Ways To Earn Gold And Materials In World Of Warcraft

WoW is considered one of the most interesting MMO RPGs due to the wide variety of core mechanics that the player can engage in, and not all of them overlap with each other. This means character development – you don’t have to chase levels and upgrades.

WoW gold can be obtained in different ways, including through the mechanics of grinding and professions, and not just quests and opening new locations, although this plays a role.

Options for gold mining in World of Warcraft:

  • Quests
  • Grind
  • Professions
  • Raids


The easiest format to get stable wow gold and not deviate from the basic mechanics.

You simply take the first task after training and go into a system of quests that go one after another until you gain your levels and go to the Dragon Islands.

The essence of the quests is simple clear, and most importantly, they are suitable for absolutely all characters.

What is the difference – support classes that have limited damage are always inferior in the pace of character development and often abandon the grind format in favor of quests simply because of their stable effectiveness. The same goes for gold. Of course, it can be farmed by grinding, but with a low rate of damage to monsters, its effectiveness decreases and quests with their fixed rewards often become a truly profitable investment of time along with experience and periodic equipment and weapons.

Supporters often buy wow gold because although they don’t need good weapons, they also need a lot of protective elements of equipment – armor, protective stones, jewelry for magical protection, and if there is still gold left, then also weapons for self-leveling if necessary, or dislike playing in teams except for Mythic raids.

Minor Quests

In addition to the main tasks that advance the storyline and allow you to earn large reserves of gold, materials and equipment, there are also additional ones.

These are minor tasks that the lands of Azeroth are simply overflowing with, and you just need to pay attention to the special marks above the heads of non-player characters.


As for rewards and earning gold, everything is individual because NPCs do not differ in the general logic for issuing rewards, and you need to carefully read the conditions of the task and the final reward and also take into account that there are tasks for killing an infinite number of monsters, that is, as many as you kill, as many you will earn money.

Often, secondary tasks do not have any overall value that makes them worth taking separately and completing only.

Such quests work great together when you take the story quest and all the secondary quests and complete them at the same time if they are crammed into one location.

Otherwise, most of the secondary tasks simply waste a lot of time for a minimal increase in coins, and it is better to look for cheap wow gold than to engage in such a waste of money.


Grinding is a way of obtaining primarily gold and materials by destroying a large number of monsters, but it is important to know the drop list, because if you want to get fabrics and beat the wrong monsters, then apart from accumulating gold in terms of resources, your situation will not change in any way.

Grinding, or farming, is perfect for players who love the process of hunting monsters and spending hours destroying and clearing all game locations that come their way.

Such players are looking for the best place to buy wow gold only for large purchases because they obtain the main amount for crafting on their own.

Considering that the main goal of grinding is to obtain gold and materials, and not experience, then you need to want exactly this type of gameplay format because most players hate grinding and love PVP and Mythic raids.

You need a suitable character, which is best thought out in advance.

This should be an attacking class with strong single or massive damage and preferably with inexhaustible resources or at least with fast regeneration.

For example, a magician is great at quickly gathering monsters into groups and destroying them with massive attacks, but then it is better to rely on the element of fire, which relies on PVE. But a strong disadvantage is the dependence on mana, which is compensated only by good equipment and weapons in order to hit faster and harder and spend less mana on destroying the group.


The warrior farms faster and better due to his rage parameters and the ability to inflict serious damage even in the absence of resources using normal attacks.

The archer shoots monsters, mostly one at a time, or calls on his comrades to fight for his side and directs them into battle.


Professions are needed in World of Warcraft as an alternative to raids so that players can avoid forming large groups where there is only a chance that you will win for your efforts and that you will get something really valuable.

Professions allow you to independently select the materials you need for a specific craft and make armor and weapons without the need to tie them to raids and generally exclude this format if desired, or at least limit it. An alternative would be to buy gold for World of Warcraft and purchase the missing accessories.

Learn gathering professions to obtain materials that you can use in crafting or simply sell to other crafters.

The fact is that you have only two slots to choose a profession, and it can be two collecting, two creating, or one creating and collecting for crafting or trading.

If you need to earn gold and do not necessarily need to farm materials for future crafting, then you can study two collecting professions, such as mining and skinning, and sell ore, gems and leather to farmers, earning gold from it.

The second option is to choose your direction and adapt your profession so as to be able to craft equipment and weapons for yourself and at the same time, sell all the extra elements and tools to the game market, earning gold.


In many raids, it is possible to obtain not only key equipment but also special accessories that can only be obtained there.

Such items significantly strengthen the character due to a new slot with key characteristics, but if desired, they can be sold or surplus.

The higher the difficulty of the raid, the more profitable and expensive the rewards, and you need to strive specifically for the Mythic level of difficulty, which, although very difficult, at the same time brings truly unique rewards that will help strengthen the hero, or earn good wow gold.

Lower-level raids are only needed to strengthen the character and prepare him for a higher level of difficulty and access to the same Mythic raid.

In addition, at the normal and heroic raid levels, there is no chance to get additional slots and accessories with enhancing stats in addition to equipment.

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