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What Are the Consequences of Criminal Conviction in Pennsylvania?

The consequences of getting pressed with criminal charges in Pennsylvania are serious as well as massive. There are fines and jail times associated with all of the summary offences, felonies, and other misdemeanours. Besides these, there can be other penalties imposed by the court as well. Even if you are done serving your sentence, the jail record might last lifelong with you. The collateral damages that these consequences may pose might cost you your career, your reputation, and even your family.

Criminal Conviction in Pennsylvania

What Can The Consequences Possibly Be?

The penalties might include the following if you are charged with a crime in Pennsylvania:

Criminal Fines

The Pennsylvania law has fines attached to all of the crimes that are possible. The amount imposed varies greatly on the basis of how severe the crimes are. Here are some of the common fine amounts:

  • Summary offences- Up to $300
  • Third-degree misdemeanours- Up to $2500
  • Second-degree misdemeanours- Up to $5000
  • First-degree misdemeanours- Up to $10000

The law and the court can impose higher fines if the crimes are appropriate.

Jail or Prison Time

Criminal Conviction in Pennsylvania

This is sentenced to a victim solely based on the severity of the crimes they have committed. Here are some of the potential terms of incarceration in cases of criminal cases of Pennsylvania:

  • Summary offences- Up to 90 days
  • Third-degree misdemeanours- Up to 1 year
  • Second-degree misdemeanours- Up to 2 years
  • First-degree misdemeanours- Up to 5 years


There are three primary circumstances under which a court in Pennsylvania can impose restitution.

  • The crime might involve acts of theft or conversion of property without knowledge
  • The crime might lower someone’s property value dramatically
  • The crime might pose personal injury to the victim in any form

Criminal Conviction in Pennsylvania

The court might be imposing the defendant to pay restitution on a lump sum or a monthly instalment basis.


Besides these, there are chances that criminal convictions may lead to the defendant paying a lot many more costs and fees as well. These will be in addition to what has been stated above.

Other Penalties

There are possibilities of committing other crimes, the penalties of which are not listed above. You can get convicted of DUI or face driver’s license suspension.

These consequences can be more severe than they are understood. But you can also avoid them or at least mitigate the charges to the best possible level through the right help from your attorney and with the help of a trusted bail bond service provider.

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