Using a Virtual Phone Number for SMS in 2023

Doing business through social networks requires the use of a lot of advertising. At the same time, many advertising accounts are blocked time after time. For example, Facebook bans advertisements for cryptocurrencies, quick loans, and some other products. If such content is found on your page, you will be blocked without the possibility of recovery.

On Instagram, the situation is a little less dramatic, but the situation there is moving in the same direction. This raises the question of where to get so many phone numbers to register new accounts time after time to bypass restrictions. The way out is virtual number services, which provide their capacity for rent or permanent use.

Virtual Number for Receiving SMS: What it is and Why it is Needed?

A virtual phone number is a fake number which can be temporarily obtained at specialized online services. Most often a virtual number serves to get a verification code, which is sent by various websites, applications, social networks and messengers for registration.

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It is also worth noting that some users use such numbers solely for anonymity purposes, preserving their privacy.

Why Do We Need Virtual Numbers?

Special services, offering the service of using a free virtual number for receiving SMS, are relevant when it is necessary to register a new account in social networks, and your own number is not enough, or you do not want to use it. Such number is useful when:

· No desire to “show” your personal number when registering on third-party resources

· You want to increase your chances of participating in a lottery or promotion where your phone number serves as an identifier;

· There is a need to register many accounts on social networks, trading platforms, or message boards.

· Bypassing regional restrictions if your country’s phone number cannot be used for registration due to any restrictions.

Many variants can be invented, but the essence remains the same – the use of an additional anonymous phone number, at first glance, is in no way associated with a particular person.

Where Can I Get a Virtual Number for Receiving SMS?

One of the best services to date, which provides virtual numbers for receiving an SMS, is the platform SMS-man. The service provides an opportunity not only to buy but also to rent a phone number for a short period of time.

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SMS-man has gained an excellent reputation over the years and enjoys the confidence of a huge number of users around the world. One of the obvious advantages over competitors are round-the-clock support service, ease of use, and flexible pricing policy. This is a truly reliable service, covering more than 150 countries and more than 1000 activation services.

Other Popular SMS Receiving Services

1. SMS-REG. This online activation service is designed to receive SMS messages. Users can buy numbers for one time, for example, to register for a forum. In addition, there is an option to rent individual phone numbers – these can be used in the long term, for example, to correspond with unknown callers.

2. SMS24. Another online service that allows you to receive free SMS messages from around the world, for example, to confirm an account in Gmail, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, VK. The tool is free, but one number is used by dozens of people at a time.

3. Prove SMS. The tool allows you to receive messages from any sender. Users can rent numbers from 24 countries: USA, Canada, England, Ukraine, Portugal, and others. Unfortunately, Russia is not on this list. To operate the number, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee every month. In addition, there is a function of trial reception of SMS.

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