Understanding iMessage Delivery Status: iMessage Says Delivered on One Device but Not the Other Am I Blocked

Understanding iMessage’s Delivered Status

Let’s delve into the intriguing world of iMessage and its ‘Delivered’ status. This feature, while seemingly straight-forward, can often lead to confusion.

If you’re an Apple user, you’ve probably noticed that sometimes a message says it’s delivered on one device but not the other. That’s because your devices aren’t always perfectly synced.

  • For example, if your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data and your iPad isn’t, the message will show as delivered on your iPhone but not on your iPad.
  • Alternatively, if you have multiple Apple devices set up with the same Apple ID and they’re all connected to internet service (Wi-Fi or cellular data), then a message should be delivered across all devices at once.

The term ‘Delivered’ in iMessage indicates that:

  • The recipient’s device has received the message.
  • The recipient has read receipts turned off (if you don’t see a ‘Read’ notification).

Don’t confuse this with ‘Read’, which only appears when Read Receipts are enabled by both parties. Now let’s tackle another common question: Could non-delivery on one device indicate blocking? In short, no – it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve been blocked.

  • If someone blocks you on their iPhone, for instance, they won’t receive calls or messages from you on any of their devices. However,
  • Your messages will still appear as ‘Delivered’ because these statuses reflect delivery to their network, not whether they were actually seen by the recipient.

So next time when there’s a hiccup in your iMessages display across devices or delivery status indicators seem puzzling just remember — technology isn’t perfect!

iMessage Says Delivered on One Device but Not the Other Am I Blocked

We’ve all been there, anxiously waiting for that iMessage to say ‘Delivered’, but instead we’re greeted with the dreaded ‘Not Delivered’ status. What does it mean? Are we blocked or is it some tech glitch?

When a message doesn’t reach its intended recipient, it’s natural for us to think we might be blocked. However, that’s not always the case. Here’s something to remember:

  • The ‘Not Delivered’ alert can show up due to various reasons – poor internet connection, server issues, or yes, you could have been blocked.

In most cases though, it usually has more to do with connectivity issues than blockage. We’ve all faced those frustrating moments where our messages don’t go through because of a weak Wi-Fi signal or data outage.

If you’re scratching your head over an iMessage that says delivered on one device but not on another – you’re not alone! This common confusion often steers people into thinking they’ve been blocked. But here’s the thing:

  • It’s quite possible that the recipient hasn’t synced their devices correctly which could lead to this inconsistency in delivery statuses.

Now comes the big question – if your iMessages are showing inconsistent delivery reports across different devices, does this mean you’re blocked? Well…it’s complicated!

  • If all your messages consistently show as ‘Delivered’ on one device but ‘Not Delivered’ on another – then chances are high of being blocked.


  • If only a few messages show as ‘Not Delivered’, it might be due to a temporary network issue or device malfunction.

Unraveling the Mystery of iMessage Delivery Status

We’ve spent a lot of time discussing and dissecting the conundrum that is “iMessage says delivered on one device but not on the other”. We’ve waded through Apple’s messaging system intricacies, understanding its nuances and potential hiccups. So let’s take a moment now to boil everything down into some digestible key points.

Firstly, we should remember that iMessage’s status – whether it’s ‘delivered’ or not – isn’t an infallible indicator of whether someone has blocked you. There are multiple factors at play. It could be as simple as their device being off or without internet connection for a while.

Secondly, if your message shows as ‘Delivered’ on one device but not another, it’s likely due to settings on the recipient’s end rather than an issue with your account. They might have switched off iMessage on one device or turned off read receipts.

If you’re worried about a message delivery status discrepancy across devices, give it some time before jumping to conclusions.

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