Who Is In the Verizon Commercial? Unmasking the Stars Behind the Ads

Ever find yourself watching a Verizon commercial and wondering, “Who’s that person on screen?” Well, you’re not alone. The faces we see in these commercials often become familiar to us, yet their real identities might remain a mystery. That’s what I’m here to unravel for you today.

Let’s dive right into it. Verizon, one of the leading telecommunications companies in the United States, is known for its memorable and engaging commercials. They’ve featured a variety of actors, athletes, and even cultural icons over the years. But who exactly are these people?

I’ll be taking you through some of the most noteworthy personalities seen in Verizon’s advertisements. From famous actors to lesser-known talents making their big break – we’ll cover them all! Stay tuned as I demystify “who is in the Verizon commercial”.

Who Is In the Verizon Commercial

Switching on my TV, I can’t help but notice a trend: more and more musicians are gracing our screens in Verizon commercials. You might be wondering, “who is in the Verizon commercial?” Well, let’s dive right in and find out.

The alluring voice behind the latest Verizon ad is none other than Thomas Rhett, award-winning country music artist. His down-to-earth personality and melodic tunes have made him a favorite among viewers.

But he’s not the only one tuning into this ad game. Pop sensation Selena Gomez rocked her appearance in a previous campaign for Verizon. Her bubbly charm added an engaging twist to her stint as an ambassador for the brand.

Moving from pop to rap, we’ve also seen Pusha T deliver his edgy rhymes in a different advert from this telecom giant. His unique style brought a distinct flavor to the mix of musicians appearing on screen.

And it doesn’t stop there:

  • Indie musician Maggie Rogers lent her soulful voice to another ad.
  • Rising star Khalid utilized his smooth tones to captivate audiences.
  • Even legendary band U2 has been part of these campaigns!

It’s clear that when it comes to their commercials, Verizon isn’t just sticking with one genre – they’re embracing diversity!

Why does this matter? The inclusion of various artists highlights how versatile and inclusive Verizon strives to be. It also adds an intriguing element for us viewers who often find ourselves asking “who is that singing in the new Verizon commercial?”

The Production Team Behind these Iconic Ads

Diving into the world of advertising, it’s impossible to overlook the efforts of a skilled production team. Particularly for Verizon commercials, where creativity meets technology in seamless harmony. So let me take you behind the scenes to introduce the talent that brings these iconic ads to life.

First up on our roster is McGarryBowen, an award-winning creative agency that’s been Verizon’s lead creative agency since 2010. They’re known for their innovative approach and have repeatedly proven themselves as masters of storytelling. With over a decade of partnership with Verizon, they’ve sculpted ads that never fail to resonate with viewers.

Next, we mustn’t forget about R/GA. Known as Verizon’s digital agency, this talented group plays a significant role in creating memorable online experiences for users. Their work extends beyond TV spots and includes engaging interactive content such as social media campaigns and websites.

In terms of directing talent, we’ve seen a variety of industry heavyweights at work on these commercials. To name just one: Malcolm Venville, who directed several noteworthy ads including the “Better Matters” campaign.

Finally, let’s talk about music – an element often overlooked but crucial to setting the tone for any commercial. Companies like Human and Squeak E Clean Productions have worked diligently to provide soundtracks that enhance each ad’s emotional impact.

It takes quite a village to create compelling advertising – hats off to all those involved! Now when you next ponder ‘Who is in that Verizon commercial?’, remember there’s more than just actors; there’s a whole team working tirelessly behind the scenes!


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