Valorbound promises a full-loot PvPvE MMO with horizontal progression and ‘hardcore’ health management

It’s been a long journey towards our goal of creating a hardcore PvE sandbox where you can level your character to 60 by fighting other players. The game has been designed by a small team that has over 20 years of MMO game development experience. Our goal has been to create a game that is hard, yet rewarding, with tons of content that is easy to manage and play.

In this week’s world of gaming news, we’ve finally got the first details regarding the upcoming free-to-play multiplayer game from Valorbound. It is a game that promises to deliver a “full-loot PvPvE MMO”, with vertical progression and “hardcore” health management.

I’ve mentioned the upcoming Valorbound before, and I thought the time was right to give a more thorough explanation of what it’s trying to achieve. As with most other MMORPGs, the game’s premise is about adventuring and fighting, but Valorbound is trying to take it a step further by giving players a more realistic diet of actual food and drink, and a system of real-life weight management that isn’t so different from what we’re used to in games.. Read more about profane pvp and let us know what you think.

That headline sure makes this one sound like a big, snuggly time, doesn’t it? But developer Team Scionica believes there’s a market for an MMO experience like this, which is why the studio is putting together Valorbound, a PvPvE MMO that makes a lot of big sweeping claims to make itself stand out from the PvP gaming crowd.

For one thing, the game has a horizontal progression model that puts more weight on skills and equipment instead of levels and stats, promising that “from hour 1, to hour 4000 goblins are still going to pose a threat. More or less so, depending on what you’re wearing.” The game also lauds the opportunity for players to simply be adventurers and play any content they want with any others regardless of level, along with 338 different class combos and “hundreds of hours of play,” all without leveling stats to worry about.

The other major piece of Valorbound is its “hardcore” health management that eschews drinking away injuries with potions and instead tasks players with managing their health by dealing with wounds, bleeds, and broken bones. The page doesn’t elaborate fully on how these are mitigated, but does put emphasis on managing injuries and the environment, which reads like survival sandbox mechanics.

Information is still a little thin — the studio is only just setting up its Twitter presence and the gallery of in-game images are mostly different angles of a single village — but there is a website and a Discord for those who wish to follow along.

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