Why Investing In Cryptocurrency Is Easier Than Stock Exchange

Stock trading is common, but Cryptocurrency is coming on that trajectory. There is a commonality between Cryptocurrency and Stocks as both facilitate trade. In addition, businesses are investing in Cryptocurrency as they have some inherent features that are business-friendly. 

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Here are some definite advantages that Cryptocurrency has over Stock exchanges in terms of ease. Let’s try to get into the advantage you are getting with Cryptocurrency.

Crypto Exchange Is Easier Than Stock Exchanges  

You will be amazed to know that around 21 million people in the USA will trade in Cryptocurrency in 2021. The figures keep rising with time. There must be some advantages that you will get with the Crypto Exchange. Let’sLet’s see the areas where Crypto exchanges are way easier to Stocks.

1. Market Access 

Market access is one area where Crtytpo has a clear advantage. For example, the stock markets in the USA generally open from 9:30 a.m to that 4: 30 pm in the eastern part of North America.  

On the other hand, the Crypto markets never close. They do not close even on the holidays. So clearly, Cryptos have an advantage clearly from the business perspective and also ease of doing business. 

2. Issuance Limits

The public traded companies that issue stocks for the investors or buyers abide by some internal rules and regulations as well as local laws. 

On the other hand, Cryptocurrencies are subject to internal laws, regulations, and policies. They are governed by the Blockchain protocols code it is designed with. It does not follow any external laws and regulations of any outside entity.  

Therefore the policies and legal framework do not get affected by the government laws and regulations. Therefore you are in an advantageous position with Cryptocurrency. 

3. Fractional Purchasing 

As per the latest readings at VectorVest, the price of Bitcoin is 20,591.30 (USA). With Cryptocurrency trading, you are going to get a lot of leniencies. If you purchase Cryptocurrency, you are going to get purchased fractions. This denotes that if you want to invest $523 in Bitcoins, do it. You don’t really need to buy the whole of Bitcoin. Therefore you are really getting the fractions here.  

But with the Traditional stocks, you have to buy one single unit. Suppose you think of buying the stock of high value; suppose $325k Berkshire Hathaway stock. If you have financial constraints, then forget about buying these. Because you can not really buy on parts but the whole unity. This is the huge flexibility that you have with Cryptocurrency.

4. Transparent Order-Books 

If you consider exchanges like Kraken or Poloniex, you are getting transparent. Order books are, in a way, transparent with that of the Crypto. With this transparency, you are able to get a pretty good idea regarding the present market position. 

This makes things easy. That’s really great because this helps you make decisions on trading Cryptocurrency. Whether to place a larger order or a smaller one, you are going to get larger flexibility. So now you could well imagine what sort of advantage you are going to get with Cryptocurrency. 

5. Modern And Secure Interfaces

When it comes to Cryptocurrency interfaces, from the web and mobile perspective, key security features are thought out. They can be accessed from any device. With the stocks, you, too, have the benefits of trading from the phone, but they are not that modem. Therefore Crypto exchanges have a technological exchange compared to that of the Stock trade. With Cryptocurrency, it is easier. 

6. Secrecy 

With Cryptocurrency, you are going to get your transactions secure and safe. The benefits that Cryptos provide you are anonymity and security. No third party will be able to understand what you buy and sell and with whom you trade. You could keep yourself away from government vigilance. This is the main reason why businesses are turning towards Cryptocurrency more than Stocks. So it’s easy to trade Crypto.


In order to conclude, it can be said that traditional stock trading is there in its own place, but with the Cryptos, you are definitely going to get some added advantages. Now it is you to decide what to trade and where to trade, but the matter of fact lies, Cryptocurrency has a clear advantage over Stock trading.

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