Casino Games With the Lowest House Edge at Australian Online Casinos

The house will always have an edge over you – such is the nature of online gambling. But as players, it’s our duty to ensure we’re getting the best chance of winning when playing, sometimes even shifting the odds in our favor.

Online casinos in Australia offer games of all shapes and sizes, and today – we will take a look at the ones that offer the highest chance of winning, i.e., the lowest house edge.

We will also touch on which games to avoid playing in order to save your casino bankroll.

Let’s dive in.

Blackjack – Basic Strategy

You can’t have a list of games with a low house edge without mentioning blackjack.

Most players are quick to believe that blackjack has a 99% RTP, and we wouldn’t blame them – it’s what most sources on the internet say. And it’s true… to some extent.

The only way to achieve a 99% RTP (1% house edge) when playing blackjack at real money online casinos in Australia is to learn and apply the basic blackjack strategy.

What the heck are we talking about? Let us explain.

With each hand in blackjack, you will have a decision to make – to double down, split, hit, or stay. Based on your and the dealer’s cards, there is always a perfect decision for you to make that gives you the highest chance of winning, which is called the basic blackjack strategy.


And since you’re playing at an online casino and not in person, you don’t even have to memorize all the combinations – simply open a site that explains all combinations and take it from there with every hand.

It’s also important to note that there are tonnes of different blackjack variants at Australian gambling sites, including Vegas Strip Blackjack, Single-Deck, Early Payout, and so on.

For the highest chance of winning, we recommend you stick with Single-Deck Blackjack.

Roulette – Martingale Betting System

One of the oldest gambling games is now an online staple, with literally every Australian online casino offering some variant of the classic roulette game.

This is also considered a game with a low house edge, but your chances of winning will ultimately depend on which variant you’re playing:

  • American Roulette (5.62% house edge)
  • European Roulette (2.70% house edge)
  • French Roulette (1.35% house edge)

The house edge in American Roulette is higher because it has a double zero (00), as opposed to the single zero (0) in European and French Roulette.

French Roulette takes it a step further with the La Partage rule, which will give you half of your stake back for even-money wagers if the ball lands on zero. Even-money wagers include red/black, odds/even, and 1-18/19-36.


Because the edge of French Roulette is so low, there is a betting system that you can employ to further increase your winning chances – the Martingale system.

Using this system means doubling your wager on even-money bets each time you lose. Let’s take a look at an example of what it would look like in reality when you’re betting on red:

  • Bet $10 on red (loss)
  • Bet $20 on red (loss)
  • Bet $40 on red (loss)
  • Bet $80 on red (win) – $10 profit

The point of the Martingale betting system is to cover your losses and give you a small profit. The beauty of this strategy is that you will be a winner most of the time. The risk, however, is losing 10 times in a row – which can really happen.

To put this into perspective, if you start with $10 and lose 9 times in a row, you’ll need to bet $10,230 on the 10th wager for a $10 profit.

Poker – Become Good At It

Australians love to play poker – and it’s actually the only game on this list that you don’t play against the casino. As such, whether you win or lose will ultimately depend on how good you are at playing poker in the long run.

This is why poker is considered to be the game with the lowest house edge – you play it against other players. There are plenty of Australian gambling sites that offer poker tournaments and cash games, but you’ll be wise enough to learn the ropes before playing.

Now, there isn’t a surefire way or a quick course that will make you a successful poker player overnight, as it will take a lot of practice.

If you’re a complete newbie, you can check out this detailed guide that will help you understand the basics of poker and all the hand rankings.

Casino Games to Avoid

Nowadays, there are way too many games that you can play for real money at Australian online casinos – so you’ll need to learn to pick and choose.

There are a handful of games that will drain your bankroll extremely fast, so it’s always a good idea to avoid them.

Let’s check out the games with the worst odds of winning.

Keno 20% – 35% House Edge

Keno is actually quite popular among Australians – all the more reason to understand that you shouldn’t play this game unless you want to lose quickly.

Keno is a lottery-like game where you choose a set of numbers and hope to match as many as possible with the randomly drawn numbers by the machine.


There are over 20 different variants of keno, and their house edge ranges from 20% to 35%, which is extremely high and typically not worth betting on.

Big Progressive Jackpot Pokies

When we say big progressive jackpot pokies, we mean the ones with a jackpot exceeding 100,000 AUD.

So, why shouldn’t you play them?

Because these are highly volatile online pokies with all losing wagers on them acting as fuel for the big progressive jackpot, since these games are highly volatile, you can expect less frequent but big payout once you get them.

The RTP of progressive pokies can be even higher (96%), but they’re still not a good choice because hundreds of players will lose for one player to strike gold and walk away with a massive win.

If you’re gambling for the thrill of winning a jackpot, then by all means – continue playing these games. However, remember that the chances of winning are always much higher with non-jackpot pokies.

Final Words

We hope our short guide will come in handy when you’re out there playing real money games at Australian casinos.

It’s just important to remember that whatever strategy you’re using or game you’re playing – the edge will always be against you, even if it’s just 0.1%.

Thanks for reading!

Jeremy Edwards
Jeremy Edwards
On Chain Analysis Data Engineer. Lives in sunny Perth, Australia. Investing and writing about Crypto since 2014.

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