Why You Should Use Virtual Phone Numbers For Business Marketing?

Imagine reaching customers across the globe while sitting in the comfort of your office or home, gaining valuable insights into your marketing campaigns, and boosting your professional image.

Seems impossible, right? 🤔

Let me introduce you to a virtual phone number that makes this happen. A virtual phone number is a powerful tool that enables making and receiving calls over the internet without inserting a SIM card into your mobile phone.

But here, we will explore the potential of virtual phone numbers and how they can help your business. We will also discuss why virtual phone numbers have become vital to modern business marketing strategies.

Why We Should Use Virtual Phone Numbers for Business


Nowadays, businesses increasingly depend on digital communication technologies like virtual phone numbers. Many use it because it optimizes their marketing efforts and improves customer communication. But here are some reasons why using virtual numbers is helpful for business marketing:

1. A Virtual Phone Number Makes You Trustworthy

81% of US adults don’t pick up cell phone calls from unknown numbers that do not belong to their familiar area codes. Therefore, obtaining a virtual phone number allows you to see a Caller ID under such conditions. Having a local area code for your business can increase credibility with customers. In this way, customers can be assured that you are not a scammer, ultimately building trust.

2. A Virtual Phone Number Improves Customer Service

A virtual phone number comes with several advanced call management features. It has advanced call routing features, which ensure that customer calls are directed to the right department or representative. Also, with its features like call queuing, voicemail, and automated greetings, businesses can enhance their customer service experience and keep them engaged. Marketing purposes require this, as customers want to feel important when they call.

3. Expanding Globally:

Virtual phone numbers enable businesses to reach and expand their services abroad. Getting a local virtual number in another country allows businesses to offer support and assistance internationally, fostering a global presence.

For example, suppose your company is in the United States. But you want to expand your company reach in the United Kingdom (UK). However, you don’t have enough capital to build your office space in another country. In this scenario, you can get a virtual United Kingdom phone number to establish a local presence and better serve customers in the UK.

4. A Virtual Phone Number Enables Relationship Management:

Virtual phone numbers enable relationship management by establishing personalized, accessible, and data-driven connections. It manages customer interactions more effectively with its advanced features. This includes call recording and analytics, SMS, and voice calls, where businesses can have the opportunity to effortlessly keep their customers in the loop about providing special deals, innovating new products, and timely resolutions to any issues.

With the added advantage of setting up dedicated helplines, customer support becomes even more efficient, leading to higher satisfaction overall. Also, virtual phone numbers support integration with CRM tools and business apps, which further helps you manage your customer relationship.

5. A Virtual Phone Number Can Track Field Sales Calls

Virtual phone numbers can be used to track and manage field calls. It’s because a virtual phone number also comes with a call analytics feature. The call analytics dashboard has several KPIs and call metrics that provide insights on various sales calls. Metrics like total missed calls, total dialed calls, total wait time, average first call resolution, and total call received provide information on the total number of calls received, dialed, missed, and many more.

Moreover, these insights also facilitate the optimization of sales strategies and the improvement of overall performance.

6. Perfect for eCommerce Staff:

Virtual phone numbers make a lot of difference for most startups or eCommerce teams. They offer toll-free and local numbers and provide professional service. These numbers make working from anywhere possible and enhance customer service with call forwarding.

Plus, they allow you to keep track of calls, record them, and connect with other applications. It also helps you boost marketing and sales efforts by tracking campaigns, getting leads, and analyzing data. Moreover, you won’t have to spend more money.

7. A Virtual Phone Number Can Be Used for Campaigns

For the best results, you can determine and utilize multiple virtual numbers for different marketing channels, such as advertisements, your website, and flyers.

This approach allows you to gain valuable insights into what is relevant to your audience and make adjustments accordingly. Additionally, implementing this strategy will allow you to monitor conversions.

For example, you can track the number of calls each campaign generates and match them with specific conversions, such as sales or sign-ups. This way, you can accurately measure your ROI and make informed decisions about your budget.

8. Aids In Lead Generation

By utilizing its versatile features, this system allows businesses to establish direct and meaningful connections with potential customers.

This enables them to create targeted campaigns and promote engagement, ultimately resulting in increased conversions.

Furthermore, when integrated with a CRM, the virtual phone system can automatically score leads, thus boosting lead generation. Its user-friendly interface also makes it effortless to connect with customers, making sure that no opportunities are lost.

How do you choose the best virtual phone number for your business marketing?

When it comes to virtual phone numbers, finding the right one is crucial in order to obtain maximum benefits. So, it’s important to consider various factors like Location, Vanity numbers, and Features based on your specific audience and business objectives to make effective decisions.

Moreover, local numbers can give your brand a more local identity, and toll-free numbers are a professional and easily memorable option for a wider audience. For marketing purposes, it’s necessary to choose a scalable virtual phone system to accommodate business growth and offer easy setup and management capabilities.

By incorporating a reliable virtual phone system for marketing, businesses can effectively enhance their marketing strategy and ensure seamless communication with clients.


Summing up, a virtual phone number is a highly beneficial investment for your business’s marketing strategy, no matter what industry you are in. Not only does it establish a sense of professionalism, but it also facilitates seamless communication with your customers.


Furthermore, with the advanced capabilities of virtual phone numbers, such as call tracking, analytics, and personalization. You can give your businesses the ability to enhance their marketing strategies to help gain insights into customer behavior.

Additionally, it can create personalized campaigns to meet each customer’s needs.


What are the benefits of a virtual phone number?

The benefits of a Virtual phone number include

  • Geographical Flexibility,
  • More affordable,
  • Easily scalable,
  • Provides high privacy and security,
  • Gives a professional image,
  • Ease of setup and management, and so on.

Is it a good idea to use my personal phone number for businesses?

Generally, it’s not recommended to use your personal number for business. Because records can be mixed up, accessibility will be an issue, and this will negatively affect professionalism.

Why do we need phone numbers?

We need phone numbers to communicate. Phone numbers provide a direct and immediate means of contact. It serves as an identifier for businesses and individuals, facilitating effective communication, customer inquiries, and support services.

Is there a disadvantage to having a virtual number?

Yes, there will be some disadvantages of virtual phone numbers despite the many pros, which include

  • High dependency on internet connectivity,
  • Potential for misuse
  • High subscription costs

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