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Tech moves pretty fast, and new releases come so frequently it can often be difficult to stay on top of the huge range of different gadgets and products that are made available seemingly daily – but there are many that stand out amongst others and some great value to be found too.

These gadgets range from changes to improve gaming on mobile devices as increasing numbers use casinos for UK players on their mobile devices, the external devices that are connected to our smartphones, and additional devices that take further advantage of the greater connectivity – but what are some of the most exciting gadgets on the market? 

Fold and Flip Phones Making a Comeback

Although considered to be something of a novelty, manufacturers are looking to push the flip and folding style phones once more with greater screen real estate and pack full of some exciting hardware – they’re still on the pricier side so are more of an indulgence, but if it’s something that can be done correctly it does lead to some exciting options in the future too. The apps for these devices are also falling behind a little, but as they grow in popularity, the developers will certainly cater to the users here and increase the app options too.

A Big Push for Wearable Devices 

Wearable devices have been trending for a few years now as watches, in particular, have become more sophisticated with their connections to smartphones and similar, but these aren’t the only wearable options available. Developers from the likes of Aura have made a ring that has a lot of tracking features, and some others have focused on headwear too – whilst these are mainly focused on sleep tracking and health, it does provide some exciting opportunities for wearable devices in the future. 

All Things Wireless

From the latest earbuds to new changes in extended reality, most devices are heavily moving into the wireless space with changes in connectivity through Bluetooth and the introduction of 5G networking which has also increased possibilities too. Expect wireless options to only become increasingly more common, too, alongside taking advantage of contact charging. Too much of the device usage found today is heading increasingly wireless and creates plenty of excitement in new tech gadgets coming to the market too. 

These are just a few of the options primarily aimed at smartphone usage, and there’s a huge market out there for different tech tools and toys, too; hardware is rapidly changing and creating exciting opportunities too.

Jessica Shaver
Jessica Shaver
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