Yasukage Amano: Warlord Card Overview

The BushoCard Yasukage Amano is a powerful Warlord card in the popular mobile game, 3365. This card features unique abilities that can be used to gain an advantage over opponents in battles.

Here is an overview of the card:

The BushoCard Yasukage Amano is a rare card with a high attack score and special skills that increase the attack power of all allied units.

The card’s Awakening skill allows it to unleash a powerful attack that damages enemy units and reduces their defense.

When paired with certain other cards, the BushoCard Yasukage Amano’s skills can become even more potent, making it a valuable asset in any collection.

Whether you’re a fan of the 3365 mobile game or simply looking for powerful Warlord cards to add to your collection, the BushoCard Yasukage Amano is a great choice that should not be overlooked.


BushoCard Yasukage Amano (3365天野康景) is a powerful, rare Warlord card that can be used in the popular trading card game, BushoCard. This card has a formidable attack power and a wide range of unique effects, making it a must-have addition to any deck.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at all the features this powerful Warlord offers.

Introduction of Busho Card Yasukage Amano

Busho Card Yasukage Amano is a popular warlord card in the Busho card game series. This card is based on the historical figure Yasukage Amano, a samurai known for his loyalty and bravery during Japan’s Warring States period.

The Busho Card Yasukage Amano features a high attack and defense power, making it a formidable battle card. In addition, its special ability, “Death God’s Scythe,” allows it to damage all enemy cards in the same row and column.

Fans of the game enjoy using the Busho Card Yasukage Amano for its impressive stats and unique ability. It is also a sought-after card for collectors who appreciate its historical and cultural significance.

The Busho Card Yasukage Amano is an excellent addition to any player’s deck, offering strength and strategy.

Strengths and weaknesses of Yasukage Amano

Yasukage Amano is a powerful warlord in the Busho Card game with strengths and weaknesses that players should consider.

Strengths: Yasukage Amano’s key strengths include high attack and defense values, excellent leadership skills, and the ability to bypass enemy defenses with piercing strikes. He is also skilled at countering melee attacks and possesses a strong critical hit rate.

Weaknesses: Yasukage Amano’s weaknesses include a low speed rating, which makes him vulnerable to ranged attacks, and a relatively high cost of card points. Additionally, his special ability, while powerful, only activates under very specific conditions.

Yasukage Amano is a formidable card in any deck, but players should be aware of his weaknesses and build their strategies accordingly to get the best results.

Comparison with other warlord cards

When comparing the Busho Card Yasukage Amano to other Warlord Cards, it is essential to consider its unique features and abilities that set it apart.

Yasukage Amano is a rare and powerful Warlord Card that players can use to gain a competitive edge in battles. Compared to other Warlord Cards, Yasukage Amano has a higher attack power and can effectively damage enemy troops when used strategically. Moreover, it can cause deadly damage to troops with an equal or lower tier than him.

Additionally, the Yasukage Amano’s skill “Unrivalled Steelyard” increases the damage dealt to enemy troops when combined with ranged attacks, making it a valuable asset for players who prioritize clever warfare.

Compared with other Busho Cards, Yasukage Amano stands out as he has extraordinary skills that make him a game-changer on the battlefield.

Card Attributes and Stats of Yasukage Amano

BushoCard Yasukage Amano is a powerful Warlord card from the BushoCard card game. It is a highly sought-after card due to its impressive stats and attributes. This card has multiple offensive and defensive capabilities, making it a viable option for any BushoCard deck.

Let’s take a look at the card’s attributes and stats.

Rarity and maximum level of Yasukage Amano

Yasukage Amano is a rare busho card in the popular mobile game, 3365.

This card has exceptional stats and abilities, making it a valuable asset to any player’s deck.

Rarity: Yasukage Amano is a 5-star rarity card, making it extremely rare.

Maximum Level: The maximum level for Yasukage Amano is level 70.

Card Attribute: Infantry.

Card Stats:

At level 1, Yasukage Amano has 1,580 attack points, 1,760 defense points, and 1,580 health points. At level 70, Yasukage Amano has 9,680 attack points, 10,770 defense points, and 9,680 health points.

Card Abilities:

  • Wind-Cutting Blade: Increases the attack of infantry units by 7%.
  • Tenka Fubu: Increases the defense of infantry units by 10%.
  • Sorin Usu: Deals 240% damage to a single enemy target.

If you’re lucky enough to obtain Yasukage Amano, it’s worth investing in its growth to maximize its potential on the battlefield.

Attack, defense, and health stats of Yasukage Amano

Yasukage Amano is a BushoCard character in the popular card game 3365. He has unique attack, defense, and health stats that make him a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

Here are the stats for Yasukage Amano:

  • Attack: 89226
  • Defense: 77701
  • Health: 99999

Yasukage Amano’s high health makes him difficult to defeat in battle, while his strong attack and defense stats give him an advantage in combat. As a BushoCard character, Yasukage Amano is a valuable addition to any player’s deck. With his impressive stats, he can turn the tides of battle and lead his team to victory.

Special skills and abilities of Yasukage Amano

Yasukage Amano is a formidable busho in the mobile game app 3365. His bushocard stats and abilities make him a valuable asset in battle.

Here is an overview of Yasukage Amano’s bushocard attributes and stats:

Rarity: SSR

Attack: 4430

Defense: 4680

Skill: Deals significant damage to a single enemy and lowers their Defense.

Ability 1: Increase the Attack and Defense of all allies by a certain percentage.

Ability 2: Increase the damage dealt by all allies by a certain percentage.

In addition to his high attack and defense stats, Yasukage Amano’s ability to boost the performance of his fellow allies makes him an excellent choice for players looking to strengthen their team’s overall composition.

Acquisition and Usage of Yasukage Amano

Yasukage Amano is a BushoCard from the BushoCard Series. It belongs to the Force type and is the perfect card for an aggressive approach. With this card, a player can easily lead their forces to victory in battle.

Let’s look at how a player can acquire and use Yasukage Amano for maximum effectiveness.

Ways to obtain Yasukage Amano card

Yasukage Amano is a powerful Warlord Card in the popular collectible card game, BushoCard. Here are some ways you can obtain the Yasukage Amano card and make the most of its abilities:

1. Complete the daily missions to earn reward points that can be used to purchase BushoCard packs.

2. Participate in events and tournaments to earn prizes and boost your chances of obtaining rarer cards like Yasukage Amano.

3. Trade with other players or participate in online marketplaces to acquire the card from other players willing to sell.

Once you have the Yasukage Amano card, use it wisely. Its abilities include boosting the attack and defense of your units and dealing extra damage to enemy units. Use it strategically to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Best scenarios to use the Yasukage Amano card

The Yasukage Amano card is a powerful BushocCard that can be used in various scenarios in the Warlord trading card game. Here are the best scenarios to use this card:

1. Battle: The Yasukage Amano card’s main strength lies in its high attack and defense stats, making it an ideal choice for frontline combat. Its unique ability to cause damage to up to three enemy cards in a single turn adds to its combat effectiveness.

2. Defensive Strategy: In addition to its offensive capabilities, this card can also be used in a strategic defensive manner. With its high defense stats, it can absorb a lot of enemy attacks while protecting other cards in your deck from damage.

3. Card Combinations: The Yasukage Amano card’s ability to cause damage to multiple enemy cards can be combined with other cards that can attack many enemies simultaneously for a devastating attack combo.

Remember to use this card strategically, keeping in mind your deck composition and the scenario you are playing in.

Tips and strategies for using Yasukage Amano in battles

Yasukage Amano is a powerful BushoCard in the game that can turn the tide of any battle. Here are some tips and strategies for acquiring and using Yasukage Amano effectively in battles:


1. Participate in events and campaigns to obtain Yasukage Amano BushoCard.

2. Open the Warlord Card Pack to increase your chances of obtaining this card.

3. Trade with other players to acquire this card.


1. Use Yasukage Amano’s “Shadow Step” ability to quickly move him around the battleground.

2. Pair Yasukage Amano with other BushoCards that can support his abilities.

3. Use Yasukage Amano’s “Ninja Strike” ability to deal massive damage to enemy units.

4. Combine Yasukage Amano with other high-damage BushoCards to devastate enemy forces.

Pro Tip: Having Yasukage Amano in your deck can significantly increase your chances of winning battles, but use him strategically and in conjunction with other cards to maximize their potential.

Combination and Enhancing with Yasukage Amano

BushoCard Yasukage Amano is an incredibly popular warlord card in the BushoCard trading card game, and it has garnered attention from players worldwide.

This card can combine with other warlord cards, as well as to be enhanced by spending resources. Let’s take a closer look at how Yasukage Amano works and how it can benefit your strategy.

Cards that synergize well with Yasukage Amano

Yasukage Amano is a powerful BushoCard in the Warlord series that can help you gain the upper hand in battle. And certain cards synergize well with Yasukage Amano, enhancing its effects and making it an even more formidable weapon on the field. The key is to find cards that complement Yasukage Amano’s strengths and shore up its weaknesses.

Here are some cards that pair well with Yasukage Amano:

1. Kyokujitsu Kai: This card pairs well with Yasukage Amano because it increases the range of his attacks and boosts his attack power, making him an even more effective attacker.

2. Museteki: This card is useful for Yasukage Amano because it allows him to counterattack when attacked, making him a more defensive unit on the field.

3. Heishin: This card pairs well with Yasukage Amano because it increases his attack power and speed, allowing him to strike first and take down enemies quickly.

Combining these cards with Yasukage Amano can create a formidable army that will surely dominate the battlefield.

How to enhance and upgrade Yasukage Amano card efficiently

To enhance and upgrade your Yasukage Amano card efficiently, players can use a combination of upgrading and enhancing techniques. Here are the steps to follow:

Upgrade your Yasukage Amano card using other BushoCards matching its color and rank.

Enhance your Yasukage Amano card by feeding it other BushoCards you don’t need.

Use Enhance Beads to further level up your Yasukage Amano card and increase its stats.

Choose a Specialty for your Yasukage Amano card to improve its performance in battle.

Pro Tip: Before upgrading, consider which Yasukage Amano cards you want to keep and which ones you want to use for enhancing. It’s also essential to have a strategy for your Yasukage Amano card, such as maximizing its attack or defense stats.

Potential drawbacks of combining and enhancing Yasukage Amano card

While combining and enhancing with Yasukage Amano can make for a powerful Warlord card, there are some potential drawbacks.

First, enhancing and combining can quickly add up and become expensive, especially if you’re trying to create the ultimate Yasukage Amano card.

Second, combining two cards can also result in the loss of any unique features or abilities of the individual cards.

Third, enhancing a card beyond its natural limit can decrease the probability of success, leading to wasted resources and frustration.

Finally, suppose you rely too heavily on one card, especially an enhanced version of Yasukage Amano. In that case, you may become too predictable in battle and leave yourself vulnerable to skilled opponents who can counter your strategy.

Pro Tip: It’s important to weigh the benefits and potential drawbacks before enhancing and combining your cards to avoid unnecessary costs and wasted resources in the long run.


After looking into the BushoCard Yasukage Amano, we can conclude that this is an excellent character card for players who want to dominate in battle. The card’s strength, leadership ability, and defensive capabilities make this Warlord card a powerful tool for any aspiring warlord.

It’s a card worth considering for any player who wants to take their strategy game to the next level.

Overall impressions of Yasukage Amano warlord card

The Yasukage Amano Warlord Card is a fantastic addition to any bushocard collection, with its stunning artwork, powerful abilities, and unique playstyle.

Some of the features that make this card stand out include its high attack power and critical hit rate and its ability to deal massive damage to enemy forces and reduce their morale.

Additionally, the Yasukage Amano Warlord Card has a thrilling and dynamic playstyle that requires a certain level of strategic planning and risk-taking to master.

Overall, if you’re looking for a powerful and visually impressive bushocard to help you dominate the battlefield, the Yasukage Amano Warlord Card is an excellent choice.

Final recommendations and advice for using Yasukage Amano in the game.

In conclusion, Yasukage Amano is a valuable addition to any Warlord deck in the game. Here are some final recommendations and advice for getting the most out of this BushoCard:

Use Yasukage Amano’s “Art of War” ability to gain an advantage in battles with fewer troops than your opponent.

Pair Yasukage Amano with other high-level Warlord cards to create a powerful and versatile deck.

Consider upgrading Yasukage Amano to increase his attack and defense stats and unlock new abilities.

Don’t rely too heavily on Yasukage Amano. Like all BushoCards, he is vulnerable to certain strategies and tactics.

Finally, experiment with different deck compositions and strategies to find the best approach for your play style and goals. Then, with Yasukage Amano on your side, you’ll be well on your way to dominating the battlefield!

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