What is Guest Posting: A Link Builder’s Guide

What exactly is guest posting? For those new to Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, you may be drawing a blank on what this means. However, suffice it to say that while ‘guest posting’ may not be a familiar term to all internet users, it is likely that you may have come across a guest post or two in your time! Also referred to as blogger outreach, outreach blogging, or outreach articles, guest posting is an important element of SEO.

It involves the creation of blog articles through which ‘backlinks’ to external websites are scattered – which many of you no doubt will have seen online at least once or twice! But why is guest posting important, and how does it relate to SEO link building and backlinking specifically? More to the point, why are many SEO specialists still turning to this method of content marketing, especially when there are other techniques available to them? No doubt, this is because guest posting is continuing to prove to be one of the most effective methods of Search Engine Optimisation that exists. But why is this the case? Well, just read on to find out more!

Guest Posting: What is it, and How Does it Relate to SEO Link Building and Backlinking?

Outreach guest posting is a central component of SEO, specifically SEO link building. But what exactly is link building, you ask? According to Uppercut SEO, link building involves the process of creating credible ‘backlinks .’To clarify, backlinks are links to external websites that are embedded into the body of an outreach guest post article. To elaborate on this, a guest blogger or copywriter will write an article that incorporates referral links to external websites within the text. The guest post or outreach article will then be published on a third-party website, which will then refer back to the backlinked website. The intention of this is both to drive traffic to the website and also, to increase that website’s authority as a credible source, as it is referred to as a resource by another site.

What is Guest Posting: A Link Builder's Guide

Admittedly, not many digital agencies specialize in link-building services. However, if you are a digital agency that is looking to offer this service to your client, you can always white-label link-building services by outsourcing to the experts. By white labeling services such as these to external link-building agencies, you can have access to their expertise, knowledge, and contacts in the field. Importantly, agencies that do specialize in creating backlinks will often have several guest bloggers to whom they can assign outreach articles to complete. Often employed as freelance or contract workers, these guest bloggers are generally known for their ability to craft quality written content within which backlinks can then be cleverly and subtly embedded. Further, guest bloggers are also usually able to churn out a high volume of written copy within tight deadlines tailored to the specific parameters of the required text.

But what exactly is guest posting? As mentioned, guest posting or outreach blogging is an essential component of link building by creating backlinks that influence search engine rankings and a website’s visibility within those rankings. Essentially, a good quality article must be written by a copywriter or blogger which is relevant to the subject matter at hand. Backlinks referring to a specific external website are then incorporated or embedded into the outreach article copy, essentially building links to that site. Importantly, search engines will only index and rank written copy that is easy to read and that provides value to search engine users seeking information on certain topics. It will also rank the highest, the website posts that see the most online traffic. This then also gives weight and authority to a particular website. As such, using guest posting as a link-building strategy is an important component of effective SEO.

The Benefits of Guest Posting: How it Influences SEO

As well as being referred to as outreach blogging, guest posting is also an important aspect of content marketing. When done well, it utilizes SEO techniques to increase a website’s visibility and ranking in search engine results pages. This, in turn, can aid businesses in developing their brand awareness, broadcasting their brand voice, and improving their online presence. Guest posting is especially effective as articles on specific topics are likely to draw relevant and invested audiences to the backlinked website. That is to say, the online traffic that is being driven to the website through a backlink on a guest outreach blog post is likely to be made up of search engine users specifically seeking information on that particular area of interest.

What is Guest Posting: A Link Builder's Guide

Further, the more third-party websites that are linking to an external website, the more that website’s authority within search engine results in pages increases. This is because if there are several third-party references linking to a particular website, this enhances its appearance as a credible voice in that particular area or industry. That is to say, the more third-party backlinks that refer to the site, the more authoritative it appears to search engines. In turn, the higher it will be ranked in search engine results pages as a preferred online resource for online users. This is, essentially, the main end goal for SEO.

Guest posting or outreach blogging is a crucial element of SEO today. Importantly, it involves the production of quality written copy into which backlinks can be embedded. Backlinks, or the process of link building, have proven to be a very effective method of influencing search engine results. This is because it not only drives organic traffic to a website but also makes that particular website look more credible, as it is being referenced externally as a valuable online resource! This, in turn, makes that website appear as a voice of authority, deserving of a higher ranking in search engine results pages. Also, guest posting involves copy written on specific subjects relevant to certain areas of interest. So, these articles are likely to attract relevant audiences. As such, guest posting remains essential to SEO – and is likely to remain as such into the future.

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