Top 10 BEST Scarlet Nexus Brain Map Skills

Scarlet Nexus is a mobile device app designed to help you improve your memory and overall brain functioning. This app is a brain map and helps you to memorize your brain’s map better.

Scarlet is a software application built on top of Google Maps API, which enables users to generate maps based on their own locations, interests and habits. If you are a fan of the space travel, you can map your route on the screen of your phone or tablet and the application will write down the path on the map.

This top 10 best Scarlet Nexus Brain Map skills guide will help players better prioritize where to place their Scarlet Nexus Brain Map points.

If you’re playing Scarlet Nexus, you’re going to want to know where to place your Scarlet Nexus Brain Map points. The Scarlet Nexus Brain Map is this game’s version of a skill tree. When you unlock new nodes on your Scarlet Nexus Brain Map, you earn new skills and abilities. Some of these skills and abilities are better than others.

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The Brain Map has a few different areas. The lower left is dedicated to Brain Drive, the lower right is dedicated to Brain Field, the right is dedicated to Support, etc. So I’ll be keeping in mind where the skills are and what you get on the way to them when I’m making the ranking.

As always, with lists like this, this is my opinion that I developed after fully playing through the game twice. Other people may have a different opinion, but this is the sense I got.

1. 4th & 5th Weapon Combo Attack – Best Scarlet Nexus Brain Map Skills

I think the combo expansion nodes are the single most impactful node in either character’s Scarlet Nexus Brain Map. Your character’s gameplay style just feels incomplete until you unlock all their weapon combo nodes. Yuito gets 2 combo nodes for a total of 5 weapon hits, and Kasane gets 1 for a total of 4.

Yuito gets Psychokinesis Finish on the way to his 5th weapon node, which makes your telekinesis extremely powerful against enemies that have been knocked down. He also gets close to Item Attraction and Slam Attack, which are not super high priority, but are decently useful skills if you want them.

Kasane, meanwhile, gets Double Jump (very useful), Aerial Dash (not that useful), Item Attraction (convenient), Follow-Up Attack Expand (turns your follow-ups into a 3-hit combo, it’s decent), and is right next to Slam Attack (decently useful) to unlock if you want.

For Yuito this is extra important because his level 6 Pyrokinesis unlocks a power-up for his 5th weapon attack, and it’s extremely good. If you don’t have the 5th weapon attack node unlocked, level 6 Pyrokinesis gives nothing.

If you unlock this node on their character you will not regret it. I think it should be the first node you try to unlock. Definitely among the best, if not the best, Scarlet Nexus brain map skills.

2. Max Psy. Gauge Boost – Best Scarlet Nexus Brain Map Skills

Max Psy. Gauge Boost, like the weapon combo nodes, just feels like a requirement. You should get it and get it early, or else you’ll go through the whole game constantly waiting for Psy. Gauge to refill. Your character’s never going to feel like it’s at full power with a half full Psy. Gauge.

There are several enemies, especially later on, that you have to repeatedly pelt with Psychokinesis to destroy their outer shells. If you don’t have a full Psy. Gauge, this is going to feel very tedious. Additionally, Psychokinetic follow-ups do a lot of damage. You usually finish your combos with them, so if you don’t have a full Psy. Gauge your combo damage is going to suffer.

Anyway, long story short, you want this skill. You need to unlock 2 nodes of this skill to unlock your entire Psy. Gauge, but you should do that and do it early. In fact, you might want to open up the 1st node of this skill before you aim for your weapon combo nodes.

3. Auto-Heal – Best Scarlet Nexus Brain Map Skills

Auto-heal is shockingly useful. Once you have this skill, you basically replenish all your health in between fights, which means you don’t ever need to use healing items in between fights. This is great because in Scarlet Nexus you tend to run out of healing items if you’re relying on drops and not buying them.

If you don’t mind constantly restocking healing items, this skill probably won’t be useful to you, but I found it to be surprisingly convenient and among the most impactful skills I unlocked on either character. This one made a big difference.

I would definitely say that Auto-heal is one of the best Scarlet Nexus Brain Map skills.

4. Concurrent SAS Activation – Best Scarlet Nexus Brain Map Skills

Getting at least one of the Concurrent SAS Activation nodes is an absolute must, and getting the second is a huge upgrade as well. The first node lets you have 2 SAS skills active at once, and the second node lets you have 4.

What this means is with the first node you can activate Pyrokinesis and Teleportation together (for Yuito) or Electrokinesis/Hypervelocity (for Kasane). When you unlock that second node later in the game, that means either character can do the full Pyrokinesis/Duplication/Teleportation/Hypervelocity combo and lay down the hurt on enemies and bosses.

Both of the nodes here are huge power-ups and you’d be wise to get them. The second one you can save for later a little bit because you don’t unlock all the SAS skills that make it useful until later in the game for story reasons.

Definitely one of the best Scarlet Nexus Brain Map skills.

5. Brain Crush SAS Restore – Best Scarlet Nexus Brain Map Skills

Brain Crush SAS Restore makes most SAS skills (aside from Hypervelocity and Sclerokinesis) practically infinite. Whenever you crush an enemy, your active SAS skills refill about 25% of their SAS gauge. Since it usually doesn’t take 25% of an SAS skill gauge to kill an enemy, that means your constantly topping off your SAS gauge as long as you’re killing enemies.

So once you unlock this skill, you tend to be able to just roll with Pyrokinesis, Teleport and Duplication running almost constantly. It’s a big power-up and you get access to it fairly early. Definitely one of the best Scarlet Nexus Brain Map skills, and well worth the points.

6. Brain Field: Reduce Damage – Best Scarlet Nexus Brain Map Skills

Once you’ve unlocked both Brain Field: Reduce Damage nodes, you’re invincible when you’re in Brain Field. That makes Brain Field not only a huge power increase, but also a complete get out of jail free card if you’ve gotten yourself near death somehow. You can use that invincibility to revive your allies, heal up and unleash a smackdown on whatever boss you’re facing.

Without this skill, Brain Field is a nice damage increase, but it doesn’t have too much utility, and you tend to save it. Once you become invincible in Brain Field though, you’ll toss it on whenever you want to do a big heap of damage without having to worry about getting hit.

It feels like a big upgrade and I think it’s definitely one of the best Scarlet Nexus Brain Map Skills.

7. Psychokinesis Finish – Best Scarlet Nexus Brain Map Skills

Psychokinesis Finish makes your psychokinetic attacks against downed targets do a lot more damage. I’m not exactly sure how much more damage, but just from my personal experience with the game I’d bet it’s around 2.5x damage. This skill is really good, not even really because of the damage, but because of the crush.

Psychokinesis attack slams do a boatload of crush damage, and, especially with Duplication active, a single psychokinesis slam attack will crush most enemies in the game. This attack is really good, it ends up being a very powerful part of your toolkit as soon as you unlock it.

Psychokinesis Finish is definitely one of the best Scarlet Nexus Brain Map skills.

8. Double Jump – Best Scarlet Nexus Brain Map Skills

There is very, very little platforming in Scarlet Nexus, but what little platforming there is practically requires Double Jump, so when you want it and you don’t have it, you’re going to miss it.

Double Jump is very easy to pick up early. It’s Kasane’s very first node, so she basically gets it for free. For Yuito it’s a little more inconveniently placed, it’s somewhat out of the way and not near any useful skills, but you should still go out of your way to pick it up,, simply because it comes in handy from time to time and you can get it cheap.

9. Crush Effect Up – Best Scarlet Nexus Brain Map Skills

Crushing a monster means it’s dead, and you usually crush monsters before you fully deplete their HP. For bosses, crushing them means being able to combo them for a lot of damage before they get back up. Either way, crushing is really good, and the Crush Effect Up skills have a noticeable effect on your ability to crush enemies quickly.

You’ll probably be able to pick these nodes up rather easily on either character if you’re aiming to unlock the Max Psy. Gauge nodes early. The crush skills are a no brainer for an extra pick up. Very useful, definitely one of the better Scarlet Nexus Brain Map skills.

10. Brain Drive: Auto-heal – Best Scarlet Nexus Brain Map Skills

Brain Drive: Auto-heal makes you automatically regenerate health rapidly whenever you enter Brain Drive. This comes in handy, especially during boss fights. It makes it so you don’t need healing during Brain Drive, which takes some of the pressure off during combat.

You generally hit Brain Drive once or twice during a boss fight, so getting that additional healing out of it is a nice bonus. Altogether, not a complete game-changer, but it is a skill that I felt stood out when I unlocked it as being a pretty nice bonus to have. I’d rank it among the top 10 best Scarlet Nexus Brain Map skills.

That about covers it when it comes to the best Scarlet Nexus brain map skills. Be sure to check out the main page for more RPG game guides. Check out the Scarlet Nexus section for more guides for this game. Click here for my full review of Scarlet Nexus on my YouTube channel.

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