to begin: Elemental Skill is one of the prizes for completing a Genshin Impact Barbara Build Guide Genshin Impact Aloy players have a chance to win a special prize if they complete certain tasks successfully. This prize is an artifact set that provides benefits for equipping a weapon, enhancing physical and elemental damage. Players will get two artifacts from this set: the Viridescent Venerer. and the Gladiator’s Finale.

  • The Viridescent Venerer boosts physical damage by up to 15%, while the Gladiator’s Finale boosts elemental burst damage by up to 40%.
  • When both are equipped simultaneously, they may significantly increase your character’s damage output.
  • This set also includes other perks such as enhanced critical chance and increased Energy Recharge rate.

Shining Miracle: Elemental Burst

Shining Miracle, Barbara’s Elemental Burst, is one of the most potent healing techniques in Genshin Impact. When engaged, it has the ability to heal many targets for a high number of HP over a lengthy period of time. It also generates a void field, which boosts the user’s healing rate. Most significantly, it decreases the target’s Stamina Consumption when they are performing elemental spells.

The Shining Miracle may be used to heal teammates in tiny skirmishes or in major conflicts to keep your squad alive and ready for further fight. It’s worth noting that this Elemental Burst needs an Anemo character on the squad to do full damage and benefit from its great healing powers. Barbara also comes with Artifact sets, which increase her healing powers and make her an excellent choice for any party composition.

Barbara Passive Talents

Barbara is a five-star hydro support character and one of the selectable characters in Genshin Impact. She has an intriguing collection of passive abilities that allow her to be a highly adaptable combatant.

Barbara’s passive talents are “Tide” and “Guided Sea,” which offer strong Hydro damage and attack speed enhancements to her strikes. Barbara’s Tide skill boosts Hydro damage by 15% when she uses a standard attack or a plunging strike from a high height. Guided Sea grants Barbara the power of Hydro, raising her normal attack and plunging attack speed by 12%. Combining these potent passives with different weapons and artifacts may result in some lethal combos for both Barbara and her squad.

Barbara Constellations

Barbara Constellations are magical star formations that provide advantages to players who equip them. Barbara Constellations are special to the playable character Barbara in Genshin Impact. Acquaint Fates and Intertwined Fates from the Starglow Caverns may be used to enhance the number of constellations a player has. These constellations will provide tremendous benefits to Barbara, making her a formidable opponent in fight.

Each constellation gives unique benefits in terms of physical damage, attack speed, protection, and other factors. Higher level constellations will also boost the damage delivered by other talents including sprint attack, Hydro Vortex, and Foul Legacy. Furthermore, donning certain artifacts will boost the efficacy of these constellations. With all of these perks together, gamers may make Barbara even more powerful than before.

Barbaras Ascension: Stats And Material Costs

In Genshin Impact, Barbara is a five-star hydro Anemo character. Her stats are determined by her Ascension levels, and the cost of materials increases as her level rises.

Barbara’s maximum HP rises to 539, her ATK to 90, and her DEF to 46 at Ascension Level 1. Damage was raised by 16% thanks to her Elemental Skill. Barbara must spend two Shining Piles of Aurum, two Clumps of Crystallized Mists, three Blue Quartzs, two basalt pillar pieces, and 30,000 Mora to get to Level 2.

Barbara’s HP grows to 625 at level 2, with an ATK increase of 100 and a DEF increase of 56. The damage was enhanced by 24% thanks to her Elemental Skill. Additional Ascension levels need more costly ingredients and boost Barbara’s numbers even higher.

Barbara: An Idols Healing Magic: Lore & Ability Showcase

Barbara is a five-star character and member of the Church of Favonius in the Genshin Impact game. She is a skilled healer who specializes in healing HP and shielding her companions. Barbara has both Anemo and Hydro elemental powers, providing her adaptability when dealing with adversaries of various elements. She also possesses significant healing skills, such as the ability to heal numerous teammates at once with her songs.

Barbara excels with two-handed weaponry, which boost the endurance of shields she makes for comrades. 3B, four-star weapons like the Stronghold of Departure, on the other hand, complement her skill set.

When it comes to artifacts, The Exile set is perfect for improving shield durability and healing effects on teammates. If you want to improve Barbara’s critical damage or Elemental Mastery bonus stats, a set named Noble Pursuit is a better choice.

Barbara is a significant addition to any team composition since her healing powers may rescue your squad from impending death.

How to Obtain Barbara?

Barbara is a playable character in Genshin Impact and one of the finest healers in the game. You may get her through a Character Banner in Gacha, an event called ‘Wish Unreconciled Stars,’ which occurs on a regular basis, or by trading with other players.

Primogems are required to gain Barbara via a Character Banner in Gacha. Primogems are an in-game currency that may be purchased with real money or earned by participating in missions and events. You must decide whether you want to chance spending your hard-earned Primogems on a random character banner pull or wait for a forthcoming event in which Barbara may appear.

If you don’t want to depend on chance, trading with other players is your best choice since they may offer a particular character for exchange, such as Barbara. Simply submit your demands on different social media channels such as Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram.

Paimons Bargains

Paimon’s Bargains is a one-of-a-kind and vital item utilized by advancing Genshin Impact characters like Lisa. When combined with Talent Materials, these deals boost the character’s attributes, unlock unique benefits, and provide access to new and powerful skills.

Paimon’s Bargains may be discovered throughout the game, including as prizes for finishing specific tasks or killing certain monsters. They can also be purchased at the in-game store or crafted at the blacksmith. To make Paimon’s Bargains, players must gather several elements such as:

  • Fragile Bone Shards
  • Dream Solvent
  • Forbidden Curse

By combining these resources with other crafting elements, players may have access to strong boosts that can offer Lisa an advantage in combat.


We reviewed the finest weapons and artifacts for Genshin Impact Barbara in this build guide. Barbara gains a huge amount of attack power and elemental damage from all of these equipment, helping her to thrive in both PvE and PvP.

The Hydro Affinity Talent Level 5 in conjunction with the Gladiator’s Finale set not only increases her attack power but also increases her Hydro DMG by 25%. The Retracing Bolide is critical for increasing Hydro DMG and DMG versus opponents afflicted by Hydro or Cryo. Finally, utilizing the Nameless Treasure would provide you a good amount of Attack Power as well as HP Regen.

Overall, this build is quite strong, giving Barbara an advantage in a variety of engagements. We hope you found this guide useful in determining the optimal weapon and artifact combination for Barbara to employ in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Barbara Build Guide: Best Weapon - Artifacts

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