Trove celebrates sixth birthday with Sunfest party, questing, and cake

The Trove team today celebrated Trove’s sixth birthday with an afternoon of quests and cake. As the sun crept through the clouds, the Trove team ascended the stairs of the Trove HQ to the auditorium where the sun was casting its rays onto the Trove team. As some Trove members shared words of wisdom, others blew the birthday candles, and then shared in the cake that was later enjoyed by all.

Trove, one of the biggest virtual world games ever created, celebrated its sixth birthday this week. “Trove” is a massively multiplayer online game in which players create, build, and battle their own creations in a massive open world. Trove’s birthday is a special occasion for the development team, which has continually pushed through new game features and content, and continues to add new players to the world.

Festival of the Sun returns in Trove , as the game celebrates its sixth anniversary. At least if you’re playing on a non-Nintendo PC or console, because the festival for the Switch has apparently been temporarily postponed and won’t take place until two weeks later.

Trove is celebrating its 6th birthday, 6 years of parties and celebrations, 6 years of happiness, 6 years of adventure, 6 years of fun and joy, says Gamigo. And like every year, it’s also the opportunity to celebrate Sunfest 2021! Once again, there are three houses – Tysorion, Caris and Panathea – in the middle, vying for supremacy. But this year they are launching a strange new trend, is it counterfeit money? Protesting against the contemptuous methods of other houses? Noble carriages that take Trojans from rags to riches? Deception and betrayal? Cubesley is skeptical and asks you to investigate these strange goods.

Normally we don’t report on matches, but we have to mention this one: Gamigo is awarding game packs for the person who makes the best pie structure in the game. This is new.

MJ, of MOP, popped into Trove last week for a birthday party, for those who want to see it in person without logging in.

Celebrate the sunshine party in #Trove until the 27th. July!

Choose your home, go on an adventure, earn awesome rewards and more in this fun event!

Details :

Which house do you represent? Let us know!

– Trove (@TroveGame) 13 July 2021


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