Ultimate Betting Markets For The Rugby World Cup 2023

There are few more popular rugby tournaments on the planet than the World Cup. The tournament sees the best nations from across the planet compete every four years, with the leading contenders looking to aim to win the competition. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to play fantasy tournaments against your friends on popular rugby online games like oval3.game.

However, only four nations have ever won the top prize throughout the history of the World Cup.

Still, that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most popular events to bet on during the rugby schedule. But what are some of the best ways to make wagers on the action throughout the Rugby World Cup 2023?

Outright Winner

The most popular market before the tournament gets underway is the option to bet on the outright winner of the Rugby World Cup. This market remains open throughout the tournament, but the best time to get value is before the first game kicks off. Bettors will be looking to find the nation that will end the competition with the prestigious trophy in their hands.

Before betting on this market, gamblers will often examine the potential routes to the final of some of the top teams involved before putting their selection on the team that is deemed the most likely to win the World Cup. This bet is settled after the final, with returns awarded to bettors who have successfully wagered on the team that lifts the trophy.

Match Result

Bettors can wager on each match throughout the Rugby World Cup, with the most popular betting option for each fixture being the resulting market. Here, the three possible outcomes at the end of regulation time are available, including both teams involved as well as the draw.


The latter is typically the most lucrative of the options available due to the fact that ties are extremely rare in rugby. However, returns are awarded to bettors if they are able to successfully predict the match result after 80 minutes. This is also a typically popular betting market for bettors looking to combine multiple selections into an accumulator.


Like when betting on basketball and American Football, the spread, or handicap, market is exceptionally popular when making wagers on action at the Rugby World Cup. It is most popular during the pool stage, as there will often be a gulf in class between the Tier 1 nations and the sides that needed to perform heroics just to earn a place in the competition. In this market, the preferred selection on the resulting market will start with a points disadvantage that they must overcome.

For example, New Zealand may start with a -40 disadvantage in a match against Italy. In order for the selection to win, the All Blacks must win by at least 21 points. However, if New Zealand wins by 20 points or less, then the bet is settled as a loser.

Total Points

Aside from betting on the potential match-winner at the Rugby World Cup, bettors can also wager on the total number of points that will be scored in a specific fixture. The benchmark will be set by the sportsbook, and the bettor will simply place their wager on either ‘Over’ or ‘Under.’


The bet is then settled at the end of regulation time, with the returns awarded depending on the selection made.

For example, if a bettor wagers on there being over 45 points in a match between Wales and Argentina, then there must be at least 46 total points if a bet is made on ‘Over.’ Meanwhile, if there are 44 or fewer points scored in total, then wagers that are made on ‘Under’ will be paid out as winners.

First Half Betting

Bets made at the leading sportsbooks don’t need to cover the full match; instead, bets can be placed on the score in the match at the halftime break. Like in the result market, the three different possible options are available in this market, and it is a slightly more competitive market to try and find a winner in.

For example, if a bettor has England to be leading Samoa at halftime, then the Red Roses must be leading by at least one point when the half-time whistle blows to gain returns from their selection. Any other halftime score will see the bet settled as a loser.

Team To Score First

One of the most popular Rugby World Cup betting markets is the team to score first. This market doesn’t differentiate whether the first points scored come via a try or conversion, as the winning selection will be the team that puts the first points on the board.

This is a hugely popular betting market at the competition, but in-depth research must be completed before making a wager, as bettors must examine the form of the sides involved, as well as study at which periods in matches both teams put points on the board.

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