What You Need to Know About Recycling Rubbish in Sydney

Many people want to help our environment and begin by recycling their rubbish. This is one way that everyone can help, and it takes truly little effort to do it. This helps to reduce the rubbish that is being sent to the landfill.

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This article will help you to learn more about recycling and how to go about it. It will give you some information that you should know about it. You can also do more research to get the information that you need.

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Why Recycle?

The biggest reason that you want to recycle is because it reduces pollution. Recycling will reduce the number of resources that it takes to collect, refine, and process raw materials. This will overall help to reduce pollution.


Recycling also helps to reduce the air pollution that is created by these processes. There is also less rubbish that is made during the same processes. This helps to reduce all types of pollution.

There is also less energy involved when you recycle. It helps to reduce the energy that it takes to extract, refine, and transport the raw materials needed to make the items we use every day. It also takes more energy to process those raw materials than it does to make the same items from recycled materials.

You must imagine the amount of energy it takes to do these things. There are thousands of several types of industrial plants that are needed to take these raw materials and make them into items without which we cannot live. There are many different types of energy that we use to power these plants such as coal, electricity, and nuclear power.

You are also reducing the amount of trash that goes into the landfill. Waste that would usually be sent here would be recycled so that it does not end up there. This saves space and reduces the need for new landfills.

Landfills cause a lot of damage to the environment because of the waste that is dumped there. There are chemicals that leak from the garbage into the earth. This causes environmental issues for the areas around the landfills and the animals that are nearby.

Since recycling reduces the number of raw materials needed for new products, it saves countless homes and habitats for much of our wildlife. This also reduces the amount of waste that ends up in our lakes, streams, and other waterways. This also saves the wildlife who would be using that water. All animals, including people, need clean water for drinking.

Recycling can save up to eleven thousand megalitres of water each year. This is enough to fill 4,5000 Olympic-sized swimming pools. It can also remove three hundred eighty-six thousand tonnes of greenhouse gases in the same amount of time – the same as removing sixty-four thousand cars from the road.

One of the easiest things to recycle is paper and Australia is one of the world’s leaders in doing this. Unfortunately, they also still use about two hundred thirty kg of paper and cardboard products that are made from un-recycled materials. It would be best if they could recycle their paper and use recycled paper products. This would save the environment from all the waste.

One tonne of paper can save thirteen trees, twenty-five barrels of oil, forty-one kilowatts of electricity, four cubic meters of landfill, and over thirty-one thousand litres of water. These are a lot of resources that could be used elsewhere or not at all. All for recycling one tonne of paper.

Plastic is a widely used material and is used in a variety of industries. Plastic production is not good for our environment. More than ninety per cent of produced plastic comes from virgin fossil fuels. These fuels will be gone, and they cannot be replaced.

Making new plastic requires many things including oil and coal. This pollutes the environment as well as depletes those resources. It is also one of the larger contributors to greenhouse emissions. Using recycled plastic to make new plastic would save these resources.


Along with depleting natural resources, plastic is responsible for killing wildlife. About a million sea creatures are killed each year due to plastic waste in the sea. This is because there are about eight million tonnes of plastic dumped into our waterways each year. This plastic gets wrapped around the animals and other animals ingest the plastic and they end up starving to death.

There are many things that you can recycle, and you probably know most of them. You can recycle metal, plastic, paper, cardboard, and glass. You cannot recycle things such as car parts, furniture, or organic waste.

Some metals that you can recycle include soda and food cans, pet food cans, aluminium foil trays, baby formula tins, and cooking oil tins. Some plastic that you can do include cake and biscuit tins, cleaning product bottles, roll-on deodorant, drink bottles, berry punnets, shampoo bottles, conditioner bottles, soap bottles, takeaway food containers and yoghurt containers. Paper and cardboard items include butcher or deli paper, milk cartons, cereal boxes, envelopes, long-life cartons, junk mail, phone books, toilet rolls, wrapping paper, and washing powder boxes.

This is just a small list of the items that can be recycled. There are more and you can call your recycling company to find out the full list that they will accept. There are also things that you cannot recycle.

Some of the items that you cannot recycle are plastic bags, plastic wraps, shredded paper, clothes, toys, nappies, white goods, heat-resistant glass, crystal, organic waste, pens, sharps, and foam rubber. These items cannot be recycled due to the nature of the materials. Organic waste and shredded paper can be added to your compost piles.

Recycling can help your business, as well. You could probably get a good deal at your local waste disposal company if you do this there. You could have all your cardboard boxes reclaimed, as well as many other products that your business uses.

You could begin a system with your employees to recycle all the items that you can. You could put someone, or a group, in charge of this. You could even create contests that have winners for those people or departments who recycle the most.


Recycling is an important fact of life that should be taken seriously. Not doing this is harming the planet and wasting valuable resources. Some of these resources cannot be replaced and will be gone forever once they are used up.

You could recycle from your home or business. You could create contests at your business to encourage your employees. You could do the same thing at home with your family.

Most items that are used can be recycled – there are only a few things that cannot. If it is paper, cardboard, metal, or plastic, it can likely be recycled. Items that cannot be recycled such as organic material or shredded paper could be put into your compost pile.

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